Jetbone – Magical Ride
(Rootsy Music – 2015)

A cracking retro sounding band from SundsvallSweden who have the classic styles of The Rolling Stones, Quireboys, Faces and Black Crowes all rolled into one.

So much to get excited about here ‘No Way Out’ with the Rhodes Piano and female backing vocals on the chorus; the wailing southern rock meets grooving hard rock of ‘Working Hard For Your Money & the brassy, party-needy ‘Fifth Time Loser’.

Then there’s the acoustic ‘You Are My Love’ and back to the Rhodes for the title track that is a ‘Magical Ride’ and just happens to be the last song on the album. I’ll pay my fair and take that same trip over and over baby!

Love it!


By Glenn Milligan


Jolly Joker – Here Come.. The Jokers!!
(The Fish Factory – 2015)

Full-on sleazy fast rockin’ roll from those humorous boys that crank it up high and ballsy from Spain.

The last album was great and this falls right into the perfect place too with hot cookin’ cuts like ‘Rockin’ In Stereo’ ‘Showgirls’ ‘Ride On’ ‘Full Of Beans’ and ‘No Place To Go’. It’s a party piece from beginning to end from the kind of band we need more of in the hard financial times because there’s always happified rock ‘n’ roll to fall back on remember!

Keep things fun because here they come….


By Glenn Milligan

January/February 2016

Clive Jackson – Life Off Line
(Automatic Records – 2015)

A folk dude who immediately puts me in mind of Bob Dylan with his acoustic guitar and harmonica blasting out right away.

It’s rather polical in parts especially when it opens up with ‘Blue Government’ who don’t care about anybody but the rich. He is part of the band ‘Arch Stanton’ as well and comes from Newcastle UK not New York like Mr. Zimmerman. Now I wonder if ‘She’s Bitch’ is autobiographical – it does sound like it!

‘Know Your Place’ shows how people are downtrodden in society with some killer harp work and then there’s the beautiful ‘Sunset’ or the cynical questioning of the closing number, ‘What’s Wrong With The World?’



By Glenn Milligan


JoanOvArk – Live Rock ‘N’ Roll (1 Track Promo Single)
(Red Vixen Records – 2015)

Imagine if you took Lita Ford, Joan Jett and mixed in with Sister Sin and Broadzilla’s frontesses then you’re getting something close to what this is like from this female London based 4 piece.

It’s a racing, rollicking up-tempo song that tells you to do exactly that - ‘Live Rock N’ Roll’ with a never let go for second drum kit crashing away and a guitar solo to die for in the middle as well.

If this number is anything to go on then they JoanOvArk must be an extremely explosive experience live with a dynamite of debut album to come booming to earth with too. I somehow can’t see this one allowing them to burn her on the stake.


By Glenn Milligan


Shawn James & The Shapeshifters – The Gospel According To…
(S/R – 2015)

Wow this is some mean ass gritzy shit right here – full of deep southern sounds filled up with elements of dixieness, metal and stoner to produce this melting pot of musical excellence.

There’s a mass of bango mashed in with fuzzed guitar which comes across very effective, not to mention adding some fiddle in there now and again such as the very impressive ‘Lake Of Fire’; the Gospel ish ‘No Gods’; the reacing ‘Like Father Like Son’ about addiction; the clap blasting ‘Wild Man’ or ‘The Sandbox’ that has a sinisterness to it that closes the album.

Pure swamp groove!


By Glenn Milligan


JUNIOR CRIME FIGHTERS - Hidden In Plain Sight (E.P.)
(S/R -2015)

Ohio foursome, Junior Crime Fighters formed in mid 2010, with a topsy-turvy five years then ensuing up to the release of their debut six-track cd.

Driving blues, doom and alternative shaped nails into a progressive shaped wood, creates  a fine piece of musical furniture here that you could enjoy sitting on for far more than its half an hour. The sound is weighted by a  rippling dual guitar structure, that frontman, Andrew Wight and Jason Betcsh bring forth and bruise you with.

Think early-Sabbath-versus-Metallica in some parts, specifically 'Prophecies' and add healthy seventies-sounding solos - plus production - onto the pile, and you wouldn't be placing yourself too far away from what JFC have been cooking up this last half decade.

Definitely worth stopping round boys.


By Dave Attrill

Jaded Heart – Fight The System
(Fastball Music – 2014)

Hard Melodic Rock from the well established German outfit who are no strangers to our UK shores.

It’s a decent enough album with well worked out playing – typical Eurorock though that is like many others around these days – what’s the word – generic but okay all the same with good songs in the opening ‘Schizophrenic’; ‘Not In a Million Years’ ‘Terror In Me’ and the closing ‘In The Shadows’.

AOR fans and such like will love it no doubt.


By Glenn Milligan

April 2014

Eric William Johns – Smoke In The Sky
(Leviathan Records – 2014)

The frontman of Rock-Blues band, ‘Southern Rock Gentlemen’ that features David T. Chastain – well this is his solo album that is filled with cooking’ slipper stomping blues-rock.

Every single song on here hits the spot from the opening cut ‘The Finest Wine’ right through to closer ‘Fireflies. He has the most awesome voice that’s like a mix of David Coverdale, Robert Plant, Ian Gillan and Zakk Wylde all melted into one. Highlights on here the ‘La Grange’ like ‘Aces & Eights’; the autobiographic ‘Moonshine Mile’ or the slow ‘n’ gutsy ‘Angel On A String’.



By Glenn Milligan


Jono – Requiem
(Musicano Records – 2013)

A five man Rock band from Gotland, Sweden who have a quirky kinda style that remind me of Sparks, Mika & Queen and many others including Supertramp and dare I say it, The Darkness.

‘Within Temptation’ is a strong element in this band since Stefan Helleblad is their guitarist too with drummer Nicka hellenberg taking care of their album ‘The Unforgiving’. Lead Vocalist & Keyboardist, Johan Norrby has a real Freddie Mercury flavour to his voice that has a real syrupy richness too.

One of those albums where every song grabs your attention in atmospheric quality that is brought out in every single song offered as gifts to our mortal ears with major highlights in the opening ‘I Was The One’ that sees that voice really soar in the chorus; the Beatle vibed ‘Judgement Day’ & the Rock ‘n Pop’ tastic ‘Nothing’.

Then there’s the uplifting positivity of ‘Best Thing’ with Brian May sounding guitar; the beautiful title track ‘Requiem’ or the incredible piano and soft drum closing ‘Love Again’ that puts me in mind of songs like ‘My Melancholy Blues’. It is very theatrically deep with songs on par with those you’d find in a Lloyd/Webber production.

Friggin’ Outstanding!


By Glenn Milligan


Junkfoxx - Listen Up! - Side 1 (E.P.)
(S/R - 2013)

A four track e.p. full of great rocky blues that has both male and female fronters in that band which does make a pleasant change from a band who formed late 2011 in the UK.

They are loud, earthy and powerful with it too with stand-outs in 'Cold Hearted Bitch' with Julia Clark on vocals and the closing 'Taken' that slightly borrows from the likes of bands like Cream and Blue Cheer in style brought bang up to date that is a dueted number featuring Nathen Lusher too.

Cracking trio indeed.


By Glenn Milligan


JADE VINE - Nothing Can Hide From Light
(S/R - 2013)

Alt-prog crossover appears the in thing to try on Sunday now( well any day seems sound for me ) and these lads take more than just the weekly Sabbath to smoothen their craft.

The token ingredients of either side are taken in here leaving the pretentiousness behind. Deeply thought out electric and acoustic rhythms from the Magdalinos brothers Constantine and Marios move the songs along on their own self-made atmospheric waters. Amorously slick vocals ensure a pop rock appeal is respected but 'Last Day Of Apathy', ' Anticipation', 'Lost It All', 'Drop Of Sorrow', 'Nothing Can Hide From Light', 'Take Me Under' and 'Hide Me From Light' sell themselves on the band's solid uniqueness.

Avoiding either chart-pandering pop-indie or pompous psychedelic proclivities as extremes, these guys set out with their guitars on their back and a great empty road in front. Highly tantalising modern rock with moving acoustic power makes for the greater package this London foursome bring you with their debut.
Heard it on the Jade Vine - hope you also do in turn.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Porcupine Tree, Coheed and Cambria & The Flower Kings.

NET: www.myspace.com/jadevine

January 2013

Jackyl - Best In Show
(Mighty Loud - 2012)

Latest load of songs from the Southern USA's finest exporters of sleazy, hard assed rock 'n' roll.

The canine veterans are 20 years young as a driving musical unit of all things fun with tons of cool sh*t on this album and has you groovin' out with it's powerful dirty grooves and lyrics to match such as 'Screw Driver'; 'Better Than Chicken' and 'Encore (It Makes My Bic Dig Her)'.

Or what about their cooking cover of 'Cover Of The Rolling Stone' that's got the clapping that ain't dissimilar to Queen's 'We Will Rock You' and coming complete with chainsaw solo and there's one hell of an epic dixie ballad in 'Don't Lay Down On Me' and there's even a funky rapped up secret song to be found too.

Damn fine album.


By Glenn Milligan

Don Jacobs - Drive
(Skye Records - 2012)

Easy listening midde of the road dude from Jackson, Mississippi who has a kinda quirky style with a voice that reminds of a happy Lou Reed gone Tom Petty mixed with Robert Plant - sounds mad? Believe it - hahaha.

Highlights on this 13 tracker include the opener 'Souvenirs' about places around the world he's bought one at; 'Say It Ain't So' about not wanting to believe information about his lady; 'Go To The Islands' about wanting to escape the ratrace by the sounds of it; the wishful 'Africa'; the souly 'Change You Mind'; and closer 'I Wish You Were Here.

There are many gems in between like the catchy Americana of 'Lincoln County' and 'A Lot On My Mind' that remind me of a famous Dylan song. Each song songs very different and each have really solid melodies.

Damn good album.


By Glenn Milligan

JEERK - Famous
(S/R - 2012)

Jeerk are a Swedish rock act with a difference – they also double as a tap dance act on their native turf.

Opener ‘You Wait To Live Another Day’ hits in with convincing rhythm for the pastime, while the rest of the nine-song set does at least provide plenty else to shake your booty to, one way or another. The title cut dodgily echoes of a certain ELO classic by melody structure, though also with a handsome Bohemian Rhapsody moment at the middle eight.

Behind it, ‘Emergency’, ‘Beautiful Tonight’, ‘Get Out or Get It On’ and ‘Go Out In Style’ lick it up load, distributing various styles of feel and emotion to flutter up amongst the trees. Swiftly-gelling tunes with superb dual vocals from Nikke Karlsson and Kristian Lindin leave you in nil doubt that this album was fuelled by a feel-good motive, falling in the vein of AOR legends Nelson at slight occasions.

One to enjoy without analysis in the way, ‘Famous’ is a title Jeerk may best pay attention to for the closely immediate future.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.jeerk.com


Jetbone - S/R
(Killer By Records - 2012)

Swedish Rockers who remind me of bands like the Hellcopters; Tokyo Dragons; Hardcore Superstar etc - you get the drift - full on garage punk 'n' rock 'n' roll.

10 tracks that clock in at under 35 minutes is what you'll find here with openers including the Motorhead stolen title of 'Dancin' On Your Grave'; 'Dead City Fire' that's very Stonesy; the ferocious 'Ride The Riot' with a bit of hammond organ thrown in their too; the Time Warp meets Quo'esque 'Perfect Mess'.

Entertaining album indeed.


By Glenn Milligan

JUNK FOXX - Smokey Red (EP)
(S/R - 2012)

A band that are for once quite literally new, Junk Foxx are barely a year young at time of writing, yet have their first disc unleashed free onto the unsuspecting public.

Cool, laid back indie pop/rock from the male/female fronted Brit trio throws up many a familiar noise across its four-track span, notably the Beatles-esque ‘Into The Wake’ as well as the Stone Faces –saturated sass of ‘The Fever’. Rickety rhythm guitar lines stop only long enough to do what they need to, which is to support the impressive young vocal teamwork of guitarist Nathan Usher and bassist Julia Clark, creating this sound you come to enjoy, single-handedly. Yet another promising home growth from Blighty’s hot rock n’ roll plantations.

Seek out if you can.


By Dave Attrill


Jefferson Starship - The Best Of Mick's Picks
(Floating World - 2012)

A 2 Cd set compilation that is what says on the title - Mick by the way is the bands Manager, Michael Gaimen who originally put out 4 volumes of live recordings from his own collection of live soundboards from the reformed band that featured Diana Mangano taking the place of Grace Slick.

Without literally regurgitating the extensive booklet notes these recordings date from 1999 to 2007 with highlights including 'Crown Of Creation'; 'Somebody To Love' 'White Rabbit' (with the promoter on stage) and 'Volunteers' live at the rebuilt Cavern, Liverpool on March 23rd 2004.Then the Marty Balin interviewing himself himself in 'Summer Of Love' & 'Shadowlands' from the Acoustic Warrior, New York; the cool 'Plastic Fantasic'; 'Sketches Of China' that reminds me if a famous Bob Marley song and the well known 'Jane' that all come from a show at BB King's Blues Club in New York. The heart and soul and passion is there but at times the older guys sound worn 'n' tired and you know vocally they've seen better years. At times they sound flat and make you cringe a bit, so Diana is an absolute blessing as a new view in the band indeed.

A decent introduction to the latter days sounds of the 'Ship.


By Glenn Milligan

February 2012

ANDREW JACKSON - Feral Familiar
(S/R - 2011)

A Canadian.. Glad to have one of them on Metalliville’s scope for the first time in a while.

Not another AOR act with an astoundingly proficient lead guitarist , this chap is no less a talented individual himself. Mr Andrew Jackson esq elects to introduced himself via strongly new wave- glazed retro punk sounds that sound greater with his sometimes not-unlike Noddy Holder vocal pitch placed on top. Almost strictly seventies across most of the 14-song measure, this manic eager rock n’roll merchant jives and jumps with his guitar slung so low probably it nearly ends up flying neck first at the studio window.

If you are listening to potential classics like ‘Sausage With Ears’ ‘March of the Equinox’ ‘Eugene Nixon’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Mother Nature’ or ‘Big Baby’ live one day as I may soon hope to do , stand well away from the barriers as this guy will bring himself so far to your face its dangerous. Seldom subtle departures like the Nickleback -esque ’another Day of Misery’ will be the songs you find yourself begging him to play for recapture of breath though that itself is another fine entry to a very fine rock record. If your’e a fan (or have heard) of upcoming Brit starlets Silverjet, Mr Jackson delivers dirty- dog rock n’ roll sound with bark as equally good as its bite.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: The Rollling Stones, The Jam, Faces & Sweet.


Jeff Jones – Rockhard ’86-‘96
(XXX Records – 2010)

As you can guess from the title, it’s a compilation of Jeff’s work and features a few of the band s he has been part of in.

Theres some great songs on here such as the rockin’ hair metal of St. Elmo’s Fire (Gonna Get Wild) and Vamp Le Stat (Bitch) as well. Nice to hear some of his solo material on here in the slidin’ guitarwork of ‘Mississippi Wine’ as well. Other notables include the sleazin’ ‘Powerdrive’ from St. Elmo’s Fire and ‘Chain Around My Heart’ with its effective choral intro.

Not a bad number in sight on here.


By Glenn Milligan

Jeff Jones – Spaced
(XXX Records – 2010)

A solo album from a dude from Hollywood who has been in a good few bands since 1978.

It opens up with the gutsy rocker ‘Queen Of Hollywood’ and flows into many other great songs that include the killer melodics of ‘Addiction’; ‘Control’ with its opening running bassline; the excellent rockin’ ‘Bad Motor Girl’ and the closing ‘Underground’.

Decent enough album.


By Glenn Milligan


Gary Jeffries - Middle Class Man
(S/R - 2011)

The ex-frontman of Asphalt Ballet, Coup Deville & Alligator Stew has presented us with his solo album of songs re-recorded by those bands and some of his own personal songs written by him in his own right.

This is southern beauty through for just over 46 minutes if Dixie listening indeed from the opening boppin’ country of ‘Free’ right through to the closing acoustical ballad ‘Free In heaven’ with gorgeous female backing vocals.

In between you get some real gems such as the Stew excellence of ‘Know You Too Well’; the deep thinking ballad ‘Flowers On My Grave’; an countrified cover of ‘Bad Moon Rising’; the cookin ‘Mississippi Girl’ that has Skynyrd written all over it and ‘Southern Pride’ cos you gotta stand up for what you believe in with a piano section that puts me in mind of the late great Billy Powell immediately.

Outstanding and totally essential buy for any lover of Southern Rock.


By Glenn Milligan

February 2011

(S/R - 2010)

Our good ol’ steel city of Sheffield peeps back up on the metal map with something we don’t often familiarise with it, - rap metal.

Jackson Caged aren’t a band I’ve only just met on the sleeve and have been getting their brutal Biohazard noise around the block already to date. Not being about to care how predictable or formulaic they sound, they do it very well in every well loved way and sound like they mean you to hear them or die with vocalist Frazer’s deep -voiced spit, swearing their way through songs about stuff that matters more importantly than love and open-topped motor vehicles.

Their guitar line is created with the straight ahead bounce we never fail to love hearing layered beneath street-fuelled rants and holds the on-off thrash lever with large twitches of the hand.

Excellent slice of old fashioned hardcore power.


By Dave Attrill

Downset, Stuck Mojo, Madball & Body Count

NET: myspace.com/jacksoncaged


JAY JERZ - Alone
(S/R - 2010)

‘Alone’ is Connecticut chappie Jay Jerz’s previous album, here enjoying a re-release in 2010, and also at least one lucky chap enjoying a chance to write up on it this time round.

Jay doesn’t mess around for any of the 32 minutes, kicking out the jams with jam laden sleaze rock. Loaded with retro essences way above the filling line, it drips its suss all over your speakers as you get down to unarguably infectious groovers like ’ You Never Tried’, ’Everything’s Alright’, ’Another Runaway’, ’Don’t Bring Me Down’, ’Green’ ,’ You Can’t hide Your Lies’ and ‘Hey You.

One just needs to strap on the guitar (either real one or air…) as low slung as possible with a bottle of Budweiser or two at your side and you’re enjoy blasting this absolute boomer of a rock n’ roll album right into the night. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Jay’s talent requires little estimation with having opened nights for White Lion, Ratt and Nuno Bettencourt amongst top names over his time.

As I write, his next disc is apparently on the store shelves as well but this beaut leaves little room for improvement already.


By Dave Attrill

Hanoi Rocks, Adam Bomb, Enuff z’Nuff, Dogs D’amour, Tigertailz, New York Dolls & Hellacopters.

NET: www.myspace.com/jayjerzmusic


The Jokers – Janie Jane (1 track single)
(S/R – 2010)

A band I rated when I 1st heard their albuym last year. This is one of the singles of it and is very power-pop meets Glam – kinda like The Sweet without the campness and the clapping but has some amazing falsetto scaled backing vocals – should do well if it gets the airplay.

Alo comes with a DVD as well of the video that features the band in a studio stage setting with a hot model on a pole with the old Mr. Moneybags porn star looking manager pimp geezer looking in on the band – as well as them sat in a limo etc. It’s all good.


By Glenn Milligan

(LAB Records - 2010)

Some genres of the rock spectrum I’m often told to steer clear of at all costs, emo being one I am often obliged, by fellow dedicated classic rock buffs, to treat it as a crime to like. .

Well, there are just some bands that make it so-o-o-o hard to adhere to the principle, Just Surrender being another entry. Turning their sound almost directly at the contemporary aor edge we get from many young melodic pop rock acts today just steals the additional kudos and probably a damn more than few thousand extra fans without losing a lot in exchange.

‘Phoenix’ rises from the flames of predictability, to extinguish them right out with ten very good modern guitar based pop metal numbers. Having to only hear ‘Through The Night’, ‘Crazy’, ‘On My ‘Own’, ‘Burning Up’ ’Lose Control’, ’Better To Leave’ and ’Carried Away’ and you find an incredibly talented young band with not a single more flaw than any other above decent outfit of the scene.

There is a moment or two of scream-core meandering on ’Stronger Now’ and Lose Control’ ’ that may appear to be sent via the ’for -the-sake-of-its-ville’ route but that is all against everything that does indeed make them stronger, musically. Simple but sharp twin chordery and pleasant youthful alt rock vocals , with a female-sounding backing line getting me into it ever more by the second, this is the first of many excellent discs to come by these chappies.

Highly Recommended.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE (*not in order of closest match):
Cathedral, Pantera, Trouble, Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin, Face Down & Paradise Lost.

May 2010
STEVIE JAIMZ - Glam Damnation
(Swedmetal Records - 2010)

Ex Tigertailz man Stevie Jaimz is one of those singers who should have been afforded a better cruise on metal’s boat than the already substantial one he enjoyed.

Despite shows in his comeback stint with the Welsh glam veterans over recent years being about as well received as a fart in a spacesuit- though I personally liked the 2003 show they did supporting Zodiac Mindwarp - he is a legend in the hair rock scene with a CV travelling thirty years back handsomely ambiguated into thirteen tracks. Most of this comp’s material is early demos of stuff performed with Tigertailz and on solo efforts as well.

‘Ragamufifn’, ‘Shaken’ Not Stirred’ ’Talk Of The Town’ and ‘Cat On A Hot Tin Roof ‘ are amongst toons penned at a time when TT had the likes of Pretty boy Floyd, Every Mothers Nightmare to squeeze into the cheese press alongside with only 2 years before the grunge onslaught loomed and are still timelessly pleasant numbers in this day and age.

Material from Crash KO and Treason, SJ’s pre-Tailz acts is certainly a treat to hear after all this time if a little raw and rough, with a definite feel of Def Lep debut ’On Through The Night’ . The excellent ’Kick The Habit EP, produced by Thin Lizzy man Scott Gorham is probably the most important ingredient to feature, not least the brill title number and TT demos ’Take Me To The limit’ and ’Now You’re On your own’ , personal faves both which also featured on the ’Original Sin’ comp in 2005.

‘Don’t Live A Lie’, ‘Oneironacy’, ‘and ‘Voodoo Dance’ are the most recent to feature, from 1994 but for any new listeners about to panic there are zero alternative meanderings to endure, just pure rock n’ roll alongside his greatest. A golden chance to recapture some of Mr Jaimz criminally over-lost nuggets, ‘Glam Damnation’ appears to have saved old Stevie boy from just that.

An essential collection for followers of TT and SJ solo material alike, it hardly could come more recommended.


By Dave Attrill

Jive Mother Mary – All Fall Down
(S/R – 2009)

Awesome trio of retro blues rockers from Alamance County, North Carolina, USA that kick back with some killer songs that you’d swear had come out some 30 years previous as they are so god damn authentic.

They comprise of Mason Keck (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Nathan Coe (Bass/Vocals) and Seth ‘Fluff’ Aldridge (Drums) and have been together since they were 14 and the rest is history and kinda remind me of a young version of Bill Steer’s Firebird but from the South.

It’s a milestone of an album with highlights in all of the ten songs that include standouts like ‘Bedroom Eyes’; the country Lynyrd Skynyrd like ‘Another New Never’; ‘Fever’ with it’s addictive riffery; the dobro sounding brilliance of the acoustic ‘Holy Roller’; the Faces/Quireboys like ‘Move On Home’ and the Led Zeppelin/Black Crowes like closing title track ‘All Fall Down’.

These boys are where it’s at.


By Glenn Milligan

The Jokers – The Big Rock & Roll Show
(S/R – 2009)

Here’s a great new band for ya from Lieverpool who actually got together in 2006. They are on the curtaintails of all the great bands of yesteryear and of whats still happening now. Fun time light rockin stuff is what you’ll find here – a bit like Hotleg without all the falsetto vocals with elements of artists like The Answer, Ocean Colour Scene and tons of others all mixed in there.

Highlights include the rockin’ opener ‘V.I.B.E’; the pychedelic ballad ‘Ocean Of Kings’ that sounds like it could have come out in the late 60’s from a band like The Small Faces or King Crimson and even has a bit of Led Zeppelin feel in their as well. Then there’s the groovin’ title track ‘The Big Rock & Roll Show’; the even slickier ‘Studio 54’ and the sinister slow closer ‘Hell To LA’.

Decent band and could be big with enough coverage over here in the UK.


By Glenn Milligan

March 2009
Joetown – Pills & Ammo
(S/R – 2008)

Southern Stoner & Bluesy Brilliance rolled up into one from a dude called Joetown (real name, Joe Delaney) who appears to have come out of nowhere – actually from Wallingford, Connecticut, USA.

Some awesome numbers on here such as ‘Lonely Town Blues’; the bottom heavy riffed ‘Crash’; the balladeering Pink Floyd like but brutal edged sinister ‘American Altar’; the short but incredible slide blueser ‘Devil as Woman’ and the heavy closer ‘My Anger Holds No Bounds’ with nice usage of the word ‘M*th*rf*ck*r throughout the mighty number.

A force to be reckoned with for sure – get this guy to the UK, they’ll f*ck*n’ love him.


By Glenn Milligan

JaR - Scene 29
(Zink Music - 2008)

You always get one in the bag that is about as exciting as a bag of wood shavings.

JaR are Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum, who play their instruments with such elegance and precise accuracy, but this is no good when you don’t want to listen to jazz crafted, harmonic, sophisticated sounds of Steely Dan.

An eleven track CD that is a pleasant to the ear as Kenny Rodgers when having your teeth out. The catchy songs did absolutely nothing to me or my depressed state, in fact I got so depressed I went and did some ironing, while watching some sort of bargain hunt.

This may please some people but it’s not my cup of tea.


By Tony Watson


Journey - Never Walk Away / After All These Years (2 Track CD Single)
(Frontiers Records - 2008)

They come back and set the speakers alive like they've not been away - well OK, live thy haven't but its been a while with regard to new material what with the vocal changes they've become - they picked a good one in new man, Arnel though and he is sh*t hot both on record and live.

The single shows the band at their best in the fast, rocking department (Never Walk Away) and as slow, heartfelt gang of radio-friendly balladeers (After All These Years).

Little wonder that the new album 'Revelations' is doing so well.


By Glenn Milligan

April 2008
Jaded Sun – Gypsy Trip
(SiAn Records – 2007)

An Irish bunch of muckers than follow in line from the likes of The Answer – this is gutsy real rock ‘n’ roll right the way through.

It’s got sunset strip and the deep south combined all over it as well as healthy portions of sounds from this side of the pond – think Led Zeppelin, Thunder on a meet up with The Quireboys and The Black Crowes.

Highlights on here include the wailing harmonica, guitar slidin’ ‘Crazyman’; the sultry sounding ‘Hey You’ with the amazing gospel singers on there; the pulsing ‘Can’t Stop’; the acoustic to electric ‘He Knows Home’; the rockin at ya ‘Positive’ & the funky almost AC/DC’ish ‘She’s Got Class’ with its reprisal at the end of the song.

Given enough publicity and tour support slots I reckon these guys are onto big things.


By Glenn Milligan

Joker Five Speed – Rock ‘n’ Roll is a Motherf*ck*r
(Perris Records – 2006)

Thrashy, trashy sleaze stuff with corny lyrics and ferocious throaty vocals that put me in mind of The Almighty with a liking for a Green Day kinda style but in a biker attitude.

Coming from New York these are ‘Too Far Gone’ in ‘Jet Set City’ and ‘So Bored’ they could do with a ‘Shotgun’ (sorry but it fit), so I ‘Turn to you’ to make it happen for this band.

If you like cheesey lyrics they are in abundance and more importantly – these guy rock and have a good time doing it as well.


By Glenn Milligan


JUDAS PRIEST - Angel Of Retribution
(Sony - 2005)

As with fellow Brit metal legends Iron Maiden, Judas Priest have suffered a long period of pear-shaped fortunes in the absence of their most prolific member, Rob Halford. When they reappeared in 1997 with Ripper Owens behind the mic, the metal scene had moved on, all things leather an' stud related in rock n' roll now tabooed in fashion trend circles. Their two albums in Rob's wake went down less than well for more than one or two obvious reasons whilst for others in the reverse direction so did Halford's industrial/alternative meanderings with Fight and Two though things did improve with his subsequent solo disc.

Finally in '03, the bald old pirate plumped to the pleading of fans and his old bandmates alike and under full mutual agreement with Ripper, the reunion of the decade finally happened. So, the question we all dread…. Is Priest's first outing with Rob back in the ranks any good? Er… that might well be a yes. In the best of places, we still sit where 'Painkiller' dropped us off fifteen years ago, and as if it was yesterday, simply carry on rockin', studded fists firmly raised once more. All the vital fluids from past belters like 'Screaming Fro Vengeance', 'Defenders Of The Faith' and of course lest we forget 'British Steel' have been found still sitting in their marked bottles and the lids still unscrew without too much force as the magic Priest metal formula is mixed once again.

The band's decision to continue through the hiatus without Halford paid off for Glenn and KK in particular as their performance has remained unchanged and maturing through the ages, dark and light, and the classic solo exchanges throughout the songs are every bit as good as back in the golden era. 'Judas Rising', 'Deal With The Devil', 'Hellrider' 'Wheels Of Fire' and 'Revolution' is and always will be the stuff classic Judas Priest is made of while 'Loch Ness' and 'Worth Fighting For' testify the band's right to take more subtle and epic directions without detracting their following.

Not their most monumental disc ever but 'Angel Of Retribution' is strictly no half-hearted cash-dash. Rob is back and means business with these boys once again. Another worthy and well-waited chapter in J.P's 30-plus year saga, you'd have been rather a foolish chap to have missed 'em on this year's UK tour.*

The Priest reign supreme once more.


By Dave Attrill

*see Hallam FM Arena gig review in Live section.

Jethro Tull - Nothing Is Easy (Live at the Isle of Wight 1970)
(Eagle Records - 2004)

The folky, beardy weirdy, flute bearing band at their ultimate who on this occasion play us some old songs, some new songs (well at the time anyway) and songs they'd never played before.

What can be said of Jethro Tull that hasn't been said before - they are the stuff of british Rock Legend so join them as they mesmerize the mighty Wight gathering with tunes like the classical instrumental bouree 'Dharma for One' with the unbelievable drum solo from Clive Bunker or the blues of 'My Sunday feelin'

You can't beat this as Ian Anderson screams down his flute as merrilly as ever. It's also out on DVD.


By Glenn Milligan

Jettison Eddy - Trippin' on time
(Neurra Records - 2003)

The commercial end very much so - safe-sounding It Bites with elements of Del Amitri and even Bush. Although they are from LA it's very British. The material is well produced but I don't think it's strong enough to make any big waves.

It's not until you get to the 5th track that anything really stands out - this being 'You' - a kind of Little Angels/Kiss of the Gypsy/Thunder like short ballad which is followed up by the hard bluesy 'Walk with me' that's really got the mojo the way Skin had it in their early days.

An average release for an ok addition for the pop scene where it appears the band seem to be aiming at.


By Glenn Milligan


Jaded Heart - Trust
(Ulftone Music - 2004)

Melodic Hard Rock from Germany with big vocals and large keyboards complete with thrusting guitar and loud drumming. OK, it's typically generic but a lot of this music is as some would say "stuck in the 80's. Us at Metalliville don't mind that fact at all because we dig it, especially Dave Attrill who never shuts up about the genre - he can't get enough of it.

This album is hard for all you AOR/Melodic Rock fans not to take a liking to and no doubt you'll be countlessly be playing the ballad 'If I Lose' or the rocking 'Healer'; the warm and positive Mr. Big-like 'Masquerade'; the momentous, bluesy, power-ballad 'let it rain' and my personal favourite on the album - the slide guitar electric blues of 'Sweet Summertime' or the belting 'Hating You'.

Give this band a chance - they definitely deserve a big break outside Europe.


By Glenn Milligan

JEZEBEL - Legionnes Del Sur
(Cruz Del Sur - 2004)

No don't worry, not Jezebel that might have once had Gene Loves… tacked on the front of their name but a different animal altogether…. of the bloody good-power metal-act-from-Spain variety. Their nation's Locomotive label have proved themselves a growing contender in the European market over the past two years and another homegrown contributor, Jezebel, support the case.

Again in the language of their land, the songs make for more than one pleasant listen and European festival organisers should be queuing up for them having heard their brand of Royal Hunt-meets-Iron Maiden-meets-Gamma Ray mayhem. Strong and effective use of all instruments, keys and guitars in particular pave this band's pathway and while the vocals are not exactly dissimilar to many of their mould, nothing at all is spoilt and there are also some very powerful solos adjoining those chorus melodies.

A solid hard slab of trad metal shaped to please, except those who aren't in favour of having to get to grips with lyrics in foreign language. Gene might not love this Jezebel but I certainly do.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Iron Maiden, Gamma Ray, Royal Hunt, Last Tribe, Ring Of Fire, Queensryche

(Frontiers/Now & Then - 2004)

One of the old favourites again, ain't it. A fellow runs out of new ideas, for the time being anyway, so decides in desperation to inform everyone to their relief that he is still around, by rehashing a collection of his band's golden oldies. Survivor vocal legend Jimi Jamison is today's offender but he has offended diddly squat with this pristine latter of songs that deserve such a loyal makeover without damaging their original structure.

'Cry Tough', 'I'm Always Here', 'First Day of Love', 'Have Mercy', 'Just Beyond The Clouds', 'A Dream Too Far' and 'Calling America' are amongst songs that have remained classics over two decades thanks in part to their use on various TV shows, including a certain LA seaside-based drama series. Whether Jim Peterik was also involved in the recordings is at the time of writing unknown but whoever that is behind the ivories this time round knows his job just as well.

The additional three live numbers are the band at their barnstorming best, Jamison's voice no less powerful than on record. Just one song missing though, you know...er...Na... Na Na Na,... Na Na Na,.. Na Na Na-a-a-a-


By Dave Attrill

Jan. 2004
JADIS - Frantic
(Inside-Out - SPV)

Believe it or not, this is the sixth album by melodic prog rockers Jadis. The progressive edge in the production for 'Frantic' expands it past the barriers of regular melodic rock without delving into contemporary ideas.

Less is more and this disc reflects the time taken not to put too much in so as to spoil what is a good album. Every track conveys the idea of meaning to what the songs are about, with great effect.

Each instrument is given space to shine - although still guitar-based, it doesn't dominate and works with the harmonies to make a bright creative sound that doesn't become repetitive or stale.


By Steve Windle

JAGUAR - Run Ragged
(Angel Air Records - 2003)

Rising from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix, the NWOBHM scene seems intent on a complete second coming as another machine's cobwebs are dusted away. Jaguar were one of the first bands of this scene to reform, following Diamond Head and as was a quite likely case as for Scotland's Holocaust, only one original member remains in the club. Guitarist Garry Peppard may look like a stranger in this time, surrounded by his three comparatively younger present-day bandmates - some of which look less out of place in a nu-metal/skate act but there is still Jaguar's music to be heard under the disguise.

Rekindling their eighties melodic thrash metal sound to applauded effect has done the rejuvenated group a degree of credit with Peppard's age, as always no detriment in the slightest. Relying on diversity all the same, 'Run Ragged', 'Feng Shui' and 'No Change Given' fall amongst the more accelerated numbers, burning along in good ol' thrashin' fashion versus the more varied vibes generated by 'Nailed', 'Stray', 'Eighties' and 'My Weakness'.

A good mixture even if the latter mentioned four are shoved into the back end of the album and the overall samey-ness of the speed-propelled six opening tunes does absorb a bit after track 5 - try mixing the order up a bit better in future, lads. Other than that, most of the material weighs in at worth its money, so fans in particular (if there are still any around) will find this Jaguar not quite an XJS but one of the better standard saloons.


By Dave Attrill

Jesters Moon - S/T
(Bangin' Moon Corporation - S/T - 2002)

Very much metal of the 80's old school order that comes from Oregon, USA. Crunchy old choppin' riffs with a vocalist who sounds like a choked up monster cross with Bon Scott.

It's highly likable especially for the Priesty presence from a different band. Highlights include the atmospheric 'User' and the head up 'n' downing of 'Your on your own' with its swirly vocal heights and gutsy riffing.

It's Studded jackets, long hair and denim music down at the front of the stage stuff.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Pre-July 2003

Well I have heard it all now, Jesse James are a soul/punk band that are crossed between Clash, Dexy's mixed with your favourite bands like Snuff, Less than Jake, Reel Big fish and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

This twelve track CD comes complete with a six piece band that kicks ass with the style of music that is going around the circuit at the moment, it's full of enthusiasm and go to liven up any party, It also came with a CD-Rom for all you youngsters who can be bothered to put it in you computer. If you aren't sure about the full CD then purchase the single 'Empty Tank', which also includes 'Waste of time' and 'Wendy'.

It's nothing new for what is coming out at the moment but they are a band that will do well by jumping on the bandwagon of popular music and it's a band that will become popular very quick. Kids will love it.


By Tony Watson

Jetboy - One more for Rock 'n' Roll

(Perris Records - 2002)

Let's hear it for good old sleaze festers 'Jetboy' who's bass player is Hanoi Rocks man, Sam Yaffa. This is a compilation of their 'Damned Nation' and 'Feel the Shake' albums - in fact this there's an unreleased version of 'Feel the Shake' on here. It's a song that's very much in the AC/DC 'Problem Child/Highway to Hell' vein with a bit of 'Night Prowler' stuck in there as well.

Kiss's 'Hard Luck Woman' is performed brilliantly and I'm sure Peter Criss would give it a thumbs-up and a large smiling face. Yaffa's other band comes into mind during 'Rock 'n' Roller' due to its trashy 12-bar riff and squawking harmonica playing.

Two of the most renown numbers in the collection have got to be the country-bluesy, acoustic masterpiece 'Live and Die' that'd fit snugly on The Rolling Stones 'Beggars Banquet' album and the fantastic ditty entitled 'Bloody Hands' - now did Poison write 'Every Rose..' after hearing this or was the other way round - I'll let you decide when you hear it.

I wish we had bands around like this now - times change but in this case, not for the better. Jetboy's turn into Jetmen but the musical magic that was created will never die.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

JoboJ - X
(Quad Records - 2002)

A few expressions that came to mind when listening to this LA, California guitar slinging nut-fruit that calls himself 'JoboJ' (real name - Joe Bochar) are: Heavy, Dark and Rampant (e.g.the tunes 'Chest Compression V.6' and 'X'), deep, crazy, experimental (e.g. the number, 'Tryptochen Junkie'), Jazzy and exquisite (e.g. the ditty, 'Condiment Bomb')... the list goes on and on.

A kind of fusionist that'll try anything and make it work kinda character in an all instrumental offering who has done demos for Hernandez, Cakewalk and Sonar Guitars.

He's like no other and seems to like squishy sounds as well as scrape noises, not to mention loads of off-the-wall muse stylings.

This is well recommended even for those of you who usually hate instrumental guitar albums.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

JOURNEY - Red 13
(Frontiers/Now & Then - 2002)

Melodic rocks acts do like to try something different from time to time but it pays. However, it also does to give your loyal followers a fuller picture of what to expect as the less open-minded are quite unforgiving when they suddenly fail to recognise the band they once knew. I don't think that many LA Guns fans were fighting over copies of 1997 album 'American Hardcore' when they heard it, either. So has this deterred Journey from taking the same liberty. Don't sound like it.

'State Of Grace' roars through like another band cheeky enough to call themselves Journey have stolen the limelight. Don't kid yourself though, it is Neal Schon's nice boys of Rock n' Roll beyond this dark searing slice of newly bred intensity that the San Fran legends have barely been seen dead writing. Well, on the other hand, it does bear a faint resemblance to 'Edge Of The Blade' but hey, I'm already enjoying it. So is current frontman Steve Augeri, I'd say as he sings with the same crystal clarity of that other chap called Steve who I think used to be in the band. (oooh, pushing it there, Dave). 'State Of Grace' is a leap back to the Journey of old(er) but with a contemporary groove that sounds like a revisit to Augeri's Tall Stories days - yes, we wouldn't mind another T.S. album one day, Steve.

No release from Journey gets away ballad-free and that means four-track EPs as well. 'Walking Away From The Edge' is the band doing just that as they turn and head back inland to what their fans know and appreciate the most. 'I Can Breathe' arcs noticeably back to Schon and drummer Dean Castronovo's pre-Hardline act, the excellent Bad English, but knowing Neal Schon, any guitar work of his fits any tune of his by any band of his.

So, in the end, the material might not incur the wrath of many cynics alike and although I liked it either way, they've bridged the gap between old and new with only the best bricks. Journey, a band who've stood the test of time twofold, and now on a certain label, named after one of their greatest albums, look like securing a possible UK slot in the next year or two.


By Dave Attrill

Steevi Jaimz - Damned if I do (damned if I don't)
(Perris Records/Starry Eyes - 2001)

Welcome to the Planet of non-stop party sleaze-glam soundz - and here's your ringmaster - Steevi Jaimz (the original vocalist of Tigertailz - and I'm talking 'Young and Crazy' here). I witnessed this crazy dude in his wacko striped socks serenading the audience in Nottingham last year (2001) - and man, what a show - he was impressive and funnily enough, so is this album that comprises of various tracks recorded between '82 and '94.

This is a true indication on what many people in the UK are missing out on - why listen to some miserable noisy bunch of upstarts when you could have a damn fine time with happy 80's styled hair metal numbers (a Poison goes Pretty Boy Floyd sort of vein). I'm talking blow the roof off here with bangin' belters of a positive riotous style that include 'Ragamuffin', 'Shaken (not stirred)', 'Talk of the town', the cock-rocking, 'Take me to the limit' and the epic 'Cat on a hot tin roof' that's up there in my favourite sleaze song top ten - it's one of those fruit pastilles of the music world - I invite anybody to try and get through it without singing along to the chorus.

It's not all glitter though - there are some heavier, serious moments such as 'Sorrow's got a hold on me' or the Ozzy styled 'Gods will fly'.

Steevi Jaimz and his band are one of those rare outfits that make me proud to be from the UK - and that don't happen too often, I can tell ya !! A lot of the blighty output has been an embarrassing dirge or aimed straight at the kiddies - oh dear. It's great that Steevi has stuck to his guns and firing out what he and his band do best - and that's giving us a damn good time - at least somebody from this country is capable of it.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

(INSIDE-OUT MUSIC SPV 085-41852 - 2002)

For the people who aren't familiar with The Jelly Jam, minus the keyboardist of Platypus and this is what is left, since the departure of Derek Sherinian the three remaining members continued under a new name of The Jelly Jam. For those who know of Platypus this is not Platypus, it's a complicated but interesting rock 'n' roll record.

The CD opens a door of classic progressive rock that releases the stamp of the individual musicians, which has come out due to the unique chemistry they share as a band and the individual personalities they have with their instruments but the majority of this masterpiece is based on Ty's marital problems. From 'I Can't Help You' to 'No Remedy' through to 'Nature's Girl' and 'Reliving' to the unforgettable 'Under the Tree', The Jelly Jam hit you with every emotion a human being could encounter through out a lifetime.

It may take a couple of listens to appreciate the full extent of what the CD is all about but once you get there, it will blow you away, the intensity and excitement it bring with every listen will have you playing it for years to come.


By Tony Watson

Jaded Heart - The Journey Will Never End
(MTM 2002)

Bombastic 80's Rock with squawky high Coverdale lead vocals and loud bv's to place the icing firmly on the cake.

Loud 'n' Proud music in the good old arena support group style, in fact Jaded heart have toured alongside Glenn Hughes and Mother's Finest in 1994 and Axxis and Heaven's Gate in 1997. Emulating bands like Whitesnake and Def Leppard (especially the ballad 'Only Human' that's even got that Bryan Adams flavour). The cocky rap riffage in 'We'll drag you down' reminds me of reminds of one those early Danger Danger numbers, the title escapes me (but feel free to e-mail me the name of the song I'm thinkin' of). Jaded Heart incorporate the best rock values of the last 20 or so years in all things Melodic.

Singer/Song-writer and Guitarist, Michael Borman (once a member of Bonfire) definitely shows that he is no new boy to the scene who thrusts ballsy melodic rock at you (the ditty called 'Dangerous Destiny'coming to mind straight away) as well as a plentiful splattering of ballads (that by no means are dribbling stocking fillers - which can be very much the case at times).

The album has been produced by Tommy Newton who has been associated with Helloween, Victory and Scorpions, so little wonder that it's production is big in all matter of the terms.

I'd like to say that they'll be headlining a tour of their own some day - maybe in a year or two I'll be able to chisel 'Jaded Heart Headline Tour coming to your city soon' - let's see what happens after their appearance at Z-Rock on May 5th 2002.
This is how Melodic Rock should sound - you can count on Jaded Heart to stop Melodic Rock sounding sour 'n' stale. Turn your amps up to 11.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Toby Jepson - Refresh EP

It is my belief that rap-metal is not going to go down in history as a good idea, popular as bands like "Linkin Park" are making it. Nah. What the UK music scene has been deprived of in recent years is good - call it old-fashioned if you like - heartfelt, loud, guitar-driven, pop-inflected ROCK.

Believe me, that's exactly what the Refresh EP delivers.

And its music you can feel good about. In stark contrast to "Ignorance is Bliss" this is a record about life, about living, and about getting on with it. It is five songs of pure, unadulterated rock written from the heart and delivered with raw abandon by Toby and his new band.

The opener "Unwind" is a high tempo, frenzied assault on your ear lobes with a riff that just ruins guitar strings. The second track, "Breakdown" is as catchy a grit rock stomper as you'll ever condescend to lend an ear to. "Forgiveness" has plenty of raw energy bottled up that releases after the opening verse; you could be forgiven for thinking that this was going to be a ballad, but no this one turns out to be a bass-y little number with a very catchy chorus.

The title track "Refresh Yourself" waxes lyrical about refreshing oneself, and this seems to be what Toby has done with the recording of this EP. Gone are the daemons, gone is the past, it is clear from the lyrics in this out-and-out rocker that Toby is looking to the future. A future that - if this EP is anything to go by - is going to be very bright.

The last track, "My aim is true" then takes the tempo down a little with the obligatory ballad, though there's not a piano in sight. And as you'll no doubt recall from his Angels' days, ballads are something that Toby does well. I can see this song going down a storm at future live shows, the fans will sing along word perfect, just as they ever did.

To summarise, with the Refresh EP, Toby hasn't gone for over-the-top theatrics, or complex melodies. He just lets the music - original music - do the talking. And the music is good, very good indeed. This EP will have you hitting the repeat button on your CD player for sure.

By Iain Roy


Jorn - Worldchanger
(Now & Then/Frontiers Records - 2001 -

Cat. no. FR CD 095)

David Coverdale had a Norwegian love child and he was named Jorn - no, not really - but Jorn Lande's voice is a dead-ringer for the Whitesnake front-man.

Musically Jorn are incredibly Sabbathy and have the ability to match much of the Brummie bands style in just one album. The opener 'Tungur Knivur' is very much like something you'd hear on their 'Headless Cross' album - loud 'n' ballsy with earth-shaking vocals - I guess you get the picture. Also enclosed are generous helpings of dirty hard melodious rock (a la 'Whitesnake) that will keep you entertained on a cold winters night and a quite fitting example of this is the brilliant 'Sunset Station'. You won't be able to control yourself from loving the Irish styled riff contained in the songs guitar solo - which numbers of this mature aren't complete without.

Call it an over-used term but his band is 'awesome' - they play classy rock that should be heard worldwide on all radio-stations on a regular basis - I wish (but in this sad pathetic commercialised world it'll never happen - unless big bucks are paid). But still, it's great to know that albums like this still get released - even though they get virtually no airplay whatsoever.

It's a thoroughly enjoyable listen for lovers of mid to late 80's Heavy Rock. Take the powerful onslaught of 'Bless the Child' where double bass drums rule thanks to the bangin' talents of Jon Arksel 'Hellhammer'. The title-track 'Worldchanger' is well worth a few listens. On bass we have Sid Ringsby and on the screechingly flamboyant six-string axe is Tore Moren who complete the unit.

This album is great mature Hard Rock that Black Sabbath, Dio and Whitesnake fans will love dearly.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Jet Set Satellite - Blueprint
(Nettwerk Productions 2001)


The new signing to Nettwerk Productions, 'Jet Set Satellite' have a very 'Mother Love Bone/Alice in Chains' sting to them.

The two main members (both Canadian) go by the names of Trevor Tuminski (Vocals/Guitar) and Dave Swiecicki (Keyboards/Guitar). They are joined by guests like the folk singer Martha Wainwright (the daughter of Canadian folk icon, Kate McGarrigle), the former Delerium member/Fear Factory Producer Rhys Fulber (who provides 'Nine Inch Nail-esque' programming on 'The night it went too far'.

It's impossible to get bored with this album, which cannot be categorised - take the Indian crossed with Grunge Vibe of the opener, 'Lies by the Thousands'. Tell you what, I'm sure I've heard the single 'Best way to die' before as it's one of those catchy rock efforts that sticks in your head. This has actually been a big hit at radio level in Canada and should do as well over here in the U.K. The song is also included as an unannounced bonus track (in its original form).

The title track, 'Blueprint' reminds me of 'The Cornell's '74/75, which was forever on VH-1 or MTV a couple of years ago. 'The Goodbye Letter' brings back all those magical memories of bands like Soundgarden and Faith No More, while some piping hot riffs come spiralling off 'Baby, cool your jets' which is a swirling majestic piece of up-to-date rock.

'After the Rain' sees Jet Set Satellite go back to the dark emotions of Alice in Chains and worth noting are the samples from Rhys Fulber - although the open snare sound is annoying - but maybe the band wanted this to be the case. 'Tinfoil Star' is a miserable song about an unhappy guy, which could have been nicked from Pink Floyd - it's of that calibre, honest!! 'Afterglow' (no it's not a cover of the old Small Faces song), but is another that could have been stolen from under Roger Water's bed - a moody number which you could imagine being an out-take from 'The Wall'.
'Suddenly' is a melodramatic number that vocally reminds me of ex-Gun 'n' Roses bassist 'Duff McKagan', but like the previous two, has that Floydy feel running through it.

This band could be the next big thing over here, especially with regard to the Indie fans, Kerrang/Metal Hammer Readership and Students in general. It will also have a large appeal to lovers of Grunge and even the odd Pink Floyd fan.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Eric Johnson/Alien Love Child - Live and Beyond
(Favoured Nations 2001)


Eric Johnson has been influenced by a number of remarkable six-string wonders like Steve Vai, Les Paul as well groups like The Beatles and The Ventures and gone on to become a sought after artist himself. Mr. J has done session work for the likes of Cat Stevens, Christopher Cross and Carole King, to name but a few. In fact, his second solo album 'Ah Via Musicom' turned out to be the scoring commercial goal he needed, due to 3 instrumental singles from the same said album going top 10 in any format which has never been achieved before.

'Live and Beyond' is the new 5" spinner from the renowned Grammy award winning guitarist, Eric Johnson and the band Alien Love Child. Made up of himself (vocals, guitar), Bill Maddox (percussion, drums and samples) and Chris Mansch (bass, bass keys and vocals) - a true Blues force, that are worth checking out. This album finds the guys captured live at a knockout gig in front of a well-appreciative Texan audience (dating back to January 2000).

The set list is a carefully chosen batch of fresh material - and is piled high with some brilliant songs like 'Last House on the Block' (which has that the ZZ Top and Humble Pie drive plastered together with Eric sounding very like Glenn Hughes, with even a short section of Jazz bliss there too). In 'Live and Beyond' you'll come across a number of styles, including the Jazz-Rock fusion mode of 'Rain', the slow blues of 'Once a part of me' and 'World of Trouble' or the Texan blues stop-start thang that is 'The Boogie King' (a tribute to John Lee Hooker).

Every number is a highlight. Take, 'Zenland' for example, which to me, comes across as a nice mix of Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani melted into one. Then there's the 12-barry 'Enzo Shuffle', the blues of 'Don't cha know' where Malford Milligan takes Centre stage with the mike or 'Shape I'm In', with Eric on vocals. The completely unpredictable instrumental 'Elevator Sky Movie' (where Eric sounds like Pete Townshend trapped in the body of Chet Atkins or Vice-Versa) is a pure element of surprise.

Steve Vai in the album promo biography states that,

'Eric has more colour tone in his fingers than Van Gogh had on his palette. His touch on guitar is honest and intimate. He is one of those few musicians who keeps getting better and better.'

This live album is most definitely one of those that will be on the top of the buying list of lovers of articulate precision blues guitar playing. A magical album that will warm your heart in good ole blues fashion.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

The Juliana Theory- Emotion Is Dead

(Tooth and Nail Records -2000)

Released last year this is US indie-pop, which sounds like a cross between the
basis of "Ash" with the dark brooding electronica of Placebo. That said this
still sounds uniquely original. The haunting instrumental title track "Emotion
Is Dead" wouldn't sound out of place on a Garbage album. This album is truly
one interesting and fascinating experience to listen to. Plenty of standout
tracks here to sing along to. Notably "Don't Push Love Away", with its catchy
poppy chorus, and "We're At The Top Of The World, which includes lots of 'Sha
La La La La's' to make this particular track stick in your mind like
superglue. Unashamedly commercial guitar pop and brooding melancholy. A
definite winner on the radio and on your home music system.


By David Roberts, BA Hons FS


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