GUTTER CANDY - Come Guzzling
(S/R - 2015)

'If you don't stop talking, I'm gonna overdose on speed' say the opening lyric to Gutter Candy's debut EP.

Right, I'm going to have to keep this short and shut up methinks - handy that there's only five tracks. Simply put, this US four-piece are either seriously taking the ol' yellow stuff in a similar way to Steel Panther, or they like packing vocal clarity in to every crack alongside the attitude. Jersey Dagger has a large lot owing to Johnny Rotten and Vince Neil in his approach while vocally an amalgam of Adam Bomb and Sparks, Ron Mael is easy to pick out.

Mostly fast tempo tracks with seventies solo leads shoved in between choruses, 'Adult Movies on DVD' and 'Desperationville' lunge straight into your face while closing ballad 'Ricky Skittles ' sounds like a surprise down-to-earth moment they've decided to save for last.

Dirty, debauched hard rock with punk finger raised is still permitted here in 2016 and despite an over cooked chorus or two, we might be tempted by a full length album by these lads as well.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: GNR, Hanoi Rocks, Stooges, Andrew WK & Adam Ant.

NET: www.guttercandyrules.com


Paul Gilbert – I Can Destroy!
(earMusic – 2016)

The Mr. Big guitarist in solo mode who really surprises actually since many guys seem to release instrumental albums but thank god Paul did otherwise!

13 may be unlucky for some but not in this case as there are some really enjoyable songs to get your ears around here such as the humourous opener ‘Everyboy Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal’and the ironic but at times true ‘One Woman Too Many’.

The there’s the truthful ‘I Am Not The One (Who Wants To Be With You)’ or the awesome jammed out ‘Adventure And Trouble’. It’s topped off with a killer cover version of Ted Nugent’s ‘Great White Buffalo’ as well.

One hell of an album is this!


By Glenn Milligan


Grandhour – Bombs & Bullets
(Rock Hawk Records – 2015)


Autralian Rockers who have some great arrangements and styles going on with female fronter, Nicole Hawkins at the helm doing a mighty fine job of it too.

This is their debut and some real stand-out songs are featured on here such as the opening blaster ‘All In Or Nothing’; the title track ‘Bombs & Bullets’ coming complete with spoken word intro; the pop-rock of ‘All I Planned (Cat Me If You Can)’ with it’s fantastic build-up; the gutsy stabbing lyrics to be found in‘Grey Skies’ or live sounding closer ‘Come Fighting’.

Very promising.


By Glenn Milligan

January/February 2016

GAMMA RAY - Heading For The East
(Ear Music - 2015)

German metal legends Gamma Ray are one of those acts just as revered for a live album as they were of their studio workings.

So yes, as a fan I might be biased but Heading For The East has as much on-concert ear candy as the album Dokken also once released, with 'East'on the end of its name. Performed just one album into their era, the set in front of 3000 delirious Tokyo headbangers, while consisting of almost the entire 'Heading For Tomorrow' opus still allowed space aside for some favourites from Kai's old mates Helloween. Then again why not - there is not a song amongst the list of 'Lust for Life', 'Heaven Can Wait', 'Space Eater' or 'The Silence' that 'I want Out', 'Ride The Sky' or 'Save Us' wouldn't sit comfortably against.

Despite the irritating second-ling gaps of silence between tracks that adds an unnessecary - plus  unwelcome - studio album feel to the record, disguising the strength of the Ray's performance was impossible on this occasion. Ralph Scheepers's performance still sends electrowaves into the air as you listen to it twenty five years down the line while Kai lets the strings rip alongside.

Unleashed in a 2CD format finally, it is chance to catch the full Hansen/Scheepers ensemble already at their live best, and at such an early stage into the band's duration.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Helloween, Judas Priest & Dio.

NET: www.gammaray.org & www.ear-music.net

GAMMA RAY - Sigh No More
(Ear Music - 2015)

Magazines elsewhere galore whine at metal albums from the past being suddenly and seemingly needlessly re-released , but when its a chance to finally review a past  favourite by those good ol' Gerry headbangers Gamma Ray, you'll never hear us complaining.

GR's second studio release came hot on the heels of the ‘Heading for The East’ tour across Japan, which has also just seen seen a cd release for the first ever time. Maybe a nuisance that they hadn't anything off this belter ready in time for the tour, the surprise was probably made a whole lot nicer. The unexpectedly Bad Company -sounding opener 'Changes' was a sign that their switch to a more thrashier approach was still yet to happen - it did with following album 'Insanity and Genius' - but the rest of the lp's nine gaps soon started to bridge the jump.

'Rich And Famous', 'As Time Goes By', 'Father and Son', Start Running' and the 6 minute : 20 second 'Dream Healer' wrapped hard rock and metal lethally tight together, appealing to audiences either side of the wall. '(We Won't) Stop The War' was a sign of things to come, being the albums token speed metal entry yet it blended in with the heaviest of the rest and never stood out as a track played this way for the sake of it. Top performances by both Ray motivator Kai Hansen and singer Ralph Scheepers who's Rob Halford-shaped pipes set the bar for many other European metal acts to come made and still of course make 'Sigh No More'  an unmoveable cornerstone of this incredible band's legacy.

Added to, by means of a bonus disc, containing demos cut with Kai at the mike and a few live gubbins on top, this is a time to pick it up if you haven't yet discovered the magic of Gamma Ray's melodic metal music for yourself.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Helloween, Judas Priest, Dio & Iron Maiden.

NET: www.gammaray.org & www.ear-music.net

Ray Gilman – No Reason
(Gilman’s Crossing Records – 2015)

An interesting uncategorisable dude from Minneapolis who graces a variety of rock, Pop and Blues and more who has almost like a straight Gibb voice that has a lot of echo to it.

Standouts to be are the title-track ‘No Reason’; ‘Don’t Give Up’ (not a cover of a famous duet) and the sinister late Geneis like ‘Make Th Call’ with some cracking bass runs to be heard.

Pretty good.


By Glenn Milligan


GRAAL - Chapter IV
(Jolly Roger Records - 2015)

On first seeing Graal's name I began to wonder if it  was a mere amalgam of Grand Funk Railroad and Led Zeppelin, the two names riding the top of their list of seventies inspirations.

The sound certainly doesn't fall too short of the description as these Italians shoot through the history books, cementing a sweet 12-piece slab of classic hard rock candy that is the result. Take the high-on-fire hard rock of 'Pick Up All The Faults', 'Shadow Play's polished prog in the vein of Genesis and Asia and the keyboard entrenched AOR smooth of 'The Day That Never Ended' with the timeless seventies organ arriving just in time to herald the swirling solo by guitarist Francesco Zagrese and you hardly need to ask what the other seven tunes hold in store.

Singer/guitarist Andrea Giccomarlino's rich vocal leeks a slight  Ozzy Osbourne ooze out of the top as he holds down the notes,tightly and turns them with the tune. Nice tight playing with pure class and an unquestioned passion for what they are doing, Graal's fourth album - yes, they've been round THAT long - gives you massive incentive to investigate both what will br next as much as what went before on those three previous discs.

Should be a treat and a half to see live, though for now 'IV' is an over-large appetite wetter.


By Dave Attrill

VERY RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE:  Uriah Heep, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, Jethro Tull, ELO, & Black Sabbath.

NET: www.jollyrogerstore.com

GREYBEARDS - Longing To Fly
(Attitude Recordings 2015)

Swedish quartet Greybeards' debut album is a distinct example of why you should check the cd sleeve and album before judging on which country a band come from.

Scandinavia do alternative rock as applaudibly as the rest of the planet and this is forty six minutes of guitar pop played at its punchy best. Dance-to hooks and high placed twin guitars duet through numbers like 'Let It Out', 'We'll Never Die', 'Take The Fight', 'Eversince' and 'Dancing All Along With You' without looking over their shoulder.

Olle Westlund's wailing, grunge-tinted voice sometimes drowns out the sounds beneath but the solos bite back to allow you to sustain breath momentarily. Expected to be huge, live, these Beards offer you a dangerously close shave with their sound on record as starters.

Superb work as ever, Sweden.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Foo Fighters, Nickelback & Filter.

NET:  www.greybeards.se

GENETICS - Cognitive Dissonance
(S/R - 2015)

Having just changed from Dianetics due to legal reasons, this Aussie act should have been allowed to keep the original tag, for it's not too often an instrumental album does as much for me on the interest scale as this.

With prog, indie, metal, pop, rock, ambient, grunge and even a little soul on the side you have as many major genres covered as there are tracks on the disc. Guitarist Samuel Joseph sails through each and every one of the eight with a switch at his side and between Purposely Blind, Body Thetans, Evolutionary Level and Intermission, nothing appears able to  hide from trying as he and colleague Shane Leadbeater craft away at these elegant musical sculptings.

Proliferate takes things down a purposefully heavier avenue with some meaty Megadeth rhythms and a riveting middle-eight exploration whilst 'Man Made Utopia offers some pleasantly AOR flavoured soloing that travels quite some time yet mellows the mood when listening. Garnished by some slick and innocently Petrucci-like moments all over, the repetitive voice overs adorning each cut do not do a lot either to decorate or ruin this delectable effort. As one said at the start, vocal-less offerings are an aquired taste in the rock industry, unless your surname's Satriani or Vai, yet these two musical dynamos from down under have discovered a way to make it whack you round the head from the speakers.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Dream Theater, Asia, Flower Kings


Gaeleri – Gates Of Rome
(TBM Records – 2014)

Hard Rockers from Sweden who immediately remind me of Little Angels with the opening ‘Ready Or Not’ and have reunited in their original line-up for the bands 20th Anniversary.

Highlights on the 10 tracker include ‘Queen Of Time’ that’s very Queensyche meets Led Zeppelin (think Kashmir); the ballsy cock-rockin’ ‘Let Your Love Bleed’ with its gutsy guitar riffin’; ‘No boundaries’ that has powerful raw guitar-work with fantastic lead vocals and drawn to a close with the strong and positive ‘Time Has Come’ that talks about a new beginning.

It’s big, loud and bombastic and ticks all the boxes of Melodic Hard Rock.


By Glenn Milligan

The Gist – S/R
(S/R – 2015)

The debut album from the Fort Myers, Florida based boys who comprise of Bryce Barnes (Vocals/Guitars); Joe Monroe (Vocals/Bass/Keyboards) & Scott Chesser (Vocals/Drums).

It’s ballsy, upfront Rock with a hit of prog at times. Highlights include the gripping opening ‘System’; the dare I say it Queensryche’ish ‘Decide’; a number named ‘Insight’ where Bryce wails away like King Diamond, ‘The Rift’ (gorgeous anthemic love ballad with beautiful acoustic guitar on there) or the answering duetted brilliance of ‘Driver’.

Then there’s the splendid epic rocker lead by Mr. Monroe that is ‘The High Way’ and puts me in mind of their previous band, ‘Tribal Tongue’ or the Egyptianesque meets Led Zep like ‘Pharoahs’ which closes the album.

Well worth firing up and I await to see this performed as a live spectacle!


By Glenn Milligan

GOLERS - In 'n' Outlaws
(S/R - 2014)

Canadian extreme metallers Golers seem to have worked at a steady pace over their sixteen years, with a new album out every five, but then it does take time to perfect your finished craft, does it not?

Take 'In 'n' Outlaws', the opening title track of this fourth full lengther as a lesson in that one son. Nail-hard, nineties-injected thrash sitting atop the evergreen eighties trunk, lifts you up by the limb (pun intentional, maybe) and leaves you there to suffer. Although not the easiest set of songs to tell apart, the way they tear through these fourteen in half an hour welcomes respect.

Destructive, spitting vocals that switch mode continuously along with an all too familiar top-speed twin guitar wall leers towards tedious on a notable number of occasions but these lads set it so that it lasts enough to be enjoyed but also anticipate the treat of seeing them live some day.

You see, this sort of metal, when handled with care, is quite fun really.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Deicide, Slayer, Emperor & Morbid Angel.

NET: www. golers.ca

Goober Gun – S/T
(S/R – 2014)

Very 80’s as it has a retro pop-punk feel to this trio who come the UK and got massive over in Thailand, Macau and Bangkok of all palces.

16 songs in all with three of them being live that are thrown onto the end of the album with highlights being the opening ‘Burn It Down’ that was featured in a movie called ‘Formas Blvd’; the fantastic ‘Giving Hope’ which was a charity single for Haxstrong in Taiwan and the humourously titled ‘Rock N Bangkok’ with cheesy lyrics to match and reminds me of Van Halen.

Elsewhere there’s ‘1979’ that riff-wise is a deadringer for White Wedding by Billy Idol and ‘Sick Of This’ has some sick stickwork on it. I love the slowing down intro on ‘Little Too Much’ and ‘Love Love Love’ is a cracking, vibrant number recorded live at the Wake Up Festival, Chiayi, Taiwan.

Now will they make it big in their own country? – watch this space I guess!


By Glenn Milligan

Grindhouse – Chapter 1
(RMB Records – 2015)

One of those bands that are a real to the ears as soon as you get their cd spnning since these Italians show many what is missing in todays Rock scene around the World.

They’ve put their on mark on the 80’s pop classic ‘Ain’t Nobody’ originally performed by Rufus & Chaka Khan and made the rest of the songs tributes to some of their favourite American films such as ‘Titty Twister’ (From Dusk Till Dawn); ‘What A Night’ (Carlito’s Way). With three guitarists, a la Iron Maiden and enlisting Michael Bormann of Jaded Heart to take care of lead vocals it’s a no-brainer that it’s gonna be a stunning album.



By Glenn Milligan

Gun Barrel – Damage Dancer
(Massacre Records – 2014)

German Metalheads who are now on their 6th album – where does time go I exclaim to myself.

A band who I rated at first listen who have elements of Judas Priest & Seaxon with the gustiness of Guns ‘N’ Roses and Whitesnake in their heavier moments. It’s a fantastic listen from the opening ‘Unleashing The Hounds’ right throught to the closing ‘Rise Up To The Storm’ with cuts like the driving ‘Back Alley Ruler’ with it’s slammin’ drums kickin’ serious ass!

‘Heading For Disaster’ is a stomping, energetic tempo number too that will liven up any room or the title track itself, ‘Damage Dance’. One day I would love to see this band on British soil. This is Good old 80’s styled Rock ‘n’ Metal rolled into one the way it should be done.

Do as it stated on the back of the album ‘Made loud to be played loud’.


By Glenn Milligan


The Gary Harvey Band – Ghost Dance
(S/R – 2014)

A cracking blues-rock trio from Auckland, NZ whose have real passion for their chosen style which comes across in the material on this album.

‘Mr. Healy’ I dedicated to a buddy of that name and is a fine way to kick the album off while the next number ‘It Ain’t Pretty’ vocally totally reminds of Ian Hunter. Other standouts include the slipper stomping ‘Don’t Lie To Me’ that features a lady called Erica Sunshine Lee who has the sweetest but raunchy voice.

Elsewhere there’s the Stevie Ray Vaughan like riffed ‘Nothin’ But The Blues’ or Quo like ‘Boss Mama’ and the heartfelt ‘Kym Song’ dedicated to Gary’s late daughter.

Well worth checking out.


By Glenn Milligan

Grand Slam - Waiting For Tomorrow (E.P.)
(S/R – 2014)

A Sextet bunch of Rockers who from Sweden who immediately put me in mind of fellow countrymen, Europe and how they used to sound.

It’s extremely typical general material that would have been happening about 30 years ago but now just sounds simply old hat and cheesy with the title track, ‘Waiting For Tomorrow; being a perfect example.

One for the safe radio friendly types.


By Glenn Milligan

The Godz – From The Vault Volume 3
(FnA Records – 2014)

Eric Moore drags up old recordings from his band on this one that aren’t half bad actually.

You can’t beat the opener ‘Hollywood’; an instrumental version ‘Snakin’ that is actually the ‘Work Tape Version’ as it’s titled; the hot chick on the floor that is ‘Rachel’ that’s very Ted Nugent or the sleazy ‘All Night Long’.

Then there’s the gutsy redneck rockin’ ‘On The Mountain’; the live bluesy ‘Your Turn To Cry’ from October 1990 or the epic in concert cut of ‘Gotta Keep A Runnin’ Live in ’93 at The Alrosa.

Great release.


By Glenn Milligan


GAMMA RAY - The Best Of
(earMusic - 2015)

25 years into their career and Gerry metal goliaths Gamma Ray release their first greatest hits comp - after eleven albums, its slightly more than due, wouldn't you think?

Capturing the whole of their career across two discs, 'The Best Of' flies us right back to the pop-like melodic metal of debut 'Heading For Tomorrow' and from there we travel back up to recent newie 'Empire Of The Undead'. Not set in album order we get a rough back and fourth ride amidst mainman Kai Hansen and on-off leader Ralph Scheepers as regarding vocal turns. Speed being the name of the game for the Gams, it seems strange we only get a fast one, four tracks in but if you are new to Kai's world, or haven't listened to them since their second album, this is to show you they have spread their wings somewhat in the intervening couple of decades.

These two discs are solidly packed with all their potential live favourites and the best of the rest of their recorded stuff, as Mr Hansen has judged fit to include (he has hand picked every single one here.) only missing is my personal favourite 'Last Before The Storm' An essential collection, new fan or old if you love them enough.

Danke schon, Kai, here's to years more of metal classics from Germany.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Iron Saviour, Primal Fear, Helloween, Edguy, Dokken & Iron Maiden.

March 2015

(earMusic – 2014)

Ex-Helloween Guitarist, Kai Hansen has made a very worthy power metal album, after a string of less successful albums since the excellent debut ‘Heading For Tomorrow’.

I find European bands have more appeal than anywhere else, and Gamma ray are leading the charge with this album, from the off ‘Empire of The Undead’ kicks off with a bold 8 minute epic in ‘Avalon’ - its slow beginning highlights the crystal clear production, before the riffs blows in as meaty as you like! Kai’s vocals have matured, I was surprised to find out he was lead vocalist on this album.

Maybe it’s my imagination or intentional by the band but there seems to be the odd Helloween reference, prog-stomper Born To Fly’s chorus, 'Fly high like an eagle in the sky..' and follow on track 'Master of Confusion's opening riff is very familiar and the underpinning drum beat from Michael Ehré is almost ‘I Want Out’. The song itself is full of riffs from the twin guitars of Hansen and Henjo Richter although odd lyrics about the record label calling Kai to ask for the finished album, German humour I guess this was the lead off single upon album release! It starts off ballady style Kai Hansen crooning over a slow delicate guitar and keyboard riff, soaring vocals lead to the bridge and a shout it out chorus very Hammerfallesque.

Thing step up a gear with ‘Empire of the Undead’ a thrash speed track not out of place on an Accept or early Helloween album. Kai ‘s voice covers a range from low to high on the vocals, again sterling work on drums again from Henjo Richter (a suitable name).
All in all it's a solid album with top songs and very little in terms of duff tracks and even those aren’t that bad to skip.


By John Mather


Stephen Anthony Gregory – Me, Myself & I (E.P.)
(Sword & Cross Records – 2013)

Amazing instrumental 4 tracker from a Thousand Oaks, California based dude who rocks and metals it out like Vai, Satriani, Mustaine and even Wylde at times all rolled into one and then some…

The Hip Do’s kicks it into gear in surpreme interstellar precision while ‘Gregoria’ glides and flows in beautiful almost Pink Floyd like grandoiseness and complete calms you to point of near sleep.

Red Light White Light gets nasty and sinister on us at moderate speed whilst closer ‘Old Avila’ has a kind of Alice In Chains meets Tool feel about it in tonal quality and general overall ambience that flows into a gutsy metal riff for a short stance too.



By Glenn Milligan


Luke Gasser – Flicker
(Fastball Records – 2014)

A rock ‘n’ roll dude from Switzerland who has a gravelly voice with a look that reminds me of David Essex meets early 80’s Kevin Roland (of Dexy’s..) and has been working with Doro Pesch as a main actor in a movie trilogy called ANUK.

Some cool rockin’ stuff on here such as ‘Blood Money’; the duet with Doro called ‘Fire On My My Mind’; ‘Ceremony Man’ that reminds me of Neil Young’s ‘Rocking In the Free World’ or the acoustic numbers ‘My Sweet Angel’ and closer ‘Elijah’s Song’.



By Glenn Milligan

Gypsy Rose – Poisoned By Love
(FnA Records – 2011)

A collection of songs that are unused demos and unreleased songs from a band I have the ‘Prey’ album plus more quality unheard stuff.

Highlights include the piano demo of ‘Don’t Turn Your Back On Me Now’ about Michael Ross’s mum who had breast cancer; the sex song ‘Give It To Me All Night Love’ recorded in Toronto and the cool as hell acoustic drunk bluesy rocker ‘Ride On That Train’.

Interesting album.


By Glenn Milligan


Gasoline Stars – Good Looks, Bad Behaviour
(S/R – 2014)

Decent young rock band from Sweden with a full-on, feel-good factor who wear their accent on their sleeves.

Highlights in here include the opening Euro-Rock of title-track ‘Good Looks, Bad Behaviour; the retro-like 70’s glamness of ‘L.O.V.E’; the ballad that is ‘All I Want Is You’ that has a Freiheit kinda feel in the harmonies or the positive sounding but kinda negative lyric that is closer ‘You Should Have Known Better’.

Cool album.


By Glenn Milligan

The Grand – The Rebel Son (E.P.)
(S/R – 2014)

A Canadian band who have a taste for some southern sweetness mixed in with a newer freshness too to grab the kids too – think Nickelback etc.

It’s got some great rockin’ bits such as in ‘Raise Your Glass’ and the title track itself ‘Red Son’ or the closing male/female ballad that is ‘Quicksand’.

They could do well in this day and age.


By Glenn Milligan

Gut-Scrapers – Gimme Your Soul
(S/R – 2012)

Funnily enough these guys sound very gutsy like their name implies and are France based from Nimes to be exact about things.

They aren’t afraid of sticking the odd swear word in and even start up the album with a tell-it-like-it-is number in ‘Cheers Motherf*ck*rs’ and it goes from thereon. The vocals are throaty and worn with fresh rock and roll a la AC/DC and other meat and potato raw sounds like ‘Angry’, ‘Thumbs Up’ and the comical closer ‘You Suck’ that won’t get FM Radio anytime soon - lol.

It’s okay.


By Glenn Milligan

March/April 2014

GANDALF'S FIST - A Day In The Life Of A Universal Wanderer
(Musik & Film - 2013)

Named after something that should have done more damage to Sarumann when he got the chance, Gandalf's Fist deal in a music / lyrical theme not quite related to ring-type affairs.

Space is still the favourite destination for metal's geeky side to fly and a fair old play of these eleven entertaining numbers should not make them crash their ship on Planet Letdown. Daftness to the side, these giys do a decent slab of seventies prog workout when they wish to amongst ijntergalactic frivolities. Slinging the best of Flower Kings, Jadis and Porcupine Tree together and add a touch of Mostly Autumn with the lush femal vocal leads on selected tunes seems to make this an album in disguise.

The swish lead guitar of 'Nexus' - also the only track with a one-word title - leaves you wondering where you came in as does the occuring acoustic and saxophone elements that weave happily along, plus even a few Iron Maiden-like moths that flutter in through the window. Without disrespect to Sir Ian McKellen's sexual adhering, Gandalf's fist might not guarantee a hot trip up your arse right away but saying that, their debut album will leave you confused as much as compelled.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Pink Floyd, Flower Kings, Anathema, Jenthro Tull, Queensryche


(Tarzan Music - 2013)

Italy's at it again, look out everyone. This time, said great musical nation has sent us one from the very top shelf.

Giulio's speciality line is slick melodic rock in the Bon Jovi/Soul Asylum scheme of things. Shove in some swish keyboards straight from the Deep Purple department of things and these ten sings do all this chap's talking for him. Moving his pawn past all corners of the board, the spaces marked blues and classic rock give out the best of his points.

'No Second Chance', 'My Jesus', 'Down The Line', 'The Words That I Haven't Said', 'Rockstar', 'Sweet Hard Fighter' and 'Love Is Dead' demonstrate how straight-laced sunshine sass is not strictly a Californian commodity; Europeans do it jolly spankingly well too. All the accessories, vital and otherwise are here, roasting guitar lines and silky vocals that strut back and forth across your speakers.

Signor Garghentini is a sorely unknown commodity here in Queen Lizzy's green country but to bring him over only requires a few (thousand) of you to snap up this beauty.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Journey, Survivor, Bon Jovi, Rainbow, Reef & Extreme.

NET: www.giuliogarghentini.com

(S/R - 2013)

No relation to pomp icons Styx, these four young lads still seem influenced by bands only their dads dare admut listening to.

Weighing in a wordly blend of Led Zeppelin, Rush, Pink Floyd and Cream, their creative sound is as seventies as noughties and they need not be ashamed either way. Layering wonderfully proficient twin guitar power chords on crunchy progressive beats was once a young mans game itself, forty years back in the day and although numbers such as 'Forever', 'Remedy', 'Grateful', 'Great Goodbye' and 'Just Friends' soak up plenty of modern musical movement, tradition seems injected in their blood.

Doing a near diversion towards the end, the sunset- drenched suss of instrumental 'The Grace Note' gives their soloing a spot to shine with strong Clapton-meets Skynrd coloured rays. On the slightly frank side dishing out three cover tunes in an eleven track debut album does take the proverbial wee-wee, one might be harsh enough to say but as one of those is a rather well handled cover of Ozzy's 'Mr Crowley', who's not to let it pass us by.

Brilliant stuff by a band starting out young but not too young to learn.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Flower Kings, Porcupine Tree, Rush & Silverchair.

NET: www.grandelusionband.com

Ben Granfelt – Melodic Relief
(Sprucefield Oy Ltd – 2012)

Excellent Rock guitarist from the band ‘Los B*st*rdos Finlandes’ in solo mode for the 11th outing and actually comes from Finland where many of the best Rock & Metal artists seem to originate from these days.

There’s some interesting vibrant stuff on here such as the opening ‘El Gringos Revenge’; the bluesy title track ‘Melodic Relief’; the Joe Satriani like number entitled ‘The Riff Song’ or the slow endearing ballad called ‘GMT’ and closing on a weird, wild and wonderful, funky track called ‘Because We Still Can’.

Check him out!


By Glenn Milligan

GREEN FAIRY - Wasted Lands
(S/R - 2013)

Led Zeppelin inviting Soundgarden cordially, says our trusted prose. So that's more or less what we get from these Lausanne lads, even though at first press of play you think you'd picked up a Korn album by mistake.

Coming along after a worrying minute and a half with weighty seventies-school sludge guitar and slamming its gnarled knuckes on the table, 'Wasted Lands', their third album, isn't one for a wimps listen. Nitrogen fulled fury and driving doom-tinged heavy metal hits you very hard dealt in the packages Green Fairy seem to wrap for you themselves even if a pinch of subtletly seeps out in stop go numbers like 'Red Blue Eyes'. Sticking in some proggy parts for measure seems the natural thing to swing nowadays as you find the rhythm changes starting to swoop through the numbers abundantly.

Alternative rock with a raw rough edge readily sown several decades in advance, Green Fairy are familiar fodder frothing together in the pot but letting this one boil over may be yet Ill advised.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Nirvana & The Flower Kings.

NET: www.greenfairy.ch

(S/R - 2013)

German band Grey Season are certainly a grey area in musical terms, set between the ok and the bad though listing precariously towards the the latter.

Rickety alt-prog fusion mixed with rough, rhythmless growling extreme metal din does not often make for an easy night by the bedroom woofers, sadly this being another such offender by three tracks in. It seems palatable enough on entry, only that then each mellow, progressive start dissipates into dire aimless industrial deathcore noise that perhaps only track 5, 'Delirium' can accurately sum.

A couple or more enjoyable solos and an electrically tinged, ambient ballad do entertain, but unless you're into hearing Bring Me The Horizon having the decency to sound at least a third listenable, this is a largely difficult one to get into.


By Dave Attrill


The Genders – Guts And Heartstrings
(Dead Sea Records – 2013)

Great gutsy and likable rockers from Israel who even have female backing singers.

You’ll find elements of AC/DC, Primal Scream and Led Zeppelin on here which ain’t no bad thing on some killer numbers like ‘Black Summer’; the follow-up ‘Knee High Boots’ or what about ‘Rock Bottom’ where singer Amir Neubach lets out a Liam Gallagher sneer at times.

Then theres the thramming ‘Drink Up’ and ‘Sweet Denial’ that reminds me a bit of Stiltskin – remember them?

Decent album.


By Glenn Milligan

The Gran’ Dukes – Crown Jewels
(S/R – 2013)

Classic Hard Rock from a six piece band made up of two South Africans & 4 Luxembourgers with 4 of the band coming from the well known band there called ‘Cold Feet’ and the others from a very popular covers band there called ‘Fade To Grey’.

They have sounds and styles of AC/DC, Queen and even The Dogs D’Amour mized in with Smokie in the vocal dept. – well that’s what my ears are telling me anyway. What makes this band interesting is that all of their songs are all very different sounding making it hard for a lazy journalist to pigeonhole them.

Plent of great songs on here from the opening AC/DC like ‘Hallelujah’; the ballady ‘So You Just Walked Away’ that’s very Chris Normanin the vocal depo thanks to Frans Roelofse; the 12-bar boogie of ‘Living At The Edge Of Time’ with the falsetto bits thrown in there and great bouncy moderate tempo instrumental closer, ‘Freedom’.

Great double-trio indeed.


By Glenn Milligan

GREEVACE - Pulling The Wool
(S/R - 2013)

Greevace are a three-piece from Charlotte, hometown of the impressive Another Lost Year.

Awaiting further promise from these fellow statesmen the only instantly impressive aspect is the innovative sling-together of styles swamping this four track ep. The prog- alternative fusion falls awkwardly however round often aimless sounding numbers that sound like they’re about to hit on something huge only to recede leaving the sand still flat.

Tasty punk speed during ' Giganticus' steps up the edge better and the opening solo slide into 'Murder The World' is great but the sound of songs stuck together with glue is one I can't help hearing at times. Strong guitar intentions save it a clutch of points but the whole platter could have been prepared better than this.


By Dave Attrill

Gov’t Mule – Shout!
(Mascot Music – 2013)

Latest album from the ‘Mule that comes in 2 formats – cd 1 with these guys taking care of all of it and a second cd with a different guest vocalist on each track.

It’s a long one too and sounds like it was recorded live and nailed in one go though they were written over a two year period. There’s an absolute mass of well-played blues rock that starts with ‘World Boss’ right through to the 12 minute + epic ‘Bring On The Music’ with even a reggae number thrown in as well that is ‘Scared To Live’.

Love the cooking blueser called ‘No Reward’; the floaty Pink Floyd like ‘Captured’ or the wailing delta meets Led Zep like ‘Done Got Wise’ or the mysterious ‘When The World Gets Small’.

With regard to the second CD – such a fete has never been attempted before and like the original album it sure is a joy to hear especially when you got the likes of Dr. John (Stoop So Low), Glenn Hughes (No Reward), Elvis Costello (Funny Little Tragedy), Myles Kennedy (Done Got Wise), Stevie Winwood (When The World Gets Small) putting their mark on a particular song.

Keep on shouting!


By Glenn Milligan


(Transubstans Records - 2013)

Not a girl fronted band in case anyone gets excited solely at such prospect, Generous Maria are generous with their rock n' roll and seemingly love to wallow in it with us around them.

Sweden are renowned in recent years for dirty-edged stooge rock and these dozen tunes should cement their rep further round everyone’s boots. Raspy vocal passion goes vehemently headlong with twin guitars up the gears, and just leaves the handbrake superglued down, that these guys seem capable of crashing.

A few select alternative diversions don't even slow the journey nor does the Metallica-oriented (St) anger of 'Lack of Faith (revisited)', all swallowed up by generally unflinching momentum. 'Something Weird', 'Got It All', 'Blackstone', 'Wicked Little Girl', 'All Insane', 'The Power Of Denial' and 'Medication' rip and roar in true Scandinavian swagger, and leave you lasting for more when its all over.

Another precise example of how such albums are done - dismiss, class.


By Dave Attrill

NET : www.generousmaria.com

(ZiggyMugs Records - 2013)

GOE are a progressive/extreme metal two piece, though it is stated more clearly one-piece plus second person adding last bits to the boil.

Mainman and multi-instrumentalist Michael Trunks certainly doesn't let the side down for his dynamic abilities, switching from one line acroos to the next and then several more without hitting the buffers too dark. Death metal elements do feature prominently so yes we are treated to tortured gerbil-esque vocals at routine intervals but his growl and his own grunge-oriented melodic range are tutored him by top ladder inspirations.

Soft as silk backing talents from bandmate Louise Body add developing weight at the opposite end of their scintillating spectrum so you are set to be confused depending which track you opt to come in at first. Twinges of over-forced distortion from the synth department drives me momentarily off track 3 but all across the span, this is superb avant garde noise set to impress the noggin off you.

Worth believing in this ghost, it might turn out to be.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: erm....... best listening to it and being amazed.

NET: www.twosidemoon.com

GIRL ON TOP - Live for It
(Top Girl Records - 2013)

They probably do as well. This Boston foursome bring plenty fresh to the table. Large rhythms and smack-you-round the chops chorus send these ten songs through the speakers several times too quickly to enjoy.

Frontwoman, Karen deBiasse seems like she spent a secret past life on New York's punk scene but with purer drive as supposed to persistent spit-and-snarl routine. Rubbing together rock and metal stones for a straight-upward flame, 'Live For It', Superman' (Not a Black Lace cover, thank f**k), 'Me', 'Can't Stop Living', 'Deranged' and 'Sun Is Shining' get the heat on with the gas at 10.

Tough, fighting female-led rock with a rejuvenated take that is hopefully back for keeps, this girl, and three gentlemen are definitely poised for the topular of places.

Sweet as.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Girlschool & Blondie.

NET: www.myspace.com/girlontopboston

July 2013

Gloria Volt - The Sign
(Subversiv Records - 2013)

Now what a cookin' rockin' band these guys are who don't let you down for a second who are beefing it up all the way from somewhere in Europe that we can be sure of.

This is a joyous party of loud old school hard kickin' stuff right from 'Ride On Me' through to 'Rock 'n' Roll' with some great points in between like 'Shout Loud'; 'Rock Child' & title track 'The Sign'. They have elements of Broken Teeth, AC/DC and Thin Lizzy with even a Zodiac Mindwarp feel too at atimes and there's nothing up with that.



By Glenn Milligan

Grand Reserva - 48 Laws
(Tripaway Music - 2013)

Dirty fresh hard rock is what you'll find here from Grand Reserva that is loud trashy and no doubt great on stage in that zesty Backyard Babies kinda way and very party like there's no tomorrow.

Highlights on the album include the opener 'Forty Eight'; 'You Move Me'; Bring Me The Thunder' & 'Crazy' hit the spot but there are so many other bands that sound like this at the moment though.

Decent enough.


By Glenn Milligan

September 2012

Garagedays - Dark & Cold
(Massacre Records - 2011)

Old School Metal of a Thrash calibre from Ausrtia that seems to be making a comeback thanks to the top titans of it's league bringing out all the fans young and old.

They personally remind me of bands like Anthrax, Metallica (early stuff) and Megadeth with touches of Slayer at times - you get the picture. Highlights on here include 'Last Breath' which is kinda ironic to be the opening song; 'Blow Away' that's proper slam stuff and the almost folky at times 'Four'.

Then there's radio friendly named 'Piece of Sh*t' and later on the title track 'Dark & Cold' that closes this masterpiece of leather-clad, fist-pumping blaster of an album.


By Glenn Milligan

Ian Gillan & Tony Iommi - Who Cares
(Edel/Ear Music - 2012)

This is a compilation 2 CD that has a lot of available stuff of either solo material or bands these two guys have been associated with with some unreleased stuff thrown in to sell the album.

Worth having for unavailable cuts featuring Glenn Hughes with Tony Iommi that is 'Slip Away' that was from the 'Fused' sessions; the hard to find funky 'She Thinks It's A Crime' that was recorded and released as a bonus 7" with the 'One Eye To Morocco' album or the rockin' it up 'Easy Come, Easy Go' - a monitor mix from the 1994 Gillan band 'Repo Depo'.

CD 2 has more rare stuff in 'Let It Down Easy' from the aforementioned 'Fused' sessions that's as ballsy as hell; the cheesey 'Hole In My Vest' from Ian Gillan's 'Nothing But The Best' single; an acoustic rendition of 'When A Blind Man Cries' with Steve Morse on guitar that recorded for Absolute Radio in London that is truly splendid Sir and comes complete with Harp playing from Mr. G too!

And to close it off there's the jam for a fan gathering in Sheffield that was a blues jam called 'Dick Pimple' done during the Purpendicular Sessions at Greg Rikes Studio in Orlando that was actually un-named at the time.

Great set.


By Glenn Milligan

Greg Goldman - Cathexis
(S/R - 2011)

A decent enough contemporary artist who unleashed this onto the public back in 2011. Ok so it's not too long ago really.

Highlights from the Missouri recorded album include the opening 'Whole/Part'; the funky 'Faith Proposal' and the closing moody 'Turn It Home' that kinda reminds of the Floyd.

Worth a good listen to.


By Glenn Milligan


Godsmack - Live and Inspired
(Eagle Rock Entertainment - 2012)

Not a massive fan of Live CDs as they tend to take out the roughness and the creases of the original recording and there is no exception here.

This is the first official Live CD from Godsmack, recorded at Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan 2007.Although Godsmack studio CDs are great to listen too, this live performance is too clean and could be nearly classed off as a compilation. On a positive note the CD does bring out the professionalism, tightness and hard work they put in to make a great live show. The first live CD contains 13 tracks starting with Straight Outta Line, as they work their way through Awake, Voodoo to finish with I Stand Alone.

The second CD has 4 studio cover versions, which include 'Rocky Mountain Way', 'Come Together', 'Time' and 'Nothing Else Matters' (played on piano) - great version. Overall Godsmack have expressed themselves well and it isn’t one I would forget about.

The CD is a must buy for any collector.


By Tony Watson


Jessie Galante - Spitfire
(Greedy Songbird Music - 2009)

New York Hot Blonde Frontlady who straight away reminds me of Anastasia in the vocal dept but this ain't no corporate effort but a real ballsy rock and blues affair from the heart.

This is one of those albums where you can land anywhere and the songs an absolute stunner and you don't get many of those these days do you? What a set of pipes Jessie has and the backing band is outstanding too. Highlights include opening title track 'Spitfire'; 'I Crave It'; 'Can't Find My Baby'; 'Grown Man Cry' among many, many more.

Needs to be seen and heard in large quantities.


By Glenn Milligan

Robin George & Vix - You
(Angel Air - 2012)

A laid back rootsy rock and blues affair from the well know guitarist, Robin George and Vix (Victoria Parks) who is the lead vocalist of Fuzzbox in 1990.

There's some really great sounds on here and it all happened because Robin George and his band were working in the next door studio to Fuzzbox, so this album came to be. It's got some amazing songs on here and amazing to think they were written in a short space of time as well.

Go all the way through the album and it's all knockout awesome songmeister and songstress stuff from the opening title track rock 'n' rolling 'You' with other highlights including the Spanish acoustica of 'Seduction Song'; the bluesy duetting 'Guilty' the southern like 'Rock And A Hard Place'; The Doobie Brothers like funkiness of 'Shall I Lie'; the beautiful 'Lovepower And Peace' or the excellent live acoustic closing duet 'Cry Wolf'.

Worth having.


By Glenn Milligan


George Gakis and Very Special Friends - Too Much Ain't Never Enough
(Perris Records - 2012)

Now I ain't gonna sh*t ya and tell you otherwise as it was the other people guesting on the album that drew me to it.

How can I resist when I see names like Joe Lynn Turner & Bobby Rondinelli listed on here - not to mention being co-produced, mixed and mastered by Kip Winger. Vocally, George sounds a bit like David Coverdale at times - a powerful big throaty voice indeed. Highlights include the Led Zep like 'Fame' and the duet with Joe Lynn Tuner that is the excellent 'Street Of Broken Dreams'.

Then there's the pulverising riffery with killer guitar sounds a la Satch on the title track 'Too Much Ain't Never Enough' thanks to Nick Zouros; the crackin' rocker 'Rebellious Son' or the power ballad 'It Ain't Over Till It's Over'.

A real find I'd say!


By Glenn Milligan

GROSS GOLLAND - What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake
(Metal Scrap Records - 2012)

One might be not to have the titles in English as there are some arts of this Russian metal core offering I’d remember for positive reasons.

Shovelling all the angry, hate- spitting sludge of the genre together at us in lumps, they at least inject some persistent bounce with their brutality. Crunch-driven rhythm guitars swing and pulverise as opposed to the sickeningly common speed-and -hope-they like-it hokum.

Vocalist, Phantom does a good mirror of Earth Crisis’s Karl Buechner to bring some welcome air of familiarity for the seasoned hatecore connoisseur, etching plenty of these ten punishing cuts into the proverbial skull tissue in good time.

Pretty interesting.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Obituary, Hatebreed & Slayer.

NET: metalscrap.org.ua

Alastair Greene - Through The Rain
(Le Roi Records - 2011)

Exquisite Blues Guitarist who shines brigher than a silver dollar on this album with each and every song being a pure masterpiece and there's a dozen to pick from too.

Highlights on here include the opening slide brilliance of 'Before The Storm' that takes you right to edge of the Mississippi'; the epic title track 'Through The Rain'; the outstanding 'By The Way'; the Drive By Truckers like 'Take Me With You' that Patterson Hood himself would have been proud of penning.

Then there's the funky 'The Real You' with the radio sounding echoey answering backing vocals; the gutsy 'Get Your Evil On' or the Rory Gallagher like 12-bar blaster that is 'T'other Way'. It's little wonder that Alan Parsons recruited him as his guitarist as this guy can give Joe Bonnamassa a run for his money.

An absolutely essential buy - expect big things from this boy!


By Glenn Milligan


GREENTHIEF - Retribution
(S/R - 2011)

Aussie foursome Greenthief are very unusually billed as tough indie rock’.

Making sense as in ‘tough to listen to more than a second time’ . These guys get the ingredients right enough but pour them in with too much heavy-handedness then add a voice that struggles to decide what to do each time he parts his lip. On plenty of those occasions, it turns out to be comparable with Trent Reznor suffering laryngitis. The prog /alternative hybrid that dominantly accounts for their sounds is reasonably honest but in all honesty it isn’t in sync on many of these five numbers.

Sadly one only for the stricter fans.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.greenthief.com

January 2012

ROBIN GEORGE’S LOVE POWER - Lovepower and Peace
(Angel Air - 2011)

The suddenly hyperactive Mr G bounces above surface again with this years latest collection of re-issued classics.

Not quite literally just so, some seventeen old favourites have been re-recorded gathering in a huge gaggle of guest artists, very a la ’Gillan’s Inn’. A record-scraping 50 names set their talents to the tapes here, including, apart from Robin himself, Diamond Head frontmen past and present, messrs Harris and Tart respectively, (the latter also worked on his notorious project) Ken Hensley, John Wetton, Chris Thompson and also Sister Sledge’s Jacqui Williams. Covering classics from across the spectrum, many favourite titles flock to the tracklist.

Though we can only hear so many versions of ‘Love Power and Peace’, ‘Cocoon’, ‘Another Lonely Night’, ‘With A Little help From My Friends’ and ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ in one lifetime, knowing that it’s for charity this time is a justifiable feeling of 'what the f**k' for anyone. Female-led reworking of RG chestnut 'Heartline' is great fun and a good way to end the album - people can probably admit with pride that they may be snapping a copy solely for said classic, knowing the royalites are channelled directly to worthy causes.

Worth giving generously for oneself methinks.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.angelair.co.uk

*All proceeds from the sales of this album go to the following charities :
Haven House

IAN GILLAN - Gillan’s Inn
(Ear Music - 2011)

Reissued again after five years, either to tick off those who missed it previously (I’m guilty myself actually, guys), or also hopefully bypass a repeat serving of vicious ridicule from Kerrang, Deep Purple Legend, Ian Gillan’s impressive rerecordings collection is indeed a must.

I’m already almost on with the air guitar as ‘Unchain Your Brain’ gets underway and that’s possibly down to having read that Joe Satriani is handling the solo. Coming up just as one from his shopping list of countless luminaries, Janick Gers, Tony Iommi, Joe Elliot, Jeff Healey, Howard Wilson, Heartland’s Steve Morris plus all the present Purps guys themselves assembling to lend their services for this mighty fourteen-strong mix of I.G.’s career cornerstones and a few covers for measure.

‘Bluesy Blue Sea’, ‘Day Late and A Dollar Short’, ‘Hang Me Out To Dry’, ‘When a Blind Man Cries’ and ‘No Worries’ return with a modern rawness and monstrous production whereas Purple standards ‘Smoke on The Water’ and ‘Speed King’ would appreciate any old excuse for a second lease of studio-recorded life.

Don Airey and predecessor Jon Lord both put ion timelessly soaring performances notably on ‘Sugar Plum’ and ‘When a Blind Man Cries’ respectively along with nothing short of incendiary-level showing from all guitar guests, including Uli Jon Roth plus Satch again later on 'Speed King'…. well his name is in the title.

At sixty five years old, and still at what he does best, Ian Gillian’s musical collaborators very much match him for standard, moving this far steps above just a whimsical classic-rock cash-in. A very worthwhile classic rock album you may want to put your cash on..

'Gillan's Inn' is open once more with an old favourite brewing for every taste.


By Dave Attrill

NET:www.gillan.com www.ear-music.net

GUARDIANS OF TIME - A Beautiful Atrocity
(Mayhem Music - 2011)

Norway does it again, dispensing yet another golden metal secret upon our explorative ear drums.

Guardians of Time are one band of a kind as well one made of many. Any outfit where the vocalist switches back and forth between being another of European metal’s vocal virtuosos one minute and something haggling the line between between Phil Anselmo and Robb Flynn the next is dangerously rare. and indeed a distraction when trying to concentrate on the strong conceptual structure of the tunes.

All said, their departures from Gamma Ray to Growlsville give this album a well -earned frame of distinction as the whole package is an impressive beast in its own right. With the concept continuing a futuristic tale based around a character called Delacroix that tails from the first two albums picking up is awkward but the lyrical elements of these tunes seem independent enough to enjoy alone. You still soon become one of the already keenly following GOF already and settle into strong harmonies by frontman Bernt and twin lead-sters Paul Olsen and Bent Lindebo.

Joining these components to make 'Perverse Perfection', 'God V20', 'Altered In Red', 'Mind Divided', 'Sleep Eternal', 'Dreamworld Messiah' and 'I Sinner' the truly fresh melodic metal machines they come to being here are some catchy and criminally familiar riffs… (just try that intro from ’I Sinner’ for a useful one-step guide to getting sued by Killswitch Engage ). Incredible work and wonderfully tight consistency that diverts you from the minor flaws.

Guardians of Time…Guardians of Metal in the guaranteed making.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Helloween, Black Sabbath & Pantera.

NET: myspace.com/guardiansoftime


GRINSPOON - Six to Midnight
(DR2 Records - 2011)

What is it with those Aussies, they give us AC/DC then go away for about 30-odd years before re-appearing with half a dozen hundred, at least, above-decent outfits.

Oh, an apology is due, Grinspoon, nearly forgotten about you. The Antipodean alternative scene was always brimming with liveliness back in the nineties with Silverchair and Shidad being the more successful pioneers but these lads have finally found their global niche with sell-out gigs in London and a support slot with grunge legends Stone Temple Pilots. This latest long player of many arisen in their seventeen year span is superb all-round pop rock buzz, played a dozen-plus times over with attitude and class.

The style will be instantly familiarised with about faff-knows-how-many-million other bands bobbing up on the surface this last couple of decades but the melodic vocal lines are instant catchers themselves, delivered against basic but gritty rhythm lines, mostly of the three-chords-at-full-throttle variety. 'Dogs', ’Run’, 'Comeback', 'Takes One', 'Right Now', 'Lockdown', 'Passenger', 'Innocence' and 'Surrender' won’t have seen many prizes for originality awaiting these guys on their re-arrival but plenty for penning repeatable belters. An album already selling past Gold down under, Grinspoon are now quite legible to strike plenty more here.. up over.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Foo Fighters, Green Day, Nirvana, Blink 182, Linkin Park & Bush.

NET: www.myspace.com/grinspoon

(S/R - 2011)

Spain at it again…and oh yes, they are it here. AOR is in case you forget a proud musical export of this nation as it is most other turfs of mainland Europe and these four guys have created a piece and sound to be truly proud of.

'Addictive Love' funks its way in, Dan Reed style and sticks instantly and the standard is placed high to begin with. Straight ahead melodic rocker ‘Sometimes’ narrowly clears the bar with a corking track that I hope we can hear live by these guys one day. ‘Flavour Of Desire’ is another heavily funk-oriented cut with a drop of jazz injection spreading into the ol’ veins for a healthier accessibility. Ballads are always the place to catch the bands voice at its best; Pau Sastre hits into ’Staring At Your Door’ with riveting soul and enjoys having the moving sunset lead guitar fills from David Palau wrapped around it.

Soul indeed becomes the name of the game, as if they are needing a reminder for the next, though ’I Just Can’t Get Away’ sneaks up the hill with a grindy blues rock drive for its chorus before some peppery pier-organ keys herald the over-short lead break A great tune in the end though at one point feared abruptly destroyed, ’No More Time’ rounds off this splendid six-tracker in finely polished prog splendour with almost Police-like string stacetto-age and indestructible performance from all four members. Gurus themselves or sheer game amateurs, beckons decision but either way, this lot suddenly become an instant favourite with not the slightest of gaps in their songwriting ability or talent.

An extremely recommendable start to their material, it is hoped a decent label soon makes this highly impressive band’s music available over here.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Living Colour, Journey, Tyketto & Extreme.
NET: www.gururockband.com


Luther Grosvenor – If You Dare
(Angel Air - 2011)

The latest solo album from the ex-Mott The Hoople man, who was known as Ariel Bender and also played in Spooky Tooth, Widowmaker and Stealers Wheel.

There’s cool contemporary moments in the opener ‘Dusty Track’; ‘If You Dare’ that comes in two different versions (piano and guitar versions) and the killer country ‘Fire And Water’.

Then there’s the excellent tribute to great musos who are both with us and also playing the great gig in the sky in ‘Heroes’ that starts with a killer bit of Hammond Organ and the excellent La Grange like ‘Kids’.

Well worth getting is this album.


By Glenn Milligan

GURT – Redwin
(S/R - 2011)

Facing an un-surreal sound behind a surreal sleeve art pic is an old road one can never hope to escape travelling - even after returning to reviewing following a three and-half-month absence - but Gurt’s noise is unusual ..as in unusually decent within the confines of its type.

The Londoner’s loud brutish metalcore meets headlong with meaty Iommi-inspired guitars driving along at a generally mid-set pace as opposed to 200mph and out, and cuts like ‘Swoffle’, ‘Shell’ and ‘F**k Nose’ make a five-track length for once rare occasion actually too short for my desires.

Covering Zep’s ’Rock ‘N’ Roll’ as a sludgy extreme metal number is an immense liberty taken given Rob and Jimmy’s renowned disinclination towards allowing other acts to handle their material but it blends solidly in with the other tunes, creating this hard rock classic a whole new alternative lease.

Excellent try guys, keep it like this.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.gurt.co.uk www.myspace.com/gurtsludge

GAMMA RAY - Skeletons & Majesties
(E-A-R Music - 2011)

The unstoppable German metal machine that is Kai Hansen cannot rest it for a year without wanging something with his name on it our way.

Even on the account of stop gap mini-albums like these visually met by a torrent of ridicule and murmurs of…what’s the point, we know you’re still active, he comes through as a man on mission. This seven-tracker is certainly little to complain about, with swishy acoustic reworkings of two of my personal faves, ‘Send Me a Sign ‘ and’ Rebellion in dreamland’ onboard alongside exclusive rare studio cuts.

The central piece de resistance comes however from a special ’karaoke’ version of ’RID’ itself with all vocals stripped bar the chorus backing harmonies - if only ‘Last Before the Storm had also received this treatment as well. Not one of the most important of Gamma Ray’s portfolio, it is too at the same time, perhaps due to this monumental ’first’ and Hansen’s performances both on strings and the newly laid voicing’s for the unplugged cuts are typically par excellence with a new delve into deep throated grittiness on the electric tunes.

Worth having, Gamma-ites.


By Dave Attrill

Helloween, Metallica & Judas Priest.

*If you have the patience, there is also an amusing vocal - only mauling of ‘Brothers’ by Kai as a hidden track - after playing the ’Rebellion,…’ Karaoke mix (track 7) please leave the disc running for a while after the tune.

NET: www.gammaray.org


GHOST - The Engraving
(S/R - 2010)

Just when you thought all had gone quite on the Scandinavian scene, Norway hit back with more trad metal magic and these chaps come out of the hat without having to be pulled.

Ghost have been about for nine years and got one Ep off the line to a rapturous reception in their native surroundings as they now forge onwards to their first long player and frighten anybody who still believe the genre itself has lay in a grave since 1992. The timeless solos by twin axemaestroes Oystein Wiik and Andre Berger that adorn 'The Engraving', 'AWAT', 'Surgery', 'Craving’, ’Taking Lives' and 'Independence Day' are guilty pleasures to savour within this most trend-tabooed of musical tastes as are the powerful Mustain-esque vocals and hooks Lim Sandvik takes to top the pile with.

If you crave every big name in metal from 1985-1992 in one band, plus moments closely matched to those of the greats many greats I dare not list herein, with a fresh overall layer to keep it strong into 2011 then this is one Ghost you find it more than worthwhile believing in. With their European live reputation mounting, it is high enough to be heard from British lands, a fantastically classic noise the wind hopefully carriers this way.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Savatage, Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden , Praying Mantis & Dokken

NET: www.myspace.com/ghostrocks


(Ear Music - 2010)

What? The Grateful Dea…. Ooh, nearly. I thought they had another one out for a min. The Gracious Few turns out to be the correct name here on proper reading.

Coincidentally this supergroup incorporating ex-Live and Candlebox personnel amongst the ranks are Californian as well but come supplied with a sound far more cheerful and instant than said San Fran psychedelic act yet this sprightly quintet’s take on classic rock takes you back to the good old days in just as big a way.

'Appetite's’ grungy driving blues guitar opens the record together with frighteningly Brian Johnson-esque vocals and vague Zeppelin moment at end of second chorus. Standards hit an instant high and are kept there by ‘Honest Man’, a hard driving grunge groover with sharp guitar. The earlier Zep-ism must have only been a warning shot for what was to come, for ‘Guilty Fever’ and ‘The Few’ are totally entrenched in every fine Plant and Page-ism possible and it could get little better.

’Rest Of You’ calms the …… down, but there is no loss of momentum in the ballad-oriented number, especially with the old favourite format of quiet-acoustic-verse-to- heavy-chorus and back round the circle. Suddenly, as if a different album is beginning in the middle of the other, we are headed into the time zone marked 1993 by a treble -headed grunge interlude. ’Crying Time’, ’Silly Thing’ and ’closer’ show an equally tight side of the outfit with Alice in Chains, Paw and Stiltskin showing amongst sounds you notice and a couple of mighty choruses to uphold the momentum.

The Zep mode switch is inadvertently knocked again by ‘What’s Wrong’, a laid back ballad with frontman Kevin Martin pushing his upper pitched angst to the strain line but without anything becoming ruined. ’Tredecim’ is clearly one of the stand out tunes, a powerful slow-beat swaying number with chorus line that would sound addictive sung on a boat out in high seas. I expected there’d be eventually a rack that combined practically everything gone before during the running.

’Nothing But Love’ fails to disappoint, a meaty alt-flavoured number with high-pitched chorus that balances literally between both main areas. ’Sing’, a summery ballad with harder rock sound part way in is one of my faves , with a great chorus saved for the end of the disc. A powerful debut from this new US act, their reputation is engraved firmly in stone. Solid songs, playing and hooks practically top to tail are what make a proper rock cd, regardless of what styles also become unwittingly embroiled in the combination and from what I’ve listened to today, it’s yet to do the Gracious few any harm .



By Dave Attrill

The Answer, Tenacious D, Bad Company, AC/DC, Skin, Living Colour & My Little Funhouse

NET: myspace.com/thegraciousfew

Grand Rezerva - Badlands (1 Tracker)
(Tripaway Music - 2010)

A 1 tracker teaser from a kickin' rockin' bunch of Metallers from Sweden. It's a catchy tune - 'Welcome to the badlands, where the only way is down' - yeah kinda makes sense that.

Like to hear more of this band because although it does sound rather dated and cheesey songwise for todays standards it's a cool song and you can hear all the words which is what's missing from the mainstream drivvle much of the time.

Check em out at www.grandreserva.com


By Glenn Milligan

January 2011

ROBIN GEORGE - Dangerous Music
(Angel Air - 2010)

This hyperactive Brit veteran has had one of the most hard to find albums finally back on the shelves.

'Dangerous Music' put his name on the map back in the day, over 25 years back the only sign of its existence up to recently has been the appearance of ‘Heartline’ on pub jukeboxes. Classic though as said number is, do we really need it THREE times on the same cd? Moving on ‘Spy‘, ‘No News Is Good News‘,’French Kisses‘, ’Shout’ , ’Shoot On Sight’ and ’Turn away’ provide us with pleasant a Def Leppard-like straight-aheadness while the pummelling kick drum as standard for a mid eighties melodic rock record holds the whole structure sturdy from end to end.

For all its merits the high pitch vocal annoys with its robotic overlay incurring me to skip through certain numbers but the Dokken like crunch does it the favour back in return and their is some shot but cheerful soloing on show. In addition to the original eleven tracks, Robin also includes five bonus numbers which are near-identical live ‘TV’ versions and vaguely re-edited versions of certain favourites already passed, with ’Heartline’ appearing again twice.

Despite this disappointing swizz, (some actual tunes we’d not hear before, would have been nice instead, Robin) ‘D.M’ has stood the test of time over two and a half decades and the anthems it spawned in its day undoubtedly will retain their status Good to have this old chestnut back around once again - hopefully a gig or two will come with it.


By Dave Attrill

NET: myspace.com/robingeorge


BD GOTTFRIED - Warden’s Picnic
(S/P - 2010)

Just so as not to leave the confused at the start, this outfit is actually a solo act by a chap called Bill Gottfried and the bunch of pleasant chaps who back him on the various instruments.

Quite a few albums into his life already, his reputation is justified by a highly polished yet interestingly amalgamated contrast of style approaches, and I encounter a hell of one to get round here myself,;… punk-prog. Something reminiscent of an ill-advised meet between Iggy Pop and Jethro Tull in a poorly lit alleyway, the idea is not as unadvisable as first believe and as it goes into a more pure Asia/Floyd -oriented direction amidst its course you may lose the sudden sense of diversity but still the standards remain pretty uphill.

No epic length tunes to endure, this disc flies its way briskly past in 37 minutes but not without drilling and amongst ‘Future For Sale‘, ‘New Fifty Two’, Contrafiction‘, ‘Taken It Back‘ ‘Sideways’ and ’Sideways’ , there’s pleasant fun with the guitar and piano to help if the hooks don’t take you along the track first time.



By Dave Attrill

Porcupine Tree, Asia, Deep Purple, Threshhold

Gov’t Mule – Life Before Insanity/Dose
(Floating World/Retroworld – 2010)

Blues Rock & Jazz from these cult legends – 2 albums that came out in their own right on Sony Records originally.

‘Life Before Insanity’ came out in 2000 and really gets going by the 3rd number in that is very reminiscent of early ZZ Top and goes by the name of ‘Bad Little Doggie’ that’s followed up by the equally excellent epic ‘Lay Your Burden Down’. Then there’s the killer bluesin’ of ‘I Think You Know What I Mean’; the bluesy of ‘In My Life and the delta-sliding closer ‘If I had Possession Over Judgement Day’ with it’s monoral distortive vocal effects.

‘Dose’ from 1998 is a darker affair with long numbers as per usual but stocked with plenty of bluesy sounds with standouts including ‘Game Face’; the jazz-me-up blues of instrumental ‘Birth Of The Mule’ with plenty of drums elevated high in the mix to the forefront; the traditional excellent sliding organic mesmerizer that is ‘John The Revelator’; a killer slowed down cover of The Beatles ‘She Said She Said’ with some to-die-for vocals and guitar riffery with the extended section added on at the end – purely jammin’ majesticness. Then there’s the acoustic haunting ‘Raven Black Night’ with some atmosperica of bongo percussion thrown in.

8/10 – for Life Before Insanity

9/10 – for Dose

By Glenn Milligan


Robin George - Crying Diamonds/Dangerous Music ‘85
(Angel Air – 2010)

Robin George is a multi-skilled and gifted musician and has worked with some of the greatest guys ever to step on this planet such as Robert Plant, Phil Lynott, David Byron and Pete way to name a few.

Crying Diamonds was first released in 2006 and has a very distinctive taste to it. At first I would have put it in the same league as Dan Reed with the cheeky riffs, flicks and sing along choruses. As the speakers are hit with ‘Learn to Dance’ you know this is going to be good.

Crying Diamonds is one of the best CDs I've heard this year, it’s not often I get carried away with a classic rock CD but Robin George has saved his best for this 18 track CD. As we waltz through ‘What goes around comes around’ to ‘Flying’ into ‘Loving You’ and Phil Lynott’s ‘Kings Call’ to finish with a classic ‘Red For Danger’.

Overall Crying Diamonds is going down as a classic.

This double CD also has Dangerouse Music Live ’85 with 4 extra tracks to make this a collectable 16 track CD featuring classics such as ‘Showdown’, ‘Spy’ and ‘Go Down Fighting’.

The trouble with 80’s live albums is that most of them sound like bootlegs, which is a damn shame.


By Tony Watson

Godsized - The Phoney Tough & The Crazy Brave
(Black Radar Management – 2010)

Godsized have released a brand new 3 track EP that is full of solid heavy riffs surrounded by a thundering base.

Godsized are a new Black Stone Cherry mixed with Alter Bridge and washed down with Drowning Pool and to top it off these guys are from England. The EP contains ‘The Phoney Tough & The Crazy Brave’, ‘So I’m Told’ and ‘Bleed On The Inside’ which are a must to listen too.

If these guys keep this style of music going they will have a very good future ahead of them.


By Tony Watson

Gov’t Mule – LIVE… With A Little Help From Our Friends
(Floating World/Sony – 2010)

Those Southern Rocking Guys who have Jazzy influences as well who have been captured like at The Roxy, Atlanta, GA on New Years Eve, 1998 split onto 2 cds.

There’s some of their songs found here like the opening ‘Thorazine Shuffle’ – (is that some ort of drug or something?) as well as killer covers – I mean what better way is there to lead into the 1st few mins of the New Year than with Black Sabbath’s War Pigs – classic! Love the way they play Humble Pie’s ’30 Days In The Hole’ in the style of Mississippi Queen’ by Mountain – very effective or Free’s Mr. Big featuring ex-Burning Tree/Black Crowes member, Marc Ford.

What about the 12-bar slide guitar brilliance that is Elmore Jame’s ‘Look On Yonder Wall’ with Chuck Leavell (famous for his live work with The Rolling Stones) on piano or ‘Soulshine’ by Warren Haynes himself with “Derek Trucks on the 5-string guitar” as the writer tells us, who flew down from the state of New Jersey to be there.

The second CD starts off to my liking with ‘Sad And Deep As You’ by Dave Mason that’s very southern in sounds and has this kinda funeral viber about it – you’ll have to listen to it to understand what I mean by that. The thing that kills it for me though is that the rest of it goes down the jazz road which does nothing for me at all – I mean the 4th track ‘Afro-Blue’ clocks in at 29 minutes and 30 second and less than half the way in you lose the will to live.

Worth having for the 1st Cd and the opening number on cd 2 – unless you love Jazz as well.


By Glenn Milligan

Gozu - Locust Season
(Small Stone Records – 2010)

Gozu first full length CD ‘Locust Season’ enters the airwaves with a Queens of the Stoneage mixed with Therapy? And rustled off with Quicksand sort of feel but not as hard or deep.

This 10 track collection engulf the airwaves with a force that needs to be reckoned with, it’s the type of rock that makes your head bang and the style that is great to listen to in the car.

As the music pounds from ‘Meth Cowboy’ to ‘Mr Riddle’ through ‘Jan-Michael Vincent’ you know what you are getting and you know what it feels like. Although there isn’t much variety within the CD, the sound the production and the clarity keeps you alive and awake.

Locust Season is a great collection of riffs, guitar crunching, grinding and ass kicking rock.


By Tony Watson


(DR2 Records - 2010)

The Glitterati are a band I’ve been meaning to check out in depth for ages, but though having caught a few tunes off their debut album, have never been able to give these guys a bigger listen.

Yet before I have chance to catch up, their second full-lengther lands in front of me but still nothing‘s a problem for they still sound as strong in 2010. A glam metal /indie hybrid of kinds, their sleaze punk assault is mostly infectuous in that it doesn’t adhere to the instruction book requiring every tune to fly by at 100 mph in the space of 2.30 minutes. Mixing in alongside the formulaic few that do get in, Giltterati waver between ballads, blues rockers and slow grungy groovers but all hanging round that maintained suss thread..

Being over 40 minutes long is impressive but still brief enough to keep ’Right From the Start’, ’Can’t Say No’, ’Fight Fight’, ’Too Many Girls’, ’Your Idea’, ’You Can Be So Cruel’,’ Keeping Me Down’ and ’Lola It’s Over’ some deserved repeat playings coming before the night is gone. Superb stuff from another more-than-happening young British act, a trip to see these guys live is certainly in order as of now.

Highly recommended.


By Dave Attrill

SHEILA GRACE - Heart Of Gold
(S/R - 2010)

Austrian songstress Sheila Grace seems an odd subject for Metalliville due to a noticeably small fraction of this 4-track being specifically rock oriented, though her voice does her the due credit otherwise nearly damaged in that respect.

SG’s rich Lennox- like range goes great on the top of any instrument, be it electric, acoustic or merely mellow piano line and these few songs do get a deserved second play to fully savour the sound this Viennese beauty brings to the table. ‘From Now Until forever’, ‘Dream Worth fighting For’ and ‘Heart Of Gold’ are tastes of a sweet young voice waiting to be heard and if you keep your mind on this focal element you should also learn to love it.

Grace-ful indeed.


By Dave Attrill

Skunk Anansie

NET: myspace.com/sheilagrace

GWYDION - Horn Triskelion
(Trollzorn - 2010)

They’re from Portugal, have a name that sounds almost Welsh and a sound that is totally Swedish Danish or Norwegian. Yet, Gwydion are great, whatever they are and make a lovely loud noise from the start with their epic Viking metal assault.

Beginning in a predictable tone, the distinct element to their sound takes its time to set in but ‘The Departure’, ‘Fara I Viking’ and ‘From Hell To Asgard’ are still tunes I manage to enjoy with good keyboard production al along. By four tracks into the journey, the folk instrumentation I’ve been advised to expect finds its way in and settles firmly. From ‘Mead Of Poetry’ onwards, the album turns in a more commerical direction and I find myself dancing.

Triskellion’s Horde is Nigh’, ‘Odhinn’s Cult’ and ’Cold Tempered’ are fabulous if at times frighteningly near-overwrought examples of the style and cheesy moments do get into the package. Still a sturdy mixture with a thrashy closer in ’Six Trials to become a Beerzerker’, ‘Horn Triskelion’ is a horned-hatted metaller’s wet dream at the best of times and generally just good fun for everyone else wanting a listen without requiring absolute seriousness throughout.



By Dave Attrill

Skyclad, My Dying Bride

NET: www.trollzorn.de

GRAVIL - March Of The Titans (1-track promo)
(S/R – 2010)

Their name is formed out of the two chaps making up this outfit, the music is meanwhile made up of two halves belonging to various corners of the metal spectrum.

Sensing more of a clash between titans than a march, GraVil’s screamcore by numbers vocals collide head on with intensified symphonic power metal instrumentation and the resulting product impresses. The rhythms are generously thrown about with the guitar lines and appear to change after about every ten seconds.

Depth outplaying just racket, we seem to be in with a healthy anticipation for their debut album.


By Dave Attrill

Greed – Burn It Down
(Swedmetal Records – 2009)

A swedish 4 piece who rock it up in a band that’s aren’t unlike an array of artists such as The Hellacopters, Nashville Pussy, Buckcherry, & Bullets & Octane.

It’s joyous, rowdy and full-on pulverising rock ‘n’ roll and you can choose literally any song to get a rioutous party going.

Best tracks are the opener ‘Fifteen Years’; Go Go Go’; ‘One Second Behind’; ‘Get You’ and the closer, ‘Falling Down’ with all the songs having virtually the similar style and vein to them – this is balls-out stuff indeedy.


By Glenn Milligan

STEVE GRIMM BAND - History Of A Bad Boy
(Union Of Allies - 2010)

I have to grovel in confession I’ve only been introduced to this chap recently though unsuspectingly noticed the name of his 70’s act Bad Boy fluttering about in many a mag over my years following the AOR scene.

For my crimes I get rewarded with a whopping 21-strong slab of his best solo produce dropped at my step. Strange punishment it is, given how good a lot of his songs are. The arena rock of his two earlier EPS, included here in full contains many numbers that are a straight off hitter with me. The vocal and guitar lines are succulent and loyally symbolic of the pivotal decade of this scene - for that reason plus others, ‘Too Cool’, ‘Wounded Heart’, ‘Teaser’, ‘Ready To Rock’, ‘Turn The Key’, ‘New Kinda Woman’ and ‘Vacant Eyes’ all qualify for repeat plays.

Hitting the mid nineties next, the tunes from the ‘Heaven’s In Your Heart’ initially shoot back about 30 odd years the other way ’Be Somebody’ delivering an awesome Beatles-meets Clapton sound before the rest of the LP resumes pleasant Journey meets Survivor style feel with added balls. Quite why ’Running Out Of Tomorrows’, ’How Many Times’, ’Heaven’s In Your Heart’, ’’Take Me’ or ’You Can Believe’ didn’t get a cd release till 1998 is a major chin-scratcher - surely this stuff deserved an instant chance as we found ourselves heading into the digital age.

A case of bad boy but bloody good records - any one who still doesn’t as yet own any of this guys stuff therefore is due a spanking!

8.5 /10

By Dave Attrill

Journey, Toto, Survivor, Styx, Cream, Faces.

January 2010

Ian Gillan Band - The Rockfield Mixes Plus
(Angel Air – 2009)

We have all heard of Ian Gillan and his contribution to the music industry over the many years, but this is a CD of his early revelation of the 70’s progrock/jazz/blues.

This 12 track CD is an epic of CD to listen too, apart from 3 tracks we have 5, 7 and 9 minute tracks that in some instances go on and on and on and on. You get the gist. Not being a massive fan of this style of music, this CD laid on the heavy drones as it battled through ‘Clear Air Turbulence’, ‘Over The Hill’(including a 9 minute live version), ‘Angelo Machenio’ and ‘Goodhand Liza’ that dragged me back to 70’s with my flares, big wig and my afghan coat.

Overall this CD was painstakingly awful, which makes think why record companies release such sh*t.


By Tony Watson

The Grumpy – Throes Of Contemplation (E.P.)
(Westworks Entertainment – 2008)

A California Trio who originally formed back in 1999 – no wonder they sound so together and taking on a wide variety of styles of rock & metal and various points in between.

I am hearing elements of Muse, Placebo, Soundgarden and Tool on uppers as well – quite a mix indeed to say the least. A very modern sounding band that have catchy, interesting melodies to keep you on your toes.

One big massive highlight from start to finish from the Toolesque opener change to the ‘Babe I’m Gonna Leave You’ Led Zep like ‘Under The Light’ to the closing ‘Misunderstood’ with its fresh sounding but retro-like elements – think Counting Crows meets well…. Check it out for yourself and make your own assumptions here.

They may have a miserable sounding name but they’ve got plenty to smile about with an EP of songs that are very much of virtuoso quality and well-crafted variety.


By Glenn Milligan

Glass Spires - S/T
(Nightmare Records - 2009)

A progressive rock/metal band from Madrid Spain who are flexing their muscles in an interesting twist to music.

Glass Spires provide the listener with a variety of musical talents, song writing and musical blends of different genres. This self-titled CD has been written produced and engineered to the finest quality that wraps the listener up in a tunnel of musical excellence.

Glass Spires is an 11-track CD with a lot to offer through its hour of rock and metal, on initial listening, I would say we have a mixture of Mindfunk, Helloween and Rush that merges and sticks together like bread and butter. With a powerful vocal content, Glass Spires push the boundaries that jell nicely with the guitar solos and intricate drum beats.


By Tony Watson

GraVil - Age of Corruption
(Bitter To The Core Records – 2009)

GraVil are a ‘London based Anglo Scandinavian Symphonic Death Metal Duo’ who have release their next assault on the world with ‘Age of Corruption’.

This 5 track EP is as hard and as heavy as it comes, with their evil growling vocal content and the heaviest thunderous reign of terror as a basis for their music. GraVil explode into the world with no mercy and surprisingly with a collection of songs that are very addictive.

Although GraVil have only released 5 track to tell you the truth I can’t wait for a full CD to come into the market. These guys have created a different feel to the death metal scene and at the same time not lost their predecessors.

Age Of Corruption is as evil as it comes with added help from ex members of Cradle of Filth and Berzerker to help in their tour of duty of the world.


By Tony Watson

GHz (Gigahertz) – There’s Trouble Coming
(New Door Productions – 2009)

Blues-Rock Trio who are similar to Cream and here you even find a handful of their songs covered.

Some of it is good and some of it is tedious stuff but it’s well recorded stuff. Best things here are the covers like ‘White Room’; ‘Crystal Ship’; ‘Those Were The Days’.


By Glenn Milligan

Gauntlet - What Doesn’t Kill Us…
(Molusco Discos / Gor Discos – 2008)

First of all what a surprise, Gauntlet are a hard rock/metal band from Madrid Spain. On my first listen I thought they were from America, the speed, thrash, metal style they portray is very organised, clear and precise that pricks your ears up, which keeps you attached to every note.

This is the third full length CD from this Spanish quartet, releasing 10 tracks and 45 minutes of pleasing metal with fast riffs, pounding drums and a very clear English vocal content.

Gauntlet start with the title track ‘What doesn’t Kill Us…’ which is a 30 second intro of white noise and strange sounds but once you have passed this the CD rips into violent aggressive metal with ‘…Makes Us stronger’, this then lays the foundation for the rest of the CD as it pound through ‘Winners Race’, ‘Decade’, ‘Cross of Shame’, ‘The Hole’ to finish with ‘A Last Advice’, which is one and a half minutes long of melodic vocal content and soft guitar work, which brings you down to earth for the next assault.

Gauntlet I believe will suppress themselves with this collection of fine metal tracks that has more energy than the sun.


By Tony Watson

Ian Gillan – One Eye To Morocco
(Edel Entertainment – 2009)

1st solo album in years from the voice of Deep Purple, Ian Gillan who for this musical expedition has left his day-job musicians at home and gone off on his own travels to the east at times and more to the point back to his own personal roots of the blues and old time rock.

Great songs all round that include the humourous old Chuck Berryness of ‘No Lotion For That’; the great eastern title track ‘One Eye To Morocco’; the bluesy harmonica featured fun of ‘Change My Ways’; the tranquil slidin deeper voiced (in parts) blues of ‘Better Days’; the more electronica-pop styled ‘Deal With It’.

Then there’s the wonderfully slick laid back slocker ‘The Sky Is Falling Down’ with its mysterious, intrepid lyrics and guitar styling; the beautiful ‘It Would Be Nice’ and the killer ballad of a closer ‘Always The Traveller’ with some graceful sax playing.

Looking forward to seeing you in solo mode performing these live one day Matey.


By Glenn Milligan

Goldie Lookin Chain - Asbo4Life
(Metropolis Music – 2009)

The Welsh rappers are back with their own taste on life with a massive house party for good measure,

GLC have spent over 2 years writing, sampling and finally have released ‘ASBO4Life’ after illness, near death experiences and self imposed exile.

Not really familiar with GLC and only know Maggot due the BB house, this release is a having a party in your mouth with a concoction of a cocktail, with a sherbet dip to fish you taste buds to ecstasy.

GLC have released 14 track of full on party hip hop, rap with a dance beat that will get any kid and their family gigging about and singing along. This CD is attitude without the guns and knife crime.

Very enjoyable.


By Tony Watson

Grantig - Medizin
(Drakkar Records/Sony – 2009)

There are too many bands out there who want to spend all their time listening and playing the idols music, and when they get older they start to replicate the music of their childhood. Not Grantig.

This German vocal band have developed their own style of thrash, speed, and metal, which is solid to the core. We have good solid riffs, fast guitar solos and a drumbeat that fits the sound perfectly.

This is the second full length CD from the German quartet, containing 12 tracks, which have the heaviness of Pantera, the speed of Kreator, and the style of Black Label Society, combined with Metallica.

This 43 minute collection gives us the power, the growls and the energy to kick ass, but whether the spoken language vocals will put people off, lets hope not. We have Rammstein in our singing in there spoken language and taking the UK by storm, there is no reason why these guys can’t do the same.


By Tony Watson

March 2009
Gentleman’s Blues Club – GBC Volume 3: Red White And Blue!
(Manifest Destiny Productions, Inc – 2008)

A really cool bluesy project from a Bass & Guitar Playing Dude who goes by the name of Mike Stover that even features famed Gunner Keyboard player, Teddy ZigZag on 6 of the numbers.

Filled to the max with real southern electric blues in a variety of cool styles – plenty of ridin’ and stompin’ to this album is guaranteed. Highlights include the opening ‘Harley Davidson (R) Red White & Blue!’; the very singalongable ‘Slippin’ Away’ ; the funky MKIII Deep Purple like ‘If you don’t believe me, leave me’; a killer cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstiton’; the sweet acoustic ‘Long Way To Run’ & the wailing coolness of the crackingly titeld ‘Stone Cold Rhythm Shake’.

I wanna hear Volumes 1 & 2 if this is anything to go by.


By Glenn Milligan


GMT – Evil Twin
(Retrowrek Records – 2008)

The 2nd album from Robin Guy, John McCoy and Bernie Torme who belt out 10 new great rockers.

There’s tons of killer numbers on here with my faves being the ‘You Can’t Hold Me’ which has a blistering Who feel about it – brilliant or what about; the opener ‘Punko Rocco’ the features Twisted Sister Frontman, Dee Snider or ‘Evil Twin’ with the sitar on there.

Other great songs include ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ – love that gutsy, deep ‘n’ ballsy AC/DC like riferry & the powerful dirty blues of ‘Perfumed Garden’ and the fast-paced closer, ‘The Humous of Mr. McCoy’.

If you only buy one album by a trio and see one trio in concert then make sure that it’s GMT.


By Glenn Milligan

Griffen - Linked in Eternity (E.P.)
(Self-Released - 2008)

A nice slab of hard rock from Sweden that will be appreciated by the old schoolers as this will take ya back and forward again to the present as well.

Best song has got to be the more traditional sounding opening 'Linked In Eternity' whereas 'The Hydra' has got more in common with artists like Alice In Chains or Stone Temple Pilots - a band who prove to be versatile.

A top-notch band who deserve to be heard all over the world - and not just on myspace.


By Glenn Milligan


Gamma Ray - Hell Yeah!!! The Awesome Foursome
(SPV - 2008)

This is what you call power metal at it’s best, a double live CD recorded in Montreal. Being a big fan of Helloween, it comes to no surprise the energy produced on a stage by Kai Hansen and the clarity of the recording.

From the start of ‘Gardens of the sinner’ the crowd are encapsulated with the brilliance and professionalism of the band. The enthralled audience relish the 2 hour set put forward and the tightness of the set.

The 2 CDs have captured a marvellous energetic, non stop gig with such tracks as ‘Man on a mission’, ‘Blood religion’, ‘Beyond the blackhole’ and ‘Send me a sign’ to name but a few, but they do also add a Helloween classic ‘I want out’ within the set.

For all power metal fans this double CD makes you feel part of the gig and will provide many years of entertainment.


By Tony Watson

Ghost Circus - Across the line
(ProgRock Records/SPV - 2008)

It’s hard to actually put a label on this band but it come across to a unique blend of AOR, Prog, Metal, and classic alternative rock.

Across the Line is a progression of man's path from death to the hereafter, this intricate blend of solace with space exploration reminds me in some ways of Hawkwind, Rush and Vangelis mixed in a blender and poured out a beautiful home made soup.

The excitement and the passion of this wonderful creation lifts you into a sense of well being to then bring you back down to earth with a landing so soft you would still think you were in heaven.

I must admit it’s not usually my sort of thing but this wonderful masterpiece will give me years of pleasant listening.


By Tony Watson

Gillan - No Easy Way
(Angel Air - 2008)

A CD and DVD package - the DVD is reviewed in the DVD Review section as it came out as 'Edinburgh 1980' a year or 2 ago whereas the CD 'Live Hammersmith 1980' hasn't been out before.

The sound quality of the CD aint brilliant - definately a mushy old audience recording but there are some fave songs in the set like 'Unchain Your Brain'; 'Trouble'; 'Running White Face City Boy' with the closing number being 'If You Believe Me. Its a good gig even though Ian's voice does sound strained and worn at times.

I think 'Smoke On The Water' sounds miles better in this speeded up style too - whether they speeded it up due to finishing curfew is anyones guess but it works well all the same.


By Glenn Milligan

Gun Barrel - Outlaw Invasion
(Limb Music Products / SPV)

A die and love Metal through and through band from Cologne, Germany who kick as right from the main song 'Front Killers' to 'Parting Kiss'.

It's a crime not to have known about these guys before as they really got it going good. There's plenty to rave about here as this outfit with a Bon Scott sounding vocalist have some exceptionally great songs on here like 'Wanted Man'; 'Keep On Movin'; the knockout bass-running 'Brother To Brother' with the coolest line in 'Like A M*th*rf*ck*r' that works a treat with the riff and vocal arrangement.

How can you beat a song called 'M.I.L.F' ? Apart from having a drop dead sexy Milf of course, then there's the Metal of the Moment 'Outlaw Invasion' and the closing instrumental 'Parting Kiss'.

File next to the likes of Motorhead, Judas Priest and Twisted Sister and Manowar. Born To Rock - Live to Roll!!


By Glenn Milligan

Ian Gillan – Live In Anaheim
(Edel/Essential Music – 2008)

A gig from Gillan while he’s got a few nights off from his day job in Deep Purple. Caught in California at the ‘House Of Blues’ and banged up on CD – well 2 Cd’s actually with his own band in concert and performing notable numbers of choice.

Plenty to get excited about here – well how can you not when you get gems like ‘No Laughing In Heaven’; ‘Into The Fire’; ‘No Worries’; ‘Unchain Your Brain’; ‘Bluesy Blue Sea’ and my favourite all-time DP classic ‘Knockin’ At Your Back Door’. There’s even a brilliant live version of ‘Men Of War’ and ‘When a Blind Man Cries’.

See – told you it was a good.


By Glenn Milligan

Gillan – Live At The Marquee 1978
(Angel Air – 2008)

An old audience tape by the sounds of its ropeyness and people talking over the gig itself. It’s a really good concert though despite all this – just a pity that Ian Gillan ain’t louder than he is – but this is an officially released live tape on CD I guess.

Good to see that it’s a mighty fine set list though and includes knockout version of songs like ‘Child In Time’; ‘Woman From Tokyo’; ‘Dead Of Night’ and ‘Secret Of The Dance’.

Not an essential release but one that the hardcore fans will no doubt want in their collection.


By Glenn Milligan


GLYDER - Playground For Life
(True Talent Records – 2008)

Being Irish seems to transpire as another term meaning being successful in the rock n’ roll industry, today at least, and Glyder have had more than a little luck of their nationality, as have up n’ coming countrymen The Answer as well.

These lads are on their second full-length fella here but life’s law of course regulates that they have been propelled to this milestone by the momentum of their existing following, which I have to warn, includes moi, and therefore expected to sustain in return. Rendering it therefore a little difficult, inevitably, to break the news that I had to spin this little beauty seven times before appreciating it sufficiently enough to put pen to paper in a positive manner.

That debut only took one run and I was shouting for more straight away but their switch here from seventies-infused hard rock to a more alternative/pop –oriented leaning has caused me to stumble along a bit with this one. The opening three cuts are that ‘offending’ body of the album although purely listenable tunes and do finally gel but it’s from the title cut onwards that normal service starts to resume again.

‘For Your Skin’, ‘Dark Meets Light’ and ‘Sleeping Gun’ are the others that become the quickest instant favourites and a few more join the list too eventually with some splendid little solo intervals accounting for the turn-on factors in some cases but there is still something missing in 2008 that wasn’t in 2006 and it shows. There is chart potential aplenty here, more than last time and I must reiterate that there are some above decent components amongst this machine but it functions frankly a little slower than its predecessor.

See them live however and you will need to stand back - they are awesome at full decibel.


By Dave Attrill

January 2008
GAMMA RAY - Land Of The Free II
(SPV – 2007)

In 1988, guitarist and songwriter Kai Hansen decided to leave the band Helloween after 4 years. Eventually, Hansen decided to form his own project, with long-time friend Ralf Scheepers (vocals), Uwe Wessel (bass) and Mathias Burchard (drums). In the beginning of the project Kai did not have the intention to form a new band but as the recordings with the studio-musicians went so well surrounded by a relaxed atmosphere among the musicians it soon became obvious: Gamma Ray was born.

The first album ‘Heading for tomorrow’ was released in 1990 and 17 years on they are still going strong with the 13th release ‘Land of the free II’. This 1 hour collection of 12 new power metal tracks is a definite insight to how Gamma Ray should be perceived. The album has a definitive Helloween sound to it, which is a must for any Helloween fans out there.

Land of the free II blasts into your airwaves with ‘Into the Storm’, which is full of power and energy that follows on through the rest of the album with such storm crunching tracks as ‘From the Ashes’, ‘To Mother Earth’, ‘Leaving Hell’ and to finish off with the belting drum intro of ‘Hear me calling’ to the melodic intro to finish of the CD with ‘Insurrection’.

Gamma Ray have shown that as years have gone bye they are still a major influence to the power metal scene, which should be taken seriously as they go on tour with Helloween in 2008.


By Tony Watson

Gypsy Pistoleros – Para Siempre
(Bad Reputation – 2008)

Spanish styled sleaze which is like a mini Hanoi Rocks in a weird flamenco phase or something which gets rather annoyin’ at times - guess it’s ok if you have a likin’ for that but there’s only so much you can take before it starts to get on your t*ts – especially if you prefer gutsy Sunset strip era stuff.

There’s the odd song that’s appealing here and there but anytime you expect to hear the sounds of a bullfight or Herb Alpert trumpeting in at any given moment. Their version of ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ is decent but when you have heard it times many by Ricky whatever his name it gets too much for comfort.

OK but nowhere near vital at all.


By Glenn Milligan


THE GIFTED - Stand Up (EP)
(S/R -2007)

Being caught out by the curse of the cover pic again, the row of clenched fists on the front here says ‘aggresive hardcore punk –type matter inside here.

The music says something like Frontline Assembly thrown together with a commercialised Strapping Young Lad and Fear Factory, well for the first tow of the three at least, but they are quite superb examples of classic industrial metal. Rhythmical stomping cuts is what we get in this package, and with hooks - yes you read correctly - plus a strong synth overlayer that couldn’t sound more at home than right here.

The third and last track ‘Goodbye’, meanwhile is the odd one out, - strictly in style only -being an alternative-tined goth ballad with vaguely audible female backing vox. Put all three bits together, not bad at all for an example of one of rock’s lesser approachable genres.
An album by this lot, or this guy as it seems we have a one-piece here, should be worth a hear in the future.


By Dave Atttrill

Gauntlet – The Comeback (CD Single)
(S/R- 2007)

Great outfit and it’s good to see ‘The Comeback’ – this is metal as I like my metal – striving at ya and not givin’ a f*ck, not too OTT but with plenty enough solo sections and good melodious riffery overall.

2nd track proves the guys have a sense of humour as ‘Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing’ has a sheep to start off this serious astounder of a song – like the lower octave vocal section in the song. ‘Die Away’ rocks too!


By Glenn Milligan

GMT - Bitter & Twisted
(RetroWreck Records – 2006)

A hard rockin’ trio made up of Bernie Tormie (Guitar/Vocals); John McCoy (Bass) & Robin Guy (Drums) who between them have played with and been members of bands with the likes of Gillan, Ozzy Osbourne, Dee Snider, Mammoth & Sack Trip. Now it’s time to show us what they can do in their own musical unit.

This is an album that is on 11 from the start – it blows up in your face and pulls no punches throughout. There are literally loads of great songs on here - take the heavy-weight opener ‘Cannonball’ as a brilliant example; the deep-rooted ‘Rocky Road (from Dublin) that has Ireland all over it; the old-school Saxon-esque ‘Can’t beat rock ‘n’ roll’ – you never can dude.

You can simply not get tired of playing this album from time to time as there is a lot of variety to as opposed to one single rock genre. I love the way in ‘Miss the Buzz’ (excellent play on words by the way) that they mix kinda proggy-blues with a late Beatle-like arrangement or go for an atmospheric Doorsy vibe in ‘Summerland’ that also has the power of a heavy-ripping who number at the right moment. Then there’s the extravagant ‘Vincenzo’ that closes the CD.

A real glower and grower of an album – looking forward to seeing them live and hearing the next release from GMT !


By Glenn Milligan

GUILE - Rock n’ Roll (4-track EP)
In reply to another review quoted on the cover, these lads don’t probably need a Radiohead CD in their collection to push them along here and I’m quite glad of it as the opening title cut is the only one that ventures along predictability street but their electro-toned garage punk sound isn’t in any way a major turn off.

From then on though, the three other tunes, namely ‘I Walk Alone’, ‘Love Around Here’ and ‘140 Hurts’ all tell their own tale and move further and further away to mutate into some bluesy acoustic sound by the time we get around to that closing cut itself .

Not exactly missing out on the hooks either, Guile haven’t done badly at all here - I just hope their debut album takes on the same diverse form as this offering.


By Dave Attrill

Gillan – Reissues
(Edsel – 2007)

In Spring 2007, Edsel re-issue 7 (Ian) Gillan albums which are ‘Child In Time’; ‘Live at Budokan’ (1981); ‘Mr. Universe’ (1979); ‘Glory Road’ (1980); ‘Future Shock’ (1981); ‘Double Trouble’ (1981) and ‘Magic’ (1982) and the good thing is they ain’t priced over the top either – about £8.95 each and you can’t argue with that can you – bonus tracks et al and new liner notes including words from the man himself.

Re-live those days on CD as you’ve probably worn your vinyl versions out by now – look out for those great staples often found in his solo live sets that include ‘Unchain your Brain’; ‘Bluesy Blue Sea’; ‘No Laughing In Heaven’ or a solo live version of Deep Purple classic ‘Woman from Tokyo’.

A bit hard to rate the albums as we received a sampler compilation CD only that don’t give much away to be honest – so for the 1st time ever I ain’t givin no scores out of 10 – but I’d love any of you out there to send me your reviews of these reissues and I’ll include them on this here webzine.

By Glenn Milligan

Ian Gillan – Gillan’s Inn
(Immergent – 2006)

Basically these are brand new recordings of some of the highlights from his Gillan years (and a bit of Purple as well) not that the originals were badly played or anything of that nature – it appears to be down to the fact that these are bitterly recorded to what was a couple of decades or so ago.

Highlights include ‘Unchain your brain’ (feat. Joe Satriani); ‘No laughing in heaven’ that ianically (sic) features Deep Purple members Roger Glover and Ian Paice; ‘Men of War’ with Steve Morse and Johnny Rzeznik; the slidin and harmonica startin’ bluesy ‘No Worries’ and the brilliant Zydeco’ed ‘I’ll be your baby tonight’ that’s well done with Joe Elliott – man that piano accordion is sweet dude, then the ivories get tickled too and then there’s the Mark Knopfler/Albert Lee like guitarwork to top it off – swell !!

The DVD side is great too where you see the songs being pieced together in the recording studio or at Ian Paice’s or Ronnie James Dio’s place, Live in ’94 with Joe Satriani doin’ ‘When a blind man cries’ and ‘Speed King’ in Gent, Belgium (bootleg quality stuff – lol), a pile of pix with the extra track ‘Can I get a witness’ playing over the top. If you like you can always choose who you want to play the solo of ‘Smoke on the Water’ that includes the likes of Joe Satriani and Jeff Healey. Well worth listening to is the commentary about each song on the album from Ian Gillan who explains who played on the songs, how they came to be and his thoughts on them.

Needed by every Ian Gillan or Deep Purple Fan.


By Glenn Milligan

Giuntini Project – III
(Frontiers Records – 2006)

Great Rock/Metal album from Aldo Giuntini that’s hard, fast, melodic and well worth a spin or 3 if I do say so me’sen.

Vocalist is none other than Tony Martin of ‘Black Sabbath’ fame who really sells the songs with the entangled guitar riffery of A.G. especially on numbers like ‘Fool Paradise’; ‘Que Es La Vida’; the stand-out ‘Dysfunctional Kid’; ‘Trouble just keeps coming’ and ‘Tarot Warrior’.

If you get bored with song after song there are 2 immense instrumentals mixed into the album as well to break it up a bit.

This is like new-age Sabbath meshed in with some Power Metal elements.


By Glenn Milligan

Gauntlet – Path of Nails
(S/R - 2005)

Hailing from Madrid, Gauntlet are a full on old school Heavy Metal band of the 80’s breed – high ended vocals and spilling out with guitar solos amass, crashing drumming – just what the doctor ordered.

As well as ‘Ivo Galenov’ on vocals they also feature Patricia Tapai (Nexx); Elisa C. Martin (Dreamaker); Alfred Pomero (Dark Moor); Beatriz Albert (Ebony Mark) and Nacho Ruiz (Arwen).

Highlights are opener ‘Jack the Ripper’; ‘Silver Bullet’ a love duet called ‘The Light’ and the epic 3-parter called ‘A’.


By Glenn Milligan

David Gilmour – On An Island
(Columbia Records – 2006)

The straight in at number 1 album in all it’s glory – it’s chilled, tranquil and downright melodious – non Gilmour/Floyd fans will hate it but the hardcore won’t be able to get enough of it.

The title track ‘On An Island’ is a breathtaking experience, ‘The Blue’ is a mellower; then there’s the experimentive-like ‘Take a Breath’ – well this is an ex-member of Pink you-know-who, so what else would you come to expect. ‘Red Sky at Night’ blends jazz into blues and seems a bit last supperish to me. There’s the quiet relaxing ‘Smile’ with the slide guitar-work and ends with ‘Where We Start’ oddly enough which is completely laid back all the way through the song.

Overall it’s an album you’d put on after a long hard day – it ain’t no party get up and goer at all as it’s more likely to send you into a hypnotising trance or deep sleep.


By Glenn Milligan

Gotthard – Made in Switzerland – Live In Zurich
(Nuclear Blast – 2006)

The European Whitesnake with elements of Hardline and Firehouse – wonderful ballsy heavy duty rocking boys like in concert showing they can really pull it off outside the studio as well. No fear they are just as good, if not better as they got the crowd to bounce off as well.

There’s plenty of ‘Lip Service’ material on here – the only ‘Gotthard’ album I have as well – the show opens up with the racin’ ‘All We Are’ and the last number is the symphonically full almighty ‘Anytime Anywhere’ as well as in the middle ‘Sister Moon’; ‘Dream On’ and ‘Top of the World’.

You can’t fault the cover tunes either like Deep Purple’s ‘Hush’ with it’s na na na na, na na na na na na, na na na’ - Ya know how it goes; Bob Dylan’s ‘Mighty Quinn’ as made famous by Manfred Mann and last but by no means least Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’.

Other highlights include the vocoded ‘Mountain Mama’ that reminds me of Tag Graves from Tribal Tongue that’s very ‘Fool for your lovin’ like; the gorgeous quiet crowd pleasing ‘One Life, One Soul’; the audience loving ‘Heaven’ and the glammy bustin’ ‘Lift me up’

I must see this band live some time.


By Glenn Milligan

Jan - April 2006

(True Talent Records - 2006)

few facts to get you start here. Glyder are from the Republic Of Ireland. Their melodies sound vaguely celtic at quite a few occasions. They have a singer who plays bass and boasts a voice not too unlike Phil Lynott. Any of this remind you of another band who emerged from this same land some thirty five years before? Either these chaps are using their nationality as an excuse to sound like the Emerald Isle’s greatest export or, like us, we can never have too much of the Lizzy now (can we, kids?).

Switch the originality detector on a sec though, and the needle does budge a bit, propelled by their fast, punchy, old school heavy metal rhythms with quite a punky touch on one or two numbers. Glyder combine this with their occasionally Gorham-like stylings to create a hybrid that potentially remains their own. Aided by a similar quantity of hooks to those on the typical classic Thin Lizzy LP, Glyder’s debut album is well worth picking up, and then picking up your guitar too.

Also, just to rub it in, it’s produced by one Mr Chris Tsangarides, of whom Lynott and the lads were once customers themselves.


By Dave Attrill

Gene Loves Jezebel – Exploding Girl
(Track Records – 2005)

Gothic pop stuff from the man who is GLJ, ‘Michael Aston’. All the songs are about women and how they have affect4ed his life in one way or another. It’s rather miserable but intriguing as a whole where his whiney voice is like Bono from U2 on downers.

Highlights or should that be lowlights include the suicide bomber title track ‘Exploding Girl’; ‘Downhill Bothways’- he ain’t an American but he lives in California; the light relaxing INXS llike ‘Wind and Fire’.

This is average stuff that is also complete tedium as well. His voice goes through you a bit like sharp nails down a blackboard . You either love his voice or hate it. There’s no happy medium.


By Glenn Milligan

Gillan – Mutually Assured Destruction – Glasgow 1982
(Angel Air Records – 2005)

A gig recorded at the sadly not there anymore ‘Glasgow Apollo’ for Radio Clyde on 6th November 1982 by DJ Tony Russell (the main Rock DJ at the station) – good on him too. The radio show was 50 mins long and it appears here officially on CD for the first time ever.

It’s probably one of the best Gillan gigs I’ve heard to be honest – playing all the faves like ‘No Laughing In Heaven’; ‘Born to kill’ and M.A.D.’ that features an outstanding guitar solo from Janick Gers (now of course of Iron Maiden and has been for quite a few years). “So is there any Deep Purple on here then”, I hear you asking, well actually there is and the band rock hard on ‘Black Night’ and on the Beavis and Butthead classic ‘Duh-Duh-Duh, Du-Du Du-Duhhhhh’, or as it’s or as it’s more commonly known ‘Smoke on the Water’ !

As always there a nice article with the CD, that’s been written by Jerry Bloom of ‘More Purple than Black’ Magazine and even some bonus tracks recorded at Schwabinger Brau, Munich, German 29th June 1981 which are the brilliant ‘No Easy Way’ and ‘If You Believe Me’ – although his voice does sound rather shot on this performance.

Get this CD, fire it up loud and when played, play it again or it file next to ‘Live Wembley 1982’ (that’s reviewed further down in the G section somewhere).


By Glenn Milligan

Girlschool – Emergency/London
(S/R – 2005)

A remake of the classic number that appeared on the St.Valentines Day Massacre E.P when they were Head Girl with Motorhead. Brash ballsy as you’d expect it to be.

London is a cracking rocker too. A place where you’ve got everything.


By Glenn Milligan

Gotthard – Lip Service
(Nuclear Blast – 2005)

Cracking and crucial bright hard rock from Germany’s Gotthard – think Glenn Hughes meets Slaughter, Bad English and Mr. Big.

This is top gas mark music, red hot vocals, miraculous 80’s arena friendly melodics. A release that’s easy to rate highly due to it being so damn good right from the opening ‘All we are’ (no it ain’t a cover of the old Warlock ditty) right through to the closing ‘And then Goodbye’ with its acoustic bit of gorgeousness.

In between there’s the glam slammin’ ‘Lift it up’ a la Suzi Quatro, come 80’s rock; the breaking ballad ‘Everthing I want’; the cookin’ ‘Cupid Arrow’ the pumping hard rock AOR of ‘Stay for the night ; ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ which appeared on a Classic Rock freebie cd awhile ago (ok, I am late getting this review on – slap my dannies !!) with its cutting keyboard and stabbin’, driving vocals – a future live classic I reckon – or what about the brilliance of ‘The Other Side of Me’.

All in All, this is an album that sticks AOR and Hard Rock at the top of the tree.


By Glenn Milligan

GZR – Ohmwork
(Sanctuary/Mayan Records – 2005)

Brutal. Melodic and heavy with no apologies all the way through. Geezer ids back with a new vocalist because Burton C. Bell has his commitments with Fear Factory to take care of.

There’s elements of Machine Head, Pantera and funnily enough a bit of Black Sabbath. The young and old will love it alike.


By Glenn Milligan

Ghost Machinery – Haunting Remains
(Sound Riot Records – 2004)

A power metal trio, yes a trio – first one I’ve ever known. Both melodic and symphonic made out of two bands – Vocalist and Guitarist Pete Ahonen of ‘Burning Point’ alongside Tapsa Pelkonen (Bass) and Jussi Ontero (Drums) both of ‘Wildcard’.

This is the debut album and there is at least one more to come out on this label. Recorded between Dec ’03 and March ’04 and released in Dec’ 04 (sorry it’s rather late in coming !!)

Very Helloween like - so take what you will from that statement – well they stay true to their power metal roots anyway. These 3 guys are ready to fill your room and good songs include the crunchy metallic ‘Down In Flames’; ‘Darkest Hour’; ‘In you (evil) dreams’ and the closing tracks ‘World of Believe’ ‘n’ ‘Temples of Gold’ not to mention a great version of ‘Over the hills and far away’ by Gary Moore to get excited over.


By Glenn Milligan

May and Early 2005
GIZMACHI - The Imbuing Is Coming
(Sanctuary Records - 2005)

More unpromising noise from a supposedly ‘hot’new act, Gizmachi’s debut is fun those who enjoy samey scream-laden thrashcore racket but little better than a beermat otherwise.

Sounding like a third-rate rage against the machine, they’ve ruined things for themselves a bit as there are some pleasant guitar licks for Machine Head and Pantera fans to take their pick from. Just a pity that they’re wasted under these vocals that almost totally drown them out completely, Gizmachi have made a messy start to things but then bands do that sometimes, don’t they, everyone. And sometimes, we have to suffer the results.


By Dave Attrill

GLOOMY GRIN - The Grand Hammering
(Holy Records - 2005)

In truth they get a little better than that, or than previous subjects, label-mates Natron, due to a few differences here and there but Gloomy Grin’s run-of-the-mill black metal sound is still less than a great deal to roar about.

As you expect, high pitched garglings take over the vocal positions this time and there are some proper riffs plus more variation in tempos but I’ve still heard better efforts than this.

Again its one that’s likely to be trapped in the completists only category but not as bad as it could be.


By Dave Attrill

GODHEAD - Evolver

Gawd, it's been a long time since I listen to a good slab of industry... oh, it was only that first track was it... you little swines! Forgive as I will though, this further helping of nicely-crafted nu-breed noise from thereonin owes mainly to the stonking offering from fellow newcomers Freakhouse albeit with further balls.

Aside from bruising Gravity Kills-esque opener 'Hate In Me' - 'The Giveaway', 'Keep Me Down', 'Far Too Long', 'Deconstruct', 'Fade Away' and 'Dream' are contributing factors to this disc being worth 13-odd quid of your hard-earned-bread. Taking the melodies of aforementioned other act to greater heights as well as keeping to the style and delivery of overall feel, plus holding that heavier side up with their fingernail-down-blackboard industrial samples, Godhead will make themselves a lot of friends on the scene with this one.

A band to check out in 2005.


By Dave Attrill

Drowing Pool, Boy Sets Fire, Freakhouse, Gravity Kills, Cubanate.
Freakhouse Beautiful Misery (Reality 2004)
Drowning Pool S/T (Wind Up 2004)

Gun Shy – After Dark + 5
(Perris Records – 2004)

A crackin’ bit of Cock Rock from Philadelphia. Fresh ‘n’ rowday vibing material all-round. Kinda like a Warrant meets Black ‘n’ Blue and Skid Row.

You’ll have one ‘Helluva Time’ so ‘Don’t Go Away’ or you’ll not end up in ‘Wonderland’ and become ‘Mr. Lonely’. Like the funkier cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘NIB’ – awesome – wonder if it appeared on one of those tribute albums.


By Glenn Milligan

GARWALL - Black Beast
(Holy Records - 2004)

Come off it, you're only using that name because that similar moniker belonging to some old 70s TV drama series would sound less appealing to an extreme metal fan picking this up in the shops or the copyright gremlins caught up. Call 'em what you will but French metal quartet have studied the metal scene's history quite thoroughly before and while writing and pleasing results have been produced.

The as protocol black metal shrieks take support from guitar attitude fuelled by everything from latterday Megadeth to classic Slayer and Nuclear Assault and all that lie between and nearby. Kept melodic by some drilling if at times rather recycled sounding solos that keep those clocks turned back about sixteen years, plus other surprises including a six-string rendition of the Halloween film theme, this beast takes a bit more taming than you might expect.

Garwall, stronger than BRICK wall, anyday.


By Dave Attrill

GRIP INC - Incorporated
(SPV/Steamhammer 2004)

It's a general rule of thumb that leave a successful band in the blink of van eye and pitch up tent with another load of 'erberts do not too often regain the success of their last business. As is the case with slayer drum legend Dave Lombardo who parted company with messrs Araya, King and Hanneman in 1991.

While Grip Inc may have fought a less than winning battle to level the success of the LA titans, their following has still built despite the constant fluctuations in the course of the music business that were already hindering the scene at that time. A decade or so on and although he's Slaying once again, he still finds time for his 'second band'.

Gus Chambers voice has matured like top quality whiskey over the years, his snarling delivery indicating how much he stands as one of them most underrated throats in metal. Quite interesting in most areas, G.I are quite eager not to let themselves sound like another run-of the-mill combo there just to entertain those who will settle for a half cooked version of their other bands' produce, and blend in enough to differentiate themselves adequately from Dave's day job but no more than is safe to do so. While there is plenty of his trademark turbo-speed histrionics at intervals to keep the stricter Lombardo-ites tided over, the guitar work is topped in many places by a healthy industrial layer and Gus' growls fit down to it without
fault, giving it all a vague White Zombie sensation on a few selections.

I've lost track of exactly how many albums the Inc have done to date but on listening to this monster, I shall be certainly be pursuing a few more of their past making, before too long. A tasty piece of power metal brutality that should keep fans of both Slayer and themselves far from disappointed. A band who definitely do not need reminding to get a Grip- it sounds like these lads never lost it in the first place.


By Dave Attrill

GOURANGA POWERED BAND - Opulence Of The Absolute
(Unsigned - 2004)

Surprising as you may find it, I did not pick this one up in a shop nor get it sent in a promo package addressed to Metalliville headquarters but actually obtained it from a young chap giving copies out on Sheffield High Street for a princely sum. Gouranga are, for the un-notified a Krishna monk cult based in Scotland, though these lads hail from south of the border, and have taken the formulas of traditional old-school metal to new highs-of-sorts by steering clear of stale Satanic drivel in favour of their love for his divine grace.

The music otherwise is still, as I might just have carelessly forecast, nothing your average ten-a-penny NWOBHM outfit wouldn't have thought of, twenty-five years back, (fans of Cro-Mags or Shelter, you have been warned) complete with crap singer but I cannot find any instrumental or especially lyrical faults to point out.

This has been a great idea and provided they can find themselves a decent vocalist, they can then just as soon find a deal too as they deserve the opportunity as they manage to relieve this genre of a large part of its stereotypical ridicule.


By Dave Attrill

Gillan - Live Wembley 17th Dec. 1982
(Angel Air - 2004)

Worth having simply for the fact that this was Gillan's (the band that is) last ever gig - not that they were aware it was going to be at the time. The lengthly article by Mick Wall makes it worthwhile as a buy as well.

Mussically it's good apart from the dodgy Janick Gers (on of Iron Maiden - not that you didn't already know that of course!!) Guitar solo called 'Gers Medley Volume 11' (as in 'these aren't regular amps - these go up to 11 (This Spinal Tap)). Ian Gillan's voice is worn out and virtually shot to sh*t, falling flat on notes throughout the gig especially in 'M.A.D.' - no wonder he was advised by his doctor to take a well-needed break.

In the 16 tracks and 72 minutes of liveness we are given a set that includes the Deep Purple staples 'Black Night' and 'Smoke on the Water'; the epic quiet-starting 'Born to Kill' as well as the retro-purple throbbing 'Dead of Night' and 'Bite the Bullet' with it coming to an end and a great thud with a cover of The Beatle's White Album belter 'Helter Skelter' that has since been bitterly recorded by Motley Crue, Vow Wow and thrashed out live by U2. This is a sad end to a band that could have lead the way of British Hard Rock well into the 80's and maybe beyond.


By Glenn Milligan

Grandma Moses - Too Little, Too Late
(Perris Records - 2004)

Punky glam from Vancouver - Grandma Moses featured ex-Pretty Boy Floyd member, 'Sandy Hazard' plus Mick Wood, Todd Stevens, Mike Abrams and Dave Davidson. As the bio states they played New York street trash a la Deadboys/New York Dolls' but with a modern feel and came out in June 1991.

No surprises then by saying a lot of the material is very 2,3,4 Oi with attitude and extremely generic and a bit Green Day in places with shouty vocals and squealin' vocals - done well and no doubt very electric at a gig.

One big highlight of rah-rah rock (if you like that sort of thing - I personally find it tedious after a few minutes) and it doesn't let up for a second. I recommend 'River of Tears'; 'Who are you trying to kid?'; 'Sh*t'; the sleaze of 'Workin' Class Whore' and 'Death to the 60's' (not that I agree with the statement but it grabs your attention) with it's radio intro about all the sh*t they play constantly as well as 'Junkie Fixation' and 'Pills'.

So where did this band go?


By Glenn Milligan

(JunkMan Records)

Sure, you hate him because four-fifths of the world has to live on only a fraction of that many A's in their name, and maybe you hate him because he's the rock solid dependable drummers to the some of classic hard rock's biggest legends.

Now you can hate him even more. Primer is a killer album of rhythmic, modern heavy metal like a clean, clear version of Soundgarden's full slate, and Shane plays every instrument (bass, all guitars, keyboards, programming, drums), and then sings the damn thing too, a bit down that Jeff Pilson/Richie Kotzen end of things, real good, but you somehow get the sense he's not a lead singer (strange - don't know quite what that means).

Even the acoustic stuff is classy, the sort of thing you expect out of a guy who pounds out the percussion for demanding (really demanding) axe and vocal icons. Wavered o'er to 8, but toward the back half, there are in and about three tracks that are a little under-appointed, and this on a disc 40 minutes semi-brief.

Bloody 'ell though, what an audition tape, especially for a damn drummer (I can make fun of drummers - I'm one too). But it's not like this guy ain't getting the good gigs already.


By Martin Popoff

Tray Gunn -Untune The Sky
(Inside Out/SPV - 2003)

'Untune The Sky' from King Crimson's Tray Gunn is a pleasant album to listen to. Melodic and jazzy in places, tribal drumming gives an earth born natural feel, but it's the only memorable thing about this album. Which is it's only down side. That it doesn't rise above being pleasant, easy listening background music.

Although well produced and composed, Untune The Sky lacks depth; soaring highs and moody, low moment just aren't here to make this album more memorable.


By Steve Windle

Dec. 2003
Gamma Ray - Skeleton in the Closet (Live 2002)
(SPV - 2003)

Live Double release from the ex-Helloween member Kai Hansen. It's very like his previous band - boastful power metal at its finest caught live at Razzmatazz, Barcelona on 31st October 2002 and at La Laiterie, Strasbourg on 2nd November, 2002. The sound production is impeccable and proves that the Europeans or should I say Germans are still forerunners at this.

There are 18 numbers in all (well if you count Dan Zimmerman's drum solo anyway as a song). The whole thing is well rehearsed and sequences together extremely well with highlights being 'Rich and Famous' and the stand-out on CD 1 'Heavy Metal Universe' especially when the crowd join in and scream the song-title - you gotta love it, you gotta hear it and scream a long as well.

CD 2 kicks off in the powerful almost Maiden meets Dio vibin' 'Razor Blade Sign' and elsewhere there's kickin'.killer cuts like the beautiful ballad ';Shine On' that starts on piano - coming across church-like before burning up into a waving ciggy lighter singalong anithem. Another mesmerising ballad that appears to be a crowd favourite is the vocally exuberant 'The Silence' that reminds me of Slade's 'My Oh My'. The CD ends on a Blackmore'ish ditty called 'New World Order' (that is not a distant cousin of the Ministry classic of the same name).

If you listen right to the end of the CD you hear the band commend that they thought it was a good gig - I gotta agree there.

I've got to say that I've never heard 'em before but I knew the name and I'm fully turned on by 'em - dare I say it, they are better than Helloween and have been supporting Iron Maiden on the European Tour - just a pity they aren't supporting in the UK. If you listen right to the end of the CD you hear the band commend that they thought it was a good gig - I gotta agree there.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Ground - S/T
(Self-Released Demo - 2003)

A 5 track from a vibrant Dallas, Texas Metal outfit who have elements of both old and new metal rolled into one - it's extremely eclectic material. Their line-up comprises of Jay Shannon - Guitars, Billy Kovacsy - Bass, and Cameron White on Drums with vocalist Christopher Ryle fronting the band who goes all-out with Ministry type vocals in 'Bi-Polar' with an Ozzy feeling and sounds like Bon Scott in 'The Stain'.

Ground won't be underground for long - should be huge soon with an even bigger record deal. Can't recommend them enough. Check out their website for more info on them - www.groundonline.com


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

GALLERY OF MITES - Bugs On The Bluefish
(Meteor City - 2003)

I read the accompanying documents in quite some depth before loading this one into the deck. Amongst the ten members making up this act are four of Monster Magnet's personnel, past and present, none of which include Dave Wyndorf. So I take it that means they can break free from the constraints of their usual space-rock shenanigans and explore another planet, then? Well, it looks like they've plundered the opportunity to some degree.

This collection of latterday classic American rock n' roll turns the clock back about twenty five to thirty years, albeit adding some modern essence and what you get for your wonga is something similar to from where current Brit pop faves The Dandy Warhols take their cues.

As labelled, ten gentlemen are involved in all with about two or three of the five guitarists featuring on each one of the tracks except for the oh-so-pleasantly titled 'A Man Called S**t' which takes the entire six-string quintet on board. Another familiar name, former Kyuss frontman John Garcia also pinches the mike for '100 Days'.

A very interesting album, from a very interesting line-up, in more ways than one. I hope that, should they intend to work together as a live act, that they manage to chalk a visit to the UK into their schedules.


By Dave Attrill

Giant - Live and Acoustic Official Bootleg
(Frontiers/Now & Then - 2003)

Another band who've released an album called 'III' to critical acclaim - there's was out last year. This album as you may have gathered ain't one from the studio - it culminates from separate performances from European Tours dating from 89 to 92 as well as an acoustic set from The Borderline, London.

This is the Giant line-up that is Dan Huff (Guitar/Vocals), David Lyndon Huff (Drums), Mike Brignardello (Bass), Larry Hall (Keyboards) and Mark Oakley (Guitar) with delight the audiences with their classics such as the milestone 'Chains' (both in acoustic and electric forms) and hard rocking stompers like 'Shake me up'; 'Innocent Days' and the ballad that is 'I'll see you in my dreams'.

Crackin' stuff.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Green - Life
(Frontiers/Now & Then - 2003)

My first impressions on hearing Green's debut album, 'Life' is that these guys are clearly influenced by a mix of bands like Dream Theater, Pink Floyd and even Giant, combined together. But, of course, without relying heavily on inspirations to create their own strong, fresh sound. Musically strong and lyrically thoughtful, you know that a lot of heart has gone into this album, and their own thoughts and experiences really do come through.

Fabrizio Pieraccini proves himself as diverse a singer as any band like this could hope for, his harmonies going down fantastically well within the sharp diverse sound that is Green. Shifting from the heavy to the mellow and all the points in between at any time, this album is a must for any melodic prog metal collection.


By Steve Windle

Pre-July 2003
Peter Green Splinter Group - Reaching The Cold 100
(Eagle-Rock - 2003)

A great bluesy relaxing electric affair from Peter Green and his excellent set of Splinters. It's good to see that around - in fact he's recently done a UK Tour - Feb. 2003 to be exact. You could say that number 13 is unlucky but there's no bad luck on this CD. Right from the opening groove of 'Nothing gonna change' to the closer 'Somebody Cares', it's just one large highlight. It's the perfect album for Sunday night after a great partyville of a weekend.

Be sure to put 'Dangerous Man' on repeat and remember not to mess with Mr. Green. The acousticish 'Legal Fee Blues'with the brilliant lead vocals and slide guitar is quite remarkable as is the funky Albert Collins(y) 'Ready' and the cracking 'Smile'.

Peter proves that there is indeed plenty more miles left in the blues.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS


These Norwegian rockers rock your environment with their refreshing breath of fresh air through the abundant enjoyment of what they call rock 'n' roll. Basement Apes is the fourth release from Gluecifer who play their music with pure authentic and passionate attitude that will rock any dead head.

Gluecifer have comprised a twelve track CD from a twenty-five composition that were written during the year. Basement Apes start the CD with an abrupt opener 'Reversed' through to the first single 'Easy Living' to the omissible atmospheric ballad of 'Little Man' and 'It won't be' to the end track 'I saw the stone move', Gluecifer have released a loud compelling and unpredictable rock CD that will be enjoyed over the world.


By Tony Watson

ADRIAN GALE - Re-Program
(Kivel Records - 2002)

One of the most discussed acts by Melodic Rock fans over the last couple of years, Adrian Gale have merited their rightful attention through their impressive swipe on late eighties/early nineties hard rock with a change of attitude but without forgetting the roots of the trunk style they branch from.

In their short life, Kivel Records have already lined up a fine troop of bands destined to deserve success, notably Attraction and TNA in addition to this act. There is seemingly no limit to the reaches of defiance against trends in the rock music spectrum, nowadays. Adrian Gale appear and sound to be waging a full-scale mutiny against fashion's barbarians with this ultra-perfectly moulded party metal record.

From the Poley-era Danger Danger feel of 'Closer' and the Def Leppard power ballad prowess of 'If' through to the Bon Jovi/Mitch Malloy might of 'Runaway' and the more modern day dusted-down HR of 'Part Of Me', 'Heart Games' and 'Heartbreak Guaranteed', spotting the flaws is bordering on impossible. Simply superb songs one and all with guitar hooks sharp enough to bury into your flesh and stay permanently embedded when the line's pulled out.

'Heather Please' and 'No More Chances' are two elephantine slabs of hard rock that can only have been saved for the end of such an incredible album. I cannot pick a fave track from this disc, lads - too many contenders - but with the music and musicianship being both very much there where it belongs and the melodies being made to please, one of melodic rock's finest hours - well, three quarters of, to be exact - of 2002 is upon us. I can only hope a slot at the Gods, and I mean one at least halfway up the bill, is not too distant in the foresight.


By Dave Attrill

Roger Glover and The Insiders - Snapshot
(Spitfire Records - 2002)

The Bass Player of Deep Purple and famed Producer of many notables like Judas Priest and the late, great Rory Gallagher has found time to record a solo album in his already busy work schedule - especially with Deep Purple.

Talking of the Purps - this solo album sounds nothing like them as 'Snapshot' with vocalist Randall Bramblett illustrates different images which will surprise many of you familiar with Glover's previous D.P. work. Here you'll discover Blues, Country, Contemporary Rock (a la Dire Straits) and elements of Paul Carrack and other artists of that ilk.

With so many great songs to choose from, it's simply impossible to find a track that stands out further than another so I'll bring a few of the album's songs to the forefront that'll give you an idea of what's on offer. There's the funky blues of 'My Turn', the Dire Straitsy 'What don't you say' or the fusionistic feeling of the blues-rock number 'Somehope'.

Much of this album is very blues orientated so it that's your bag then go and buy. It's very relaxing blues at that - kind of white-man Eric Clapton edged stuff on a calm day.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

GRAVE - Back From The Grave
(Century Media - 2002)

Swedish death metal legends have, previously unbeknownst to me, been around on the scene for over twelve years now. In the underground scene they are giants and have brought themselves deservedly to the attention of the scene's followers though tours with Bolt Thrower and Cannibal Corpse amongst others in addition to, from what I gather' rapturously received headline and festival slots.

'Back From The Grave' is as its title might give away, their fist studio album in quite a stretch - well six years isn't exactly a brief wait is it. The line-up is, as it has been for some years, now just a four-piece with guitarist Ola Lindgren inheriting the growling roles, and original bassist Jonas Torndal now on lead.

The music is as you very well know, brutal, heavy but meaningful and again not all set to just 100mph percussion, thus allowing for enjoyably frequent gear changes throughout the journey. Some riff rhythms are held suitably for a duration before shifting modes and a few sequences of different speed examples become a tad expectable towards the end of the CD, but the odd surprise is still never far away.

I was to understand they'd tried a more laid back melodic line of things with their 1994 album, 'Soulless' as I guessed when I heard its title track at the time - er lads remember what happened to Celtic Frost when they had a go at something too different - and I quite approved but most of their loyal legions would prefer them in this reinstated form.

A flagship act of the Century Media label, Grave are a band I haven't managed to take the time to check out properly until now. I think I've made a very grave mistake.


By Dave Attrill

Gillan - On the Rocks
(Angel Air - 2002)

This is an OK gig from the band that Ian Gillan fronted in the 80's that included Bernie Torme (Guitar) and John McCoy (Bass) in the line-up. Recorded live in Aachen, Germany 1981, there's over 66 minutes of listening pleasure for you to enjoy. Gillan is in fine voice throughout especially during the opener 'No Laughing in Heaven' from the 'Future Shock' album and the cover of Elvis Presley's 'Trouble'.

The Vocal PA ain't too good though and gives nasty distortive hums when the larynx-master throws out a bit of overpowering volume. Bernie Torme lets the side down on this occasion to with his badly slapped together solo effort named 'Torme's Last Stand' - no wonder !! - it's simply a noise !! (Better live guitar work is offered up by him on his album, 'Live Sheffield 1983') But at least it flows into the Deep Purple classic 'Smoke On the Water' - which funnily enough saves the gig.

Not a bad live album, but by Gillan standards, certainly not one of their best efforts. There's no doubt that John McCoy has probably got better Gillan gigs still gathering dust under his bed.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

The Great Kat - Wagner's War

(The Great Kat Productions - 2002)

This is Kat's attack on the terrorists - more shred metal. Maybe if this had been blasted at the scumbag, bearded Bin Liner - sorry, I mean, Osama Bin Laden, then he might have crawled out of that cave that he was hiding in.

There's 3 separate acts to thrill your ears with - War, Revenge and Victory that have Kat's unique blend of offensive, abusive humour crossed with million miles an hour violin and guitar playing. Vocally, it's like the female equivalent of Dani Filth.

Stand-outs are Wagner's 'The Ride of the Valkyries' and 'Terror' that incorpates the famous Dracula theme - often played by the instrumental band, Sky. Some of the vocals are silly and inaudible - especially in punishment - but maybe that's the idea. Nice lyrics run-throught the cd that are, as usual included in the Inlay like 'You ugly piece of sh*t, now shut the f*ck up and get out of my sight' from 'Humiliation'.

Finishing off with Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 and Sarasates 'Zapateado' this shows what can be adventurously done with guitars and violins - she equals Nigel Kennedy any day and she's better to look at as well.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

The Great Kat - Digital Beethoven on Cyberspeed
(Bureau of Electronic Publishing, Inc.- 1996)

Open up with Thrash Metal, Great Kat style with traditional shouty backing vocals made famous by gurus such a 'Scott 'Notty' Ian' of Anthrax culminating that pure 80's chugga stage-diving mosh vibe - they way it should be. It's entertaining especially the Beethoven inspired 'Cyberspeed'.

You know something - this woman ought to be the live staple of 'A Night at the Proms' which the UK's BBC2 television channel air each year. I'd like to see what Kat'd do on the last night - maybe castrate the conductor and feed his privates to the audience - interesting !! The best number is quite easily Paganini's 'Caprice #9' that sees her Greatness burn the strings of both her violin and six string axe - Smoulder, Smoulder, Smoulder.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

February 2002
(Frontiers/Now & Then 2001)

One of the two most triumphant returns in melodic rock circles, of recent months, - the other being the reappearance of Sons Of Angels - has to be this surprise comeback offering by these San Franciscan legends. Surprise (A) in that Dan Huff only decided about a year ago, on an offer from Frontiers - to give it another bash. And (B) that surprisingly enough.. it's a surprisingly good record, especially as it is their first batch of brand new material in a ten year gap that has elapsed since the 'Time To Burn' offering.

The guitar solo instrumental at the start gives Huff a chance to say 'Hi boys, I'm Ba-ack!' before opening cruncher, 'You Will Be Mine' shows that Giant still mean business after all these years 'Over You cruises in and out in true Huff-ular manner then the stunning ballad that stole the show on the Union 4 sampler last year, namely 'Don't Leave Me In Love' pays homage to the most important American AOR tradition of 'em all - musical sentimentality. 'Love Can't Help You Now' goes in the same direction as Tall Stories before we rock out totally with 'Sky Is The Limit' - quite likely to prompt a bit of pogoing down the front at future gigs.

'It's Not The End Of The World' and 'Oh Yeah' are a tad less catchy, and still not I find myself a tad less desperate to play these two over and over again, but that does not mean they're total arse. 'Can't Let Go' puts up some serious competition with 'Don't Leave Me' for corking ballad of the last year. So far, one of Dan's finest tunes, EVER. The proceedings are brought to a close with a blasting rendition of 'Bad Case Of Loving You'. Me, I've got a bad case of loving this album. You'd think they could manage a bit more than 45 minutes for all these years they've been gone but all is forgiven with a return celebrated with a record of this quality.


By Dave Attrill

Brad Gillis - Gilrock Ranch
(Koch Records - 2000)

Brad's album is like a Joe Satriani album minus Joe Satriani with two vocal numbers from Greg Allman. It's a precision made rollercoaster that musicians will dribble over from the first second. Mr. Gillis rubs shoulders alongside ex-Dream Theatre keyboards extraordinaire on many of the cuts like the dramatic 'n' melodic 'Slow Blow'. Carmine Appice is to be found on here also who most of you will know is the ex-stickman of the Rod Stewart band and Vanilla Fudge.

The use of authentic sampling such as the pool table and rain in 'Opus Winfrus' compliments the albums ability to take you on a complex air guitar ride across a superbly produced epic. It would fit very well on the soundtrack of a futeristic fantasy film like David Bowie's 'Labyrinth'. With sharp musical turns from full-on classical rock to deeply rich synthetic textures of synthesizer harmonies, you get a real feeling of passion for every note played.

Instruments are used to their creative maximum with unexpected intro's such as on 'Monster Breath' and 'Lions, Tigers and Bears'. Dynamic flows of guitar and synth textures open up wonderfully crafted tunes while space is captured throughout many tracks. it's not too overpowering - each melody, riff and drum rhythm can be distinctly heard without the need to listen closely.

'Gilrock Ranch' is a superb album of musical genious, perfect production and is definitely worth a play on any CD system. Get it bought!!


By Paul Milligan, BA Hons CMT

January 2002


KOCH RECORDS KOC-CD-8266 (2001) - U.S.

It's about time Godflesh were taken seriously, Music for Nations have probably given them a second breathe of fresh air after departing from Earache. Justin Broadrick is the brains behind this original underground industrial deep slow pounding sound of Birmingham's Godflesh that thuds through every track harder and heavier than a heard of elephants.

Hymns is a new beginning for the band, this is their fifteenth CD but their first for Music for Nations has the marks of the earlier industrial material Godflesh released in the late eighties early nineties, this seventy three minute explosive deafening sound that resembles a mixture of 'Black Sabbath', 'Killing Joke', 'Crass' and 'Discharge' pounds through you and the house as well as the neighbors and the rest of the street you live in through tracks like 'Defeated', 'Deaf, Dumb and Blind', 'Paralyzed', 'Anthem', 'Tyrant', 'Vampires' and 'Jesu'.

Godflesh have always had a select audience due to lack of promotion, but this CD will definitely put them back on the map, a very entertaining, depressive, morbid and at the same time miserable sound that has you hooked from the start.

Well-done Justin.


By Tony Watson

Gillan - Live Tokyo 23rd October '78
(Angel Air SJPD 082 - 2001)

This is a dusted off master tape of John McCoy's from a gig in Japan - to be exact, the full details are Shinjuku Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan 23/10/78 where the newly formed Gillan, comprised of Ian Gillan (Lead Vocals), John McCoy (Bass), Colin Towns (Keyboards - from the Ian Gillan Band), Steve Byrd (Lead Guitar) and Pete Barnacle (Drums).

This was the last of four gigs of the band's Japanese Tour (which also included a few television appearances).

Gone was the Jazz-Fusion of the Ian Gillan Band and back was the sound that Ian was famous for - 'Rock'. The release of the band's self-titled debut album guaranteed that the Japanese that they were in for something special - how right they were!! Turning out a splendid version of the progressive 'Bringin' Joanna Back' or the extended 'Dead of the Night' (coming complete with a corking drum solo and atmospheric guitar string scratching sounds, not to mention a dirty bass boom from Mr. McCoy) was like a re-invention of classic Deep Purple. Talking of Purple 'Child in Time' is thrown in early on in the set (where you hear Ian's voice drop out during one of the songs screaming sessions). Then there's the Beavis and Butt-head classic 'Duh-Duh-Duh, Duh-Duh, Duh-Duh' (I mean 'Smoke on the Water !!!) or the awesome piano-led 'Fighting Man' - which believe it or not caused the formation of the group - how?, you may ask - All I can say is buy the CD, read the exquisite liner notes and find out for yourself !!


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Grave Digger - The Grave Digger
(Nuclear Blast NB 675 - 2001)

Grave Digger come who've been around the best part of 20 years come across as a hard 'n' heavy dark power metal band who's vocalist, Chris Boltendahl, sounds like a cross between Louis Armstrong and Blaze Bailey.

They have a new lead guitarist on board named, 'Manni Schmidt' after the leaving of Uwe Lewis who will please fans of Zakk Wylde due to this album having plenty of those signature guitar solo phrases thrown in there throughout. The writing of Edgar Allen Poe influnces the album throughout from the opener, 'Son of Evil' right through to the closer called 'The Silence' which is a softer, more melodic affair. Highlights include the slapping title track 'The Grave Digger', 'The House' with it's quiet introduction before flowing into Sabbathesque keyboard qualities.

Packed with plenty of venom and guts - it's an album that the more refined listener will appreciate - imagine Helloween meets Ozzy with gruff vocals and you get an idea of where 'Grave Digger' are at.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

The Great Kat - Bloody Vivaldi
(The Great Kat -1998)

'Bloody Vivaldi' is a 7 minute 25 second E.P. and throws in The Great Kat's
incredible interpretations of Vivaldi's work including the 'Four Seasons'
where she performs alongside a chamber orchestra - it's rather good to say
the least.

'Torture Chamber' is plainly insane and falls somewhere between the musical
cacophony and vocal style of Black Metal band 'Cradle of Filth' combined
with explicit lyrics like,

'Hot wax on your little balls ... stick out your flaccid ass' etc.

It's nuts (scuse the pun) but completely cool all the same.

'Blood' is a 39 second blast in which Kat informs us how much she likes the
red stuff and later closely relates it to Jesus Christ and God (think
'Crucifixion' !!!)

Sarousates 'Carmen Fantasy' is a speed-metal take on the classical violin
piece complete with awesome guitar and violin solos.

So if you like it wacky, nasty and fast - then The Great Kat is the artist
who will do it for ya!!!


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Groovenics - Groovenics
(Spitfire Records - 2001)

The Groovenics are a highly entertaining band. In fact, the first song, 'Just Right' made me want to get up and start grooving!!! It really is an excellent song to start off the CD which then slowly rips into 'Windchill', 'Teach me' and the equally impressive 'Ram' which is then followed by the semi-ballad 'Spooky'.

The band are quite original and numbers such as 'She's a freak' and 'Booty Barn' are packed tight with samples, keyboards and some stunning crunchy guitar riffs.

If you are into artists like (HED)P.E., Disturbed and a mixture of Clawfinger and The Red Hot Chili Peppers doused with rhythmic vocals, then the self-titled debut album from The Groovenics is an album not keep on the shelf.


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