January 2017

Neon Alley – S/T
(DMV Music – 2016)

Dave Vacarro’s new Trio who play some real sweet melodic rock on this CD. I remember him from the DMV Project a few moons ago.

Cooking cover of ‘Jailhouse Rock’ on here that has a different spin on the musical arrangement and works beautifully with other lovely originals like ‘All I Want’; ‘Let Your Lovin’ Come Down’ that is rather Stonesy on the rhythm riff; the slipper stomping ‘Piece Of The Pie’ and throbbing gutsy closer ‘Til I’m Done’.

Cracking debut – get your asses on a support tour in the UK!


By Glenn Milligan

January/February 2016

Natural Born Killers – Unhandled Exception (E.P.)
(S/R – 2015)

Female fronted Metal band from Italy who have been together since 2009 who are both brutal, in-your-face and melodic as well.

They put me in mind of In This Moment & meets Lita Ford meets Broadzilla & Doro and such like on this four tracker that maes each song totally stand out in its own right though ‘Everlasting Grace’ – the last number is easily the best one.

Powerful and very epic!


By Glenn Milligan

Nice As Pie – A Body Of Work
(Doobie Music – 2015)

A chilled out, laid back blues, rock and roll and rock 16 tracker put together by a bunch of guys who simply seem to be doing it literally for their enjoyment and nothing more with anything else appearing to be a bonus.

Based around a drummer in Jutland, Denmark called Steve Porter who brought guys in to be part of it including harmonica player Charlie McKoy of Leo Sayer Fame, Blues Guitarist, Todd Sharpville and Tom Jones’ keyboardist, Paddy Milner.

So much going on such as the Santana like ‘Bad Girl’; the blues of ‘Drunk Stoned Stupid’; the two Bowie voiced and styled ‘All In The Mind’ or the funk-pop of ‘What Ya Gonna Do’ to the mysterious closer ‘Sold Me Tonight’.

Some interesting stuff on here.


By Glenn Milligan


NEODYME - La Signature Dub Temps
(S/R - 2015)

Very politely interpreted as 'The Time Signature' by the sleeve, there is necessity to wonder how many of them this French-Canadian bunch are actually trying out in the space of a six -track album.

Major influences of Spocks Beard and Flower Kings fly left right and centre and although most of these tracks are of epic-sized proportion, the substance is evident. Everything is tried out for size, from synths, and jazz strings to swish, ambient woodwind. Despite the developing near-tedium of closing track 'En Orbite' at a time-testing 14-minutes-50, this is a respectable effort, of the hundred-to-the-penny Canada's rock scene provides each year... almost religiously.

A worthy play.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.neodyme.ca

NITRITT - Slumber
(S/R - 2015)

Norwegian youngsters Nitritt run the risk of being mistaken for Irish heavyweights The Answer and that almost doesn't stop at the promo photo.

Old fashioned hard rock appears just as much this sprightly foursome's game alone though saying that they are at least equally as good. Driving guitar grooves get their foot in from the start of belting opening track 'Do It Yourself' and stay the way through Slumber, Wish I Could Fly, Bleed, Resolution and just about the rest follow suite.

Touching on similar territory to AOR goliaths Tyketto, especially on the acoustic-led title cut, the rough and ready green of frontman Ivan Tokheim moves the songs around like a finger on a laptop mouseboard, directing the passion and power of each through his delivery. If you enjoy your rock sitting on the porch of a seaside hut with a guitar held to your chest, and a crate of beers at your side, these guys, will stand no danger of boring you into a slumber...unless it's this one.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Free, Bad Company, Bon Jovi & Reef

NET: www.facebook.com/nitritt


Chet Nichols – Band In The Basement
(Magic Garage Records – 2014)

A collection of songs that have been re-worked since they were originally recorded by Chets band in the 60’s called The Chosen Few in each others parents and have all since passed away.

It’s pretty good although ‘I’m The Ice Cream Man’ is basically a reworking of the John Brim original that was made famous years later by Van Halen while ‘I Come From Chicago’ steals its riff from Booker T And The MG’s ‘Green Onions’. There’s the humourously titled ‘If You See Kaye’ or the slow country, funked blues of ‘I Hurt Too Much To Squeeze’.

Light-hearted listening and enjoyable.


By Glenn Milligan

NOT A GOOD SIGN - From a Distance
(S/R - 2015)

Italian proggies, Not A Good Sign sound anything but what their name indicates, especially if you're after a slight dash (or more than that) of Dream Theater from the start onward.

The styles do blend amicably well as expected and despite dragging a moment or two, here and there, abusing the time span is not a habit of theirs - only one tune exceeds the seven minute mark. Crisply produced musicianship pays the usual dividends, in helping tracks like 'Wait For Me', 'Going Down', 'Flying Over Cities',   'Not Now' and 'Pleasure of Drowning' to be appreciated in their note-perfection as Alessio Callendriello's atmospheric voice serves to boost the beauty of each.

The keyboards do their usual tricks and a lot more besides, and although certain elements occasionally irritate, change tone often enough as to avoid turning tedious.  Superbly performed art as always, this one could be enjoyed from a distance... still, it's best you sit closely enough that you can reach the repeat button after it's finished.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE:  Dream You-Know-Who, Flower Kings & Pink Floyd.

NET: www.notagoodsign.org


New Babylon – My New Baby (E.P.)
(S/R – 2014)

Killer quintet who crank up some ballsy rock for your listening pleasure who’s vocalist in Wolf funnily enough puts me in mind of the dude from Wolfmother – chances of that?

Highlights include the opening ‘Can’t Stop’ and title track ‘My New Baby’ although I feel there no need for such swearing in songs since it downgrades the songs in my humble opinion to an infantile level unless that was their mission.

Okay but plenty more bands that sound like this about.


By Glenn Milligan

March 2015

(Sonic Revolution - 2014)

German-speaking (and singing) Swiss foursome NachtSchatten unleash their debut long -player onto the face of the earth in the shape of 'Prolog'.

A much awaited work by their following, I'm still not sure I myself am that deep amongst them myself to start with though it does grow a little as it goes along. The grindy guitars, set to a swish backdrop of keyboard is always going to entice me towards it but having heard the first half, I feel myself hearing it more or less all over again. Nice guitar use as always still cranks up the credit levels so less damage than you'd dread.

Definitely best however to acquaint with this stuff live first.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Rammstein & Emperor.

NET: nachtschatten-band.com


(S/R - 204)

Polish foursome NewspaperFlyHunting come as unorthodox as their tag. Combining ambient alternative rock with industrial layering, their formula is familiar fodder although a male/female switch between tunes, vocals-wise sinks the stuff in and you soon hear a steady click.

The eight tunes enclosed span between four and nearly nine-and-a-half minutes but epic numbers like 'The Third Sun', 'Lighthouse' and 'Looking Through The Glass' have substance and little tedium to trade on and their sound attracts modestly.

'Iceberg Soul' is one you can be sure to enjoy if this is your scene but it still might take its sharper parts to bring the ships down.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.newspaperflyhunting.bandcamp.com

NO. 1408 - Vuilwater
(S/R - 2014)

Does this by any chance, interpret as meaning the fourteen-hundred-and-eighth Dutch metal act to emerge playing this type of sweet old school noise? If so, my thanks to the Netherlands for their decades of musical contributions.

'Vuilwater' is a sweet taster from these four speedy-fingered gents, stripping everything down to the bone and bringing the best of what's left into the middle in nine mighty lumps. Snarly punk metal and thrash menace meet headlong and hit in the delicate bit between the legs as 'Tredmarden', 'Gribus', 'Kapot', 'Grijpgraag', 'Hanf ze Hoog' and 'Verdwaald' attack, sung in their native tongue but still not to be laughed at. Tear apart your bedroom to this beauty as more boys from the big bit across the channel leave their immortal footprint.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Metallica, Anthrax & Therapy.

NET: www. cdbaby.com/cd/no1408


NEOPERA - Destined Ways
(Ear Music - 2014)

Quite a who's who of the German melodic metal scene, Neopera boast the services of Gamma Ray bass legend Dirk Schlater amongst their proudest cogs in this catchy collection.

Not to mention of course Dark Age shredder Jorn Schubert, the brains behind the brilliance of Destined Ways' himself. Threading growly extreme metal intensity in and out through a fabric consisted mostly of mellow male /female led symphonic metal, the 'opera' in the title is somewhat a spoiler to the plot. Nina Jiers's serenely uber-velvet voice sails across every water, whilst the storms of speed metal and sonic keyboard lightning strike out but never sink this magnificent musical ship.

Pulling in some fantastic solos from the seas, there would be confusion over ether its the singing or the guitar stage if listening from shores afar. Rich and ready rhythms and signature switches - and an absence of seven-twelve minute epics - see you race across this one strangely fast. Rarely the destined way with an album of its genre, this debut is nonetheless a definite calling card to classically tutored metal.

Lovely work Jorn.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Mostly Autumn & Kamelot.

NET: www. neopera.com


NULL PARADOX - Gertrude & Grace
(S/R - 2014)

A steampunk rock opera...of all unexperienced combinations in the rockular constellations of space.

Stuff that, these guys...and two gals are on a winner with this. Slick, cruising dual guitar work without pretence powers up with each of these eleven tracks as frontwoman Robyn Christine duly removes the earth wire, rendering it lethal in its emotions. Strong ballad moments like piano based 'Black & White' tell a lot of the story through her tantalising melody' in a way rarely even achieved by Roger Daltrey on 'Tommy'.

A tantalising touch of work, that at only forty two minutes is actually criminally underlong, 'Gertrude & Grace' is indeed full of grace from beginning to end. Die hard concept album addict as I am this is not just another little one to the collection. 9/10

By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Evanescence, No Doubt & Heart

NET: NullParadox.com

March/April 2014

Nasty Crue – Rock ‘N’ Roll Nation
(Nasty Records – 2013)

This is full-on, strictly no apologies in your face hair metal – rip-off name aside (you know the bit I mean), they are a pretty excellent band with strong harmonies, bombastic riffs and songs to match.

It’s a kinda Steel Panther meets Poison with a few others thrown in the mix too and are actually based in Poland of all places. It’s a short mini-album that clocks in at just over 27 minutes but in that duration are some tongue in cheek cheesy 80’s like songs such as the stonkin’ opener ‘The Last Piece Of My Heart’; the sure-to-be-a-hit ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Nation that comes in 2 versions and a hilarious parody of a famous Christmas carol in ‘Jingle Balls’.

Crank it!


By Glenn Milligan

NEED - Ovram - A Song For Home
(Trailblazer Records - 2014)

Greek metallers Need have been knocking round the continent with profile already at the time of his third album.

Having given the preceding two a blast before setting my teeth into this, it looks like I'm right to expect meat I can chew on this band's musical bone. Nice and nasty metal riffing with progressive development, taking you into the centre of every tune and out again is a useful gimmick for any band to boast of. Fiery Fates Warning-meets-Machine Head -style paces pound you about, with a versatile voice in our friend Jon V... who himself holds a remarkable Robb Flynn vibe in his pipes.

Setting it straight, these guys don't do fast, they do deep, angry and also subtle songs so if you like them built from bricks cemented by thought, 'Lifeknot', 'Symettrade', 'Mother Madness' and closing title tune 'Ovram' with its occasioning Deep Purple-like keyboards should not leave you fleeced.

Definitely one you Need to check out.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE : Paradise Lost, Porcupine Tree, Candlemass & Dream Theater.

NET: www.needband.bandcamp.com


Willie Nile - American Ride
(River House Records - 2013)

This dude kinda conjures up the sounds of Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan all in one from the opening couple of songs with even the voice of all three as well - uncanny.

He's been around for 35 years so I am amazed that I've only just heard of him because I was sent this CD. This is a great album of a dozen songs with plenty of highlights in the title track 'American Ride' that is a great name-checkin' road-travellin' ditty of parts of the USA; the Springsteen like 'If I Ever See The Light'; the happy-hearted 'God Laughs'; the religious angst of 'Holy War'; piano ballad that is 'The Crossing' and the jollity of country closer 'There's No Place Like Home'.

A notable artist indeed who is rated by the likes of Bono and Lucinda Williams and even shared stages with the Boss before not to mention being highly rated by the BBC and Rolling Stone Magazine and it's little wonder why after hearing this latest release of his.

Check him out.


By Glenn Milligan


NUDE - Plastic Planet
(My Kingdom Music - 2013)

Nude...er blimey what are this lot about to ladle onto us?

With such an unusual name comes the unusual noise but its a nicely different approach these Italians have on industrial metal. Aggressive ambient elements swing and pump their synth prowess through thumping beats and big choruses with the guitars not getting heard til second tune 'Down In The Garden'. No angry extreme vocal growls as one almost suspects are on the way from the promo description, this is Indie Electro Goth enjoying a rare listenable escapade.

Fabio Calluori's strings struggle for prominence until three tracks in which is a pity as he sounds as proficient as the rest but the keyboard and rhythm section swoops by with a sterling attack on the senses that gets you back again time after time. Mightily inspirational stuff - let hope a new wave does indeed wash against these shores again soon.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Sisters of Mercy, HIM, Killing Joke & New Order.

NET: www.myspace.com/nudeband


The New Number 2 - Beatiful Creatures (OST)
(Sony Classical - 2013)

A soundtrack album that features Son of George Harrison, Dhani that is very atmospheric, classical and jam packed wirth plenty of orchestration as you'd expect.

Best cuts include 'Lena's Magic/The Love Theme'; the slightly Dhani vocalled 'Make It Home (Ridley's Siren Remix)'; 'Searching For The Curse', 'The Honey Hill Stomp' whivh is a killer bluesy piece, the acousticy 'n' electronicy 'Run To Me' and the closing real song 'Never Too Late' which is very spooky and brilliant.

It's okay but rather generic like many of those dark fantasy film sountracks usually are but In am guess that is what the film company wanted.


By Glenn Milligan

John Nickoloff - Get Out Of My Way (E.P.)
(S/R - 2013)

Frontman from Daytona, Florida who is the singer for a band called RainLord, Naked Rachel and NICKOLOFF who some of you Floridians may have seen or heard of in the last few years.

This is a 5 track Cd that rocks real well with Mr. Nickoloff reminding me of Johnny Lima in the vocal dept. Highlights on here - well all of it actually as it's so damn good. Okay there's the brash 'Friends Like These'; the hard hitting, great riffing opening title track 'Get Out Of My Way' or the heartached balladeering 'Not Giving Up'. It's as though he's picked some of the best material he's written and brought the songs together for this grandoise e.p. that has one hell of a great sound to it too.



By Glenn Milligan


Neverwonder - Really Let It Out (E.P.)
(S/R - 2013)

An awesome ep from the female fronted Neverwonder that features 5 numbers in all.

A real warm, emotional release it is too that opens up with the gospel like rockin' 'Help Me' and then there's the heartfelt 'Spinning' ballad that comes in the original form and also as a lounge version too. If you don't 'Let It Out' of the sleeve and get it cranked up through them speakers it really is a crime!

One of California's finest outfits indeed.


By Glenn Milligan


NAIVE - Illuminatis
(S/R - 2012)

I have stumbled across these three creative yoing men before.

Naive peddle prog rock noise that sometimes is just noise but at the marginal best of times still under the 'p'-worded category. You are not advised to approach if you dislike short songs as these seven vary between 6:15 and 13:30 but if the uniquely crafted content takes your possible fancy theres fairly plenty to ride on.

Neat vocals and samples from mainman Jouch sent up a strongly ambient aroma and whilst the trademark 'trip-hop' element of their style does tend often to trip up around everything else there is little here to instantly rubbish. Good sharp piano and acoustic work, especially holding up the hull of 'Luna Militis' provides the higher of points about this cd evwn if thats not solely how these lads intend us to interpret.

Experimental rock carried off satisfactorily again even if a little too rough around the edges at times.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.myspace.com/naive

January 2013

Naughty Whisper - Addicted To Decadence
(SG Records - 2012)

Now these guys are a Scandinavian quartet who appear miles ahead in what I've heard in metal for a long time with overall elements of heaviness meshed with gothic and industrial undertomes at the right moments.

Vocally it is very high, scrachy and abrasive, putting me in mind of that Wednesday 13 style of singing - shouty but perfectly in pitch with really strong melodies and arrangements both in the throatal and musical aspects apiece. They come across very well structured to the point of symphonic without a single orchestra member in sight. Think Fear Factory meets Marilyn Manson, The 69 Eyes and Rob Zombie at times too.

Highlights include the electro startupper 'Welcome To My Nightmare' (not the Alice Cooper song before you ask) that's rather Nailsy; 'My Own Demise'; Poison White' with it's bawly mudmonster vocal intro; 'Everythings Not Lost' and the excellent cover of The Cutting Crews '(I Just) Died In Your Arms (Tonight)' ends this outstanding album too.

Fantastic discovery of an act.


By Glenn Milligan

NEURAL FX - Abreaction
(S/R - 2012)

Mexican metal –interesting… Mexican prog metal - even more so. Monterrey’s Neural FX slam the gas straight down on a good, well-maintained musical vehicle and fly forward away through the dust.

Ten purely straight-laid tracks of technical guitar nicety you only come to expect from a US or European combo by day, make up this captivating album. Moving mainly on a vocal-led structure, Adolfo Torres’ voice belongs to many more than one style in his soulful flair.

Driving alternative/hard rock angst doesn’t come across to dampen the intended orientation of Neural FX’s product, yet it does make for a multi-angular shape. Sharp performances and shrill solos from guitarist Renee Montt, along with occasional female guest vocals shut a pristine, glinting lid across another scintillating South American metal trove.

Vital for the collection.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Fates Warning, Stratovarious & Magnum.

NET: www.neuralfx.net

Neverworld - Welcome To… (E.P.)
(Dreamdemon Recordings - 2010)

Neverworld are a fairly new band to the UK scene only formed in 2009, which is very surprising considering the quality and professional first EP.

The opening track 'They Live (We Sleep)' kicks off the EP in a very traditional progressive heavy metal way with a Judas Priest influence, with very hard edged aggressive, powerful and in places high pitched vocals (very Rob Halfordish) with chugging guitar riffs and powerful drums and bass lines. The song is greatly complimented with the use of keyboards and extra guitar in various sections to give a bit of a power metal feel to the track. 'Into The Heart Of Chaos' is a bit too thrashy and chaotic, but is still worth a listen. The track still contains powerful melodies, progressive metal guitar riffs, powerful aggressive bass lines and powerful drums.

'The Fire' is the longest track on the EP and works as a more commercial track, but still keeps with the whole feel of the EP from the light keyboards passages under the sound of the solid, hard edged guitar riffs. The track shows the versatility of the band from the slow start to the heavy sound of the middle of the song and the very metal end of the song.

Regardless of what genre you put this band in, whether it is heavy, power, progressive or neoclassical metal, Neverworld have made their intention known and is a welcome addition to the world of UK metal. The songs from this, their first EP, demonstrates that there is a lot of talent in this band and what a bright future these guys have.


By Andy Turner

Net: www.neverworldmetal.co.uk www.myspace.com/neverworldmetalwww.last.fm/music/neverworld

NG26 – Open Your Mind
(Holier Than Thou Records - 2011)

I remember gigging with NG26 in 2006 and they were the opening band for a couple of fairly big Midlands bands (Pro-Jekt and Teenage Casket Company) at First Floor (formerly The Rockhouse) in Derby. I remember how good they were then, but now six years later their sound in full on balls to the wall no holds barred alternative metal and with the release of 'Open Your Mind' they have delivered an awesome album. Their attitude to the industry, their song writing ability and their musical ability has matured greatly for the good. As they have as individuals, but they have never lost their politeness and good manners which makes them a promoters delight, which makes a refreshing change in this day and age of the arrogant rock star.

They have stuck to their guns in the genre of metal they play and this shows in all aspects of the bands CD ‘Open Your Mind’ and how this translates to their live performance. The band comprises of two sets of brothers and the line up has not changed since NG26’s first inception. The Derbyshire based noise-merchants have taken a leaf directly from the book of rock as written by such acts as Creed, Alter Bridge and Shinedown, managing to weld some awesomely memorable chorus's with very powerful and melodic vocals. The vocals are impressive, Chris Topley the bands front man, is an awesome vocalist that compliments the superb classy guitar work of Rich Shaw, with thundering bass lines from Rob Shaw and powerful drumming of Jon Topley.

Musically speaking the hard rock tone of this band owes as much to older classic bands as it does to the newer bands mentioned above but they still have a clearly developed their own sound. My 3 favourite songs on the album are the blistering opener 'Bring Back The Day', 'One More Road From Home' (which has an awesome video to it) and the brilliant 'Look To The Sky'. In all honesty though you could put this album on and let it play from start to finish, you wouldn’t want to skip a track - the quality is awesome.

This in an album of top notch alternative anthems and I cannot recommend it highly enough. From their humble beginnings to today, what a band NG26 have turned out to be, these guys have turned out to be a top metal act. If you ever get the chance to go see these guys live do not pass up the chance.


By Andy Turner

Net: www.ng26band.co.uk www.myspace.com/ng26
www.facebook.com/mightyNG26 http://www.reverbnation.com/ng26

NYA - Driving The Nails In
(S/R - 2012)

NYA are a female-fronted UK metal act and one that have come to some few thousand’s attention, at least due to a slot at 2011’s Download.

Dunking together progressive metal and alternative package on the playing face, these five new numbers are strong enough to make one wonder when a full-length album is on the agenda. Aggressive and mellow in chequers, Anezka Piska’s soaring voice is as graceful and emotive as Amy Lee’s on a great day in the garden.

‘Back To You’, ‘Open Your Eyes’ and the solo-friendly ‘Choir Invisible’ lay down the style, each then exiting faster than Anthony Worrall Thompson out of a Tesco store. Giving you hooks and structured song balance, there’s belters aplenty to mull over till their next live visit.


By Dave Attrill

NET: nyaofficial.com


NEW DIPLOMAT - Buy Yourself Some Freedom
(S/R - 2011)

New Diplomat are a Bay Area-based, multi-nation Industrial/alternative fivesome making a maniacal noise that slowly digests across six numbers.

Straight-cut punk-tempo rock, marinated by a thick electro topping is a tried-and-tested-to-death formula though these lads have known that enough to learn they need a little experimentation on the side. Hence then the swish and occasionally Dream Theater/Kamelot -toned keyboard fills which work unexpectedly well against singer Horacio O’Brien Ferres’ stupendously Cobain-alike range.

Though structured conceptually, the tracks are songs alone with size and shape to distinguish from each. Diplomatically crafted, new metal – definitely worth a go, guys and gals.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: 30 Seconds To Mars, Nirvana, Garbage & Feeder.

NET: newdiplomat.net


Nasty Idols - Kalifornia
(Perris Records - 2012)

One of Sweden's finest glam exports still prove that we need nothing but a good time on their new album, 'Kalifornia'.

I thought this would be a great Cd and I was proved right that's compacted with dirty cliches of sex, drugs and rock and roll throughout. Don't take my word for it just get your ears around gems like 'No More Rules' that reminds me of latter day Alice Cooper; the rock out with your v*g out 'Sister Sin' & the humorous '1969 (This Ain't The Summer Of Love)'.

Later in the album you'll get emblazened by the nu-metal meets Rob Zombie 'Road Trip'; the lovely titled 'Sweet Suicide' that's kinda Murderdollsesque gone a bit glam with good ole cowbell drowned in there too.They even leave us with a lovely but sad ballad in 'Since U Been Gone' - ciggy lighter in the air now Darlings!

If only these guys would do a nice handful of overdue UK dates.


By Glenn Milligan


Max Navarro - Hard Times
(Cherry Lips Records - 2012)

New rock artist from Italy who sounds pretty good with his 5 piece band.

It's very contemporary at times but decent enough, though I do think the bass drum is too high in the mix and thuds over everything else too much. That said there's a few highlights here including the opening 'You Can Rely On' that reminds me a bit of Neil Young's 'Rockin' In The Free World'; 'Winter In Chicago' and the closing 'End Of The Universe'.

An Okay release.


By Glenn Milligan

NEW MANIC SPREE - Hollywoods and Galaxies
(S/R - 2012)

Great as it is to see another bunch of bulky rock n’ roll deliveries from down under through our letterbox again, Aussie alt rockers are a pretty unlikely export of their land.

Not to get me wrong, the country renowned for AC/DC and Airbourne have their plentiful gems in the indie rock scene its just that we rarely get to hear of them. New Manic spree have a sound that sits somewhere between Klaxons and The Police, singer/guitarist Tim Baker’s voice a total doppelganger for Mr Sumner’s at the best of occasions. Six tracks of progressive-tinged pop lush with strong harmonies and sizzling staccatos showcase this male/female foursome very healthily.

‘Deranged’, ‘Plastique Fantastiqe’, ‘Hollywoods and Galaxies’ and ’Prelude’ in particular lift up well in the live set atmosphere, adding a zest of uniqueness to New Manic Spree’s readily distinctive produce. Songs that sit on a shelve of their song, 'H.A.G.' may have to see a bit of repeat playing item before it drills withy some but it is a worthwhile one.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Porcine Tree, Police, Alice In Chains


Ronny North - Light
(S/R - 2010)

Orange County Boy Ronny North unleashes this fascinating instrumental epic onto us with his green guitar that he loves so much.

I've known this cat a bit and he's always friendly and full of life which is very much like his incredible virtuosity on the six stringer. He's like a cross between Joe Satriani and Steve Vai thrown into one and then some...

Highlights on here include the brightly brilliant 'Minute Of U'; title track 'Light'; 'A Call To Arms'; 'A Day In The Moment' and closer 'Permission To Land'. Take note of this guy because his tunes are such a positive revelation in guitar playing.


By Glenn Milligan


NEURONIA - Follow the White Mouse
(Metal Scrap Records - 2011)

With East Europe doing a decent trade in top rate extreme metal racket these last two years, there seems to be an expectation placed on each and every band.

Sadly as we know, the occasional act, including today’s unlikely offenders, Poland’s Neuronia fall short. In spite of some wonderfully precise soloing and welcome interlude from a sitar of all things, everything else across these eight tracks soon mutilates into a sped up mess that can’t decide whether to be death, thrash,hardcore, prog or goth.

Although there is the sufficient aggression to sell it, a fair portion of the songs start with promise only to drown in a cobbled t-together wreck and while they have progressive tendencies, progress is seriously slowed until diverted towards its own backside.

One mouse best left for the cat to chase.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.neuronia/pl

NOLoveLost - S/T
(S/R - 2012)

Melidoc Hard Rock band from Winston Salem, NC, USA who remind me of Mr. Mister, House Of Lords and other bands of that style with their big bombastic cavernous arena sound.

Highlights of the album include the opener '(Eternal) Miles Apart' with the Jon Lord like organ wails, 'Sign Of The Times' that's pure late 80's hard rock and reminds of bands like Kiss Of The Gypsy,the later Rainbow like 'Back On The Streets', the ballad 'Closer To Home' and 'Little Things' especially for the strong guitar riffery and the marvellous anthemic chorus.

Very like many of those bands that you hear on labels like Z Records or Frontiers who are pure perfection in both the musical and high vocal dept and always appear at festivals of that ilk.

Decent although very typically generic of the genre.


By Glenn Milligan

Heather Nova - 300 Days At Sea
(Saltwater Music Ltd - 2011)

Can't say I'm a fan of her to be honest. It's not that she's not a good artist - she is but I just find her so radio friendly, middle of the road and mainstream - so if that's your bag then go for it.

Saying that, highlights include 'Stop The Fire' is a great song though that's powerful, fresh and bouncy; the building up and beautiful 'Do Something That Scares You'; the ballad 'Burning For Love' and the closing 'Stay'.

Okay but not exactly grabbing your attention much since it's very tedious and more like wallpaper I'm sorry to say.


By Glenn Milligan

January 2012

(Ear Music - 2011)

New band, old name - theres the way to sell it. Vinnie Appice, one of classic metal’s golden drumming goliaths rises from the ol’ obscurity shadows with another mighty new hard rock machine, proving even the passing of his great leader Ronnie James Dio never keeps one down for long.

Fourteen tunes of notably old-fashioned trad rock take you by the throat and hurl you, letting impressive guitar performances of Greg Hampton and Ed Mundell hold you up for the journey in front. Good solos of strong seventies vintage are in their much-demanded abundance as is a grittily diverse lead vocal performance from Hampton himself that places a modern air through the musical tubes.

‘Life Moves On’, ‘Majick Number’, ‘One thing Missing’, ‘Know Your Enemy’, ‘Bury Yourself’, ‘Can’t Turn Your Back’, ‘Indeed The Sun’, ‘Use U Up’ and ‘Darker Side Of Sunshine’ don’t do the same one thing a dozen-plus times over despite initial impressions, adding grunge angles along with occasional emo, nu metal and grunge deviations to otherwise blues-driven hard rock that remains very much in the Rainbow vein.

Awesomely tight playing throughout from Mr A himself, some of these tunes may need a repeat play for warming but it’s a sign that this legend, far yet from laid to rest is well into his second coming.


By Dave Attrill

Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden & Van Halen.


NITOWSKI - Stay In The Home You Love
(Function Records - 2011)

Experimental metal is often and should be fun, shouldn't it kids? Well now Nitkowski want to do it as well.

Why not? Well that question springs sadly to mind as there are several precautions to take… one being that to ensure that your music retains at least an ounce of commercial accessibility. Sadly, while evidently talented in their instrument handling, this trio fail heftily on that score and I while quite often a fan of things done even-more-than-differently am so almost forced to skip through each of these heaps of tuneless mess after just half a track. Randomly placed industro-core vocal interludes sometime resembling the pleads of an over-prolonged torture victim only ruin it even more.

Despite some pleasantly Primus-like funk lines, ‘Stay…’ otherwise barely makes for listenable in the long run.
One I’d rather stay away from.


By Dave Attrill


NEONFLY - Outshine The Sun
(Rising Records - 2011)

Likelihoods are you may have crossed paths with these five chaps already in your life… at least if you own a copy of Rock Band on your PS3 console.

Or also if you saw their name and mistook them for a so-so power-pop excuse… but let me assure you, if its not too late, Neonfly are neither of those two things, in actually fact a damn fine melodic metal band like not many I’ve met in my time on planet rock‘s vibrating earth. The London lads make a familiar enough sound on first entry with German names aplenty on the edge of one’s teeth but then instantly proceed to whip the rubber out and erase in favour of their own lines.

'Broken Wings', 'The Enemy', 'Ship With No Sails', 'The Revenant', 'The Ornament', 'Reality Shift', 'Spitting Blood', 'The Messenger' and the incredibly unexpected seventies-glitter-tinged finale of 'I Think I Saw a UFO' bravely explore extensive fields of technique on the boundaries of what the style accepts and enjoys swaggery vocal work from excellent singer Willy Norton.

Dropping in lush melodies unsparingly, more than a few AOR diversions spread their safely not-too-sweet aroma in and amongst the rest of the sturdy elements and add some creamy-smooth choirboy -esque backing harmonies across the mix. Fredrick Thunder and Patrick Harrington’s mouthwatering twin guitars take this on to the highest level and leave it there, tinting it with a truly Maiden and then some sensation that will unite the appreciation of all old or young.

Being kind of in the middle here at 34, I was raised on traditional metal and whiel there are traditional components inside the Neonfly package, the rest is their own brand and boy do we hear it. A phenomenally fresh contribution to a scene sadly taunted daily by fasion -instigated ridicule and accusation of staleness has just seen its mould spots inexplicably vanish without trace.

Neonfly, you boys are professors!


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Edguy, Helloween, Gamma Ray & Magnum.

NET: http://www.myspace.com/neonflyband

NERVECELL - Psycho Genocide
(Lifeforce Records - 2011)

Now this is what I call interesting- a death metal act out of Dubai of all places.

Metal being often received about as warmly in the middle east, as Mike Tindall’s latest photo collection was by Zara, it seems fascinating to find out what this part of the world takes to producing such a music. Despite it, frankly landing on the largely predictable, these three guys get it spot on nonetheless with some nice tasty oriental overtones. Rhythms bounce up and down, back and forth amidst fast, slow and stampy progressions that keep it good fun and the choruses are actually clear.

'Upon An Epidemic Scheme', 'All Eyes On Them', 'Psychogenocide', 'Imprint', 'Taste Of Betrayal' and 'Nation's Plague' come through with plausible panache and some good old fashioned driving guitar that demonstrates their influence as drawn right from the early chapters of the scene’s history onwards.

An unlikely belter from this unknown new band, Nerves are going to twitch if this starts Cell… I mean sell-ing. Nice start, lads.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Nile, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse & Obituary.

NET: www.myspace.com/.nervecell

(S/R - 2011)

Advise when grabbing a copy of girl-fronted foursome Not Too Late’s superb debut album, is simply anyone expecting some Evanescence/Anansie-inspired alt metal grinder to kick out spitting across the woofers is lined up for a negative surprise.

Those open-minded, left alongside me who know that not all female led outfits specialise in such wares …stay around please. All having been quiet on the Christian rock radar in recent years, another burgeoning blip in the form of these part-ladies-part-lads tradsters is welcomed straight into our field. Singer Dawn Shaffer’s style ping-pongs its way from sassy to seductive and back again in putting the message across and generates a few tasty hooks along the way with it. Suitably, tracks like ‘My Jesus’, ‘Weeping and Gnashing Of Teeth’, ‘Big God’, ‘Oak Tree Root’, ’Baptize Me’ and ’Refiner’s Fire’ play out as moulded, more circa 1981 than century #21 on the sound front with swish classy production and sharp guitar lines, either wired or acoustic.

As with those others turned in their lifetime by Lordly dealings, its Never too Late to convert… let this disc entice you at least a good half of the way if not further.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Fleetwood Mac, Girlschool, Pretenders & Extreme.

NET: www.myspace.com/nottoolatemusic

NOCTUM – Oblivion
(Rising Records - 2011)

Spanish black metal vets celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut with their lucky seventh long player.

Luckily for their fans it’s a seventh sledge through the sound that’s kept them in business all of their decade plus. Unluckily, for those wanting something more than heard-one-song-heard-the-all extreme metal by numbers, this one might probably bludgeon you into the same boredom-related death. Nothing ventured and nothing probably gained other than respect of the scene’s readily established fan roster, Noctum robotically rip and shred through another scream-infested speed fest to the usual predictable-as-f**k max.

Saving their own skin by some nifty lead harmonies that themselves last too briefly to love forever, a lot of these lovely eleven numbers will become more succulent live set meat without saying Going not too harshly now, seeing as I don’t want gullible fans to dread disappointment, ‘Oblivion’ is however not going to see amateurs see astonishment either.

Acceptable stuff but best on stage.


By Dave Attrill


Nitroville – Can’t Stop What’s Comin’
(S/R/Tijuana Brothers Records – 2011)

Excellently tight and hot-rockin’ and rollin’ blues based band from North London with an amazing frontlady in the Anne Wilson sounding, ‘Tola Lamont’ who will grab you very easily with their Southern sounds of the USA for sure.

There’s plenty of swamp-lovin’ guitar work on here such as gutsy songs like ‘Cuts To The Bone’; the slow AC/DC’ish ‘Let It Roll’; ‘Dust Devil’; the second to none ‘Twist In The Chain’; the funkyish slipper-stomping ‘Got What It Take’ or the closing and cooking ‘Coming On Strong’.

London? More like Louisiana when they got a vibe like this happening for them.


By Glenn Milligan


Nazareth - Big Dogz
(ear Music/Edel - 2011)

The Old Scottish Guyz are still blistering the speakers out with their rock soundz from up north - so how does this latest release of theirs fare?

Well someof it is great and some of it not so great Good songs on here like the opener 'Big Dog's Gonna Growl'; .No Mean Monster' which jokes that his friends call him fred; the retro-autobiographical 'Time And Tide'; 'The Toast' about the guys having a good night down the local boozer with spoken word from the landlord, the gorgious but sad and looking back to times gone by with lost loved ones in 'Butterfly' and the excellent closer 'Sleepwalker' but others like 'Lifeboat', 'Claimed' and 'Watch Your Back' sound a bit strained and more like stocking filler in comparison.

An average to good album for Nazareth.


By Glenn Milligan

New York Dolls - Dancing Backward In High Heels
(Blast Records/Gobal Music Group - 2011)

This sees the New York Dolls in a totally different light because insted of going for an easy sleaze it all out for every song they have gone for a more interesting approach and incorporated a wide range of music which totally decategorises them from being pigeonholed into a particular musical genre.

Her you get a wide selection of styles throughout the 12 tracks on offer with highlights including the reggae of 'End Of The Summer'; the retro bounciness of opener 'Streetcake'; 'Fabulous Rant' that couples with 'I'm So Fabulous' about what is hated by the band of New York with some cookin' sax playing on there; the Teddyboy 50's rock of 'Round And Round She Goes'; the gorgious quiet percussive ballad 'You Don't Have To Cry' and the boogy for defoness of 'Funky But Chic'.

Outstanding venture and definately worth buying.


By Glenn Milligan


(Heart Of Steel Records - 2010)

Neversin are a young five-piece haling from Italy, as one instantly guesses alone from reading their names although they appear happy to be known simply as ‘Ben’, ‘Skench’, 'Sgana', ‘Hurt’ and ‘Albertino’.

The Padova outfit press melodic metal, prog, alternative and hard rock together into a dozen pretty ditties that instantly gel on their simplicity. There is no pretentious prog experimentation to brace for, just straight ahead verse-chorus moulded- machines with sweet melodies and swirly lead lines stuck in at all angles round it like forks into a fondue.

The twin guitars take a by the book line with style and unrelenting passion, playing the chords and solos with their eyes closed and still getting it nailed good. Maintaining loyalty to their influences, ’Jail’, ‘Fairyland’, ‘The Stranger’, ‘Trust’, ’October‘, ‘Long For Love‘ and ’Southern Cross’ absorb true classic rock juices and remain delightfully tight at the edges. Excellent album of melodic rock innovation without having to sound anymore than straightforward. Neversin are a sin not to give a try, themselves.

Good stuff.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Europe, Dream Theater, Tyketto, Harem Scarem & Queen.

NET: www.myspace.com/neversincom


NOISE CONTROL - The Room At The End Of The Hall
(S/R - 2010)

Something these young men have difficulty maintaining, Noise Control need more restraint over the influences than their volume, but boy do we love them for what they’ve done here?

This Canadian trio sound to have made a straight ahead guitar noise as if they’d just put everything out of sight and got on with it , trying everything at least once but without feeling under force. ‘Severed‘, ’Breathing Lies‘ ,‘Priss’ and ’Shine’ are four amongst a mixed seven-strong bunch of brilliantly knocked off numbers that while in need of possibly clearer hooks are the product of totally honest songwriters.

Grunge, metal, blues and funk vibes sink in on overlapping shares of occasions with some neat jamming and Reggie Hache’s voice trained to suit all styles and its sells itself to those chasing the substance they want in this sort band.

A great, effortless assault on the smaller minded of senses Noise Control unashamedly demonstrate their rights to versatility without looking over their shoulders.


By Dave Attrill

NET: myspace.com/noise control www.noisecontrolmusic.com

NOTORIOUS - Radio Silence
(Angel Air - 2010)

At the same time that Brit guitar maestro Robin George reissues his acclaimed debut also comes this frankly superior slice of classic rock from 1985 which Angel Air have kindly finally decided to give a lease of shelf life.

Formed between Robin and Sean Harris fresh from an at the time disbanded Diamond Head, there is less of likely Metallica cover fodder here, concentrating on a commercial hybrid of both their parent styles. Softer than DH yet more Def Lep and less electro-vocalled than Mr Georges’ solo material, this star-studded combo still never reached the heights of high-profile stardom they deservedly had it shaped for, even in the midst of the biggest decade for traditional hard rock. The signs are great from the start of the opening title number and probably my favourite chorus of the whole combo. As with everything else these two fellas were already reputable for, you get just what you are promised and better, as Robin lets rip with his razor-sharpening solos and incendiary melodies.

‘RS’ inevitably comes predominantly loaded with straight ahead hard rockers like ’The S’Walk’, ‘Arianne’, ‘Losing You’ ‘It’s All Energy’ and ‘Eyes of The World’ and AOR cuts such as vaguely Simple Minds-like ‘Better the Devil You Know’ and the ballad ‘You Need More’ that bands like Heartland are easily to reverse engineer by here. Obviously on one-trick ponies, Mr George takes welcome delves into neighbouring territories, bringing us other favourites like funky bass driven likes of 'Do Like A Man' and ’Touch’, soft blues of ‘I Believe in You’ and sax-layered ‘Soul On Fire’ to name the best while a precariously Bad Company-esque ‘ moment with the intro The Game’s Up’ is forgiven with an awesomely sussy blues cut coming right behind it.

Both those who were my age 25 years back down the line, and today’s younger generation of classic rockers duly recognise the importance of a fresh second opportunity to hear this stormer. A fantastic album, whether its quarter of a century or quarter of a week in the coming, it should have Robin George springing deservedly back to the forefront while Sean Harris himself still active with full voice could ideally do with teaming up once again for a handful of live dates to mark the occasion.


By Dave Attrill

Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Journey, Magnum, Dokken, Gowan, Virginia Wolf Heartland, Robin George (solo)

NET: www.angelair.co.uk

January 2011

NECROGRINDER - Mangled Foetus Injection
(S/P - 2010)

I have to admit to being delayed a little by laughing at one or two certain track titles on this first offering by Sheffield deathsters Necrogrinder.

Hoping not to laugh at how amusingly tedious the content within may probably turn out to be, no such misfortune actually awaits - these chaps are seriously quite decent most of their trek, even if you wouldn’t think it with names like ‘Chainsore Brainsore’, Bummed By the Bin Men’ and ’Vegetable Soup’ on the sleeve. Fast, guttural and unremittingly brutal all the way as to be expected, they manage not to keep it all one speed treating one in fact to a generous amount of leaping between rhythms and plenty of swing-a-long -your-sledgehammer sections guaranteed to pacify most Slayer fans listening.

Their solos are short but don’t disappoint being spread quite well amongst the vocal lines and come with fast-fingered precision we enjoy. Though to win them zero awards in the originality stakes, their production is the main downside but still they’ve got it off to a promising start with this selection. AS a live outfit, Necrogrinder look to be frightening , so it is advised to make sure you’re familiar with their sound before you attend.


By Dave Attrill

Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy, Napalm Death & Morbid Angel.

NET: myspace.com/necrogrinderuk

Neuronspoiler - No One's Safe (E.P.)
(S/R - 2010)

A five tracker who remind me of classic metal a la Dio & Iron Maiden with singer JR having a voice that reminds of Ronnie with elements of Hetfield & Mustaine. Good stuff.

Highlights on here include the adventurous fast pacin' instrumental 'Cataclysm'; the setting the standards starter 'The Outcry' and the closing 'Words, Words, Words' with it's spoken word intro putting me in mind of the kinda thing that Axl did on the GNR Illusion albums - 'Get In The Ring' in particular.

Nice intro to a very promising Heavy Metal quintet from London and the South East of the UK. It's also well worth mentioning that they dedicated the EP to the late, great Ronnie James Dio.


By Glenn Milligan


(Evil Cherise - 2010)

Last time a five-piece girl-fronted Californian act came our way it was the horrendous No Doubt - thankfully on longer in situ. Hopefully newcomers TNU amend the crime and give us something genuinely exciting.

They succeed to some extent here, I’ll have to say that. The guitar lines are a lush blend of electro punk and indie with a prog over-structure that supports most of the eight numbers along their way , with infectious moments very much intact.

The serious obstacle is frontwoman ES Pitcher’s so-called singing which sounds like it at the start but slides precariously fast into a tone-deaf drawl that makes even the Cranberries sound great by comparison and almost sends me scuttling to the ‘skip’ button after about a minute of each number. Thus an otherwise great first taste of this quite impressive unit is seen ruined .

What a shame.


By Dave Attrill

Skunk Anansie, Sonic Youth, Garbage

(NBT Records - 2010)

I don’t get the opportunity to hear old classic old-school sleaze punk nowadays being mostly into things more Journey-like but I still do sport a loyal respect for the scene when I know its done properly.

No Bounds Tonight live literally up to their name from one sense of the expression , sending us on a who’s who through all the styles ever exploited by the genre’s great names. Yet despite their sound mainly tailored to please every purist alive, they don’t leave diversity dying in the stream , adding some pleasantly Motorhead and Agnostic Front moments and punchy seventies solo lines made with wrecking your bedroom floor along to in mind and are ruined only by a couple of unnecessary sounding scream core treks towards the end of the listing.

Filling in only 28 minutes of listening time frees up many more an hour to enjoy testosterone- basted bruisers like ‘N.B.T.’, ‘Hard To Believe‘, ‘Faster‘, ‘Til The End‘ , ’Worker’s Song’ ‘ and the old school hardcore surprise ’Think By Yourself’ and that’s only to warm you up for a live show by these chaps. It’ll hurt but in all the right ways.



By Dave Attrill

NET: myspace.com/noboundstonight

Roy Philip Nohl - Arcadia
(S/R - 2010)

One of those undiscovered sensations once more turns out to be sensational for ….well mixing irritating screamcore racket with occasionally listener-palatable parts sums it up pretty well.

R.P.N' starts to sound promising going into most tracks only for another pass at another poor man’s Bring Me The Horizon to send me almost diving for the skip button - as if the Sheffield outfit aren’t bad enough already).

I heard so many good things said about this disc only for it to turn out another tedious slice of student metal with vague progressive moments that either just saved it from disappearing up its own backside or there to annoy the Kerrang-hugging majority who’ll inevitably flock to the shops for their copy.

Quite why they let their few pleasantly lush melodic interludes be over shadowed by practically intolerable din, is baffling at least.

I’d have given them much more time if tracks like ’Because of You’ were their speciality.


By Dave Attrill


John Norum – Play Yard Blues
(Mascot Records – 2010)

The Europe Guitarist’s latest album sees him show his other side away from the day job.

Highlights include the near Beatle like opener ‘Let It Shine’; the funked blues of ‘It’s Only Money’; the Thin Lizzyish ‘When Darkness Falls’; the Hendrix like ‘Ditch Queen’; the well-riffed ‘Travel In The Dark’ and the racing ‘Born Again’.

Be awesome to see John do a gig over here in his own right as these songs are bluesy but not to the point where he is simply treading old ground that others have before.

An excellent release.


By Glenn Milligan

Nutz – Tightened Up – Live In Nottingham 1977
(Market Square Records – 2010)

A hard rock band with plenty of keyboards who may be long forgotten now but were a sought after getting big noise back in the 70’s. This CD sees Nutz live at The Grey Topper Club, Nottingham, England on March 1st 1977 and was recorded from broadcast by Radio Trent.

Their singer David Lloyd later did the vocals for the Flake and my old fave, The Yorkie advert with the truck on it, while their late drummer, John Mylett turned down the chance to take the stool for Ozzy Osbourne because it wasn’t his thing! Even Peter Grant wanted to manage them!

Anyways, back to the point – this gig features 12 songs in all with the crowd wanting more at the end too. Highlights include a cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’; ‘Loser/Pushed Aside’; ‘Sick & Tired’; ‘I Know The Feeling’; ‘Changes Coming’ and the closing ‘Living On A Knife Edge.

Pity they never made it massive but they had fun along the way but stop press as the band are reforming!


By Glenn Milligan


NAIL - Power And Greed
(S/R - 2010)

Canadian four-piece Nail are formed not of another brooding gang of young whippersnappers hoping to make their mark on the rock n’roll industry but a group of veteran musicians originating from prolific acts in their own right.

Guitarist, Rainer Weichmann spent a couple of years in native legends Helix as did sister Cindy who fronts this project with her classy, near punk like, throat and the chemistry looks good from herein. Looking for an album of hair-rock revival attempts will leave you nowhere I have to warn you right now, much as a fan of the scene as I am myself, but the melodic pop metal/ punk sound they explore instead make the album just as much of a treat with the strong and less-than overcooked contemporary vibe the steam gives off. Why these guys haven’t got a deal is a mystery ,especially with Rainer, a veteran Canuck producer of two decades past behind the helm.

I recommend it gets sorted sharpish as apart from a couple or so draggy moments, its an impressive first piece from a new machine and stands poised to do pretty healthily for their following to come.


By Dave Attrill

Siouxie and The Banshees, Skunk Anansie & Joan Jett.

NET: www.nailtheband.com

New Riders Of The Purple Sage – Very Best Of The Relix Years
(Retroworld/Floatingword – 2009)

Classic rodeo country band whose music certainly wouldn’t be out of place on ‘The Dukes Of Hazzard’ that’s made up from 3 different albums on this here double set.

There’s rootin’ tootin’ great in concert material from ‘Live On Stage’ from gigs at The Beacon Theatre, New York and The Keystone in Berkley, California (both from 1975) that include highlights such as ‘Instant Armadillo Blues’ – now that’s a cool f*ck*n’ title if ever I heard one; the gorgious ‘Singing Cowboy’; the excellent ‘Panama Red’ and an almost unintelligable vocalled cover of Chuck Berry’s ‘Nadine’.

We then get the studio album ‘Keep On Keeping On’ with some real great numbers here such as ‘Bounty Hunter’ (not the ‘Hatchet number either); the amazingly voiced ‘Barbaric Splendor’ and the acoustically incredible ‘Big Ed’ with jawharp, harmonica and Dobro – killer laid-back country blues!

Other highlights on 2nd CD include the album version of ‘Henry’ & Last Lonely Eagle that are to-die-for killer country tunes from ‘Before Time Began’ as well as ‘Taking It Hard’; ‘Diesel On My Tail’ (about a truck getting too close to you on the highway) and the live in Japan rousing acoustic closer ‘Ripple’ (that’s very CS&N) that all appeared on the ‘Best Of’ Album.

There’s only one mark for this 2cd set and that’s the top mark.


By Glenn Milligan

NINTH CIRCLE - The Power Of One
(S/R - 2010)

Ninth Circle are an American metal band making a very un-American noise, in fact pretty much more one carved out of old Blighty’s musical stone.

Ballsy but intelligently made trad metal crafted for the 21st century, they start to show they like doing things different right from the off by not opening with a fast tune , though its not the first time I‘ve come across this lately. Down to business straight away, ‘Frontman‘ - nothing to do with role of a particular band member - is an early Europe - flavoured hard rocker and while obviously a commerical pitch for the album to come is credit itself. The Maiden-like title number features, apart from a leviathan chorus, some suspiciously Smith/Murray/Ger like soloing but that’s far from a bad thing in my book, obviously.

Deceiving with a brief Rammstein moment at the intro, ‘The Journey’ is a comparatively less instant tune, taking until the backing vocal at the end of the chorus to get a catch on. The messy chorus structure ruins ‘Where No One Lives’, a decent Scandinavian flavoured number, by its irritating gap halfway through and then a way too dead end-hook. ‘Our Last’ Days’ is totally flawless, a classy stomper with thrashy chugs chipping along the intro and verse, before its Maiden time again as the wavy ‘How Many Times’ lets astray some magnificent old fashioned widdlings again.

Old School metal heaven comes in the name of ‘fire Falling, with a beautiful backing vocal sound straight from the NWOBHM belt, before that old Maiden -o-meter is sent hurtling to the limit with the double-headed guitar fest that is ‘Hour 21’ and ‘Obsession’. Taking a three-quarter-way break into other waters, ’If It Bleeds’ the progressive edge finally comes to the fore with a strong depthful number which is an immediate departure from the rest of the list but in keeping less than pretentious, is one of the cd’s top cuts.

The ultimate ode to their influences has to be delivered as N.C. treat you to an almighty run of Irons cornerstone ‘The Trooper’ which actually manage to sound like a different band playing it, due to their contrastable vocal style. Closer ’Prisoner Of the World’ looks tame by comparison but a ballad may yet seem the best way to wind down after a night of pure full on metal action - and I mean action for we have had it in big barrels this time. Rarely does a metal band from either side of the pond deliver it with such panache seen last about 1985 and despite the similarities between them and Bruce and the boys, it goes with saying that the influences are impossible to fault there.



By Dave Attrill

(apart from Iron… You-know-who) Queensryche, Scorpions, Diamond Head, Sinner, Dokken, Europe, Judas Priest, Y&T, Gamma Ray & Edguy.

NET: myspace.com/ninthcircleworld & www.ninthcircle.us

Neverwonder – Let It Out
(S/R – 2010)

A Californian band who one hell of an amazing frontess in Megan Bobo who has that zest of Anastasia and Joss Stone with hard, hot, bluesy, soulful, powerful vocals and the ballziness of Skunk Anansie at times.

It’s real tight stuff and there’s plenty of highlights here such as the opening bluesy poppin ‘Help Me’ that comes in a remixed version too as well as an acoustic version; the immensely beatiful ‘Spinning’ with a piano version as well – called lounge here – now this is like classy Elton John or such like !! ‘Superior’ is an amazing number too that’s on the same calibre not to mention the Thunderesque’ish ‘Movin’ On’. Love the Greetings message from the band at the end too.

I expect big things for this band if they enough international coverage.


By Glenn Milligan

January 2010
Naughty Boys – Destiny Calls
(N Records – 2009)

A decent album that really rocks like it came right out of about 1988 – big guitars, strong, nice and high in the mix vocals and solid songs on top of that. It’s somewhere in the style of Bon Jovi & Johnny Lima.

Some great rocking songs in ‘Walk Away’; ‘Time’; ‘Runaway Train’ and the epic ender ‘Fly with the Angels’. But I can’t forget to mention that nice love ballad that is ‘Eternity’.

Wonder if we will see them play the UK in 2010?


By Glenn Milligan

(Metal Heaven - 2009)

Why is predictably so often taken for a negativity? Is it actually a bad thing to get exactly what it says on the tin (like Ronseal’s business has ever been damaged by this theory,). Knowing what you get when you hit the play button is a selling label with Nasty Idols for example.

Sleaze metal purists will be the least offended as these four lads belt it out like they’ve just been hit by a car and woke up in 1989. Not letting any Gene Hunts of the musical world tell them what to do, they party their way through 12 pleasant slices of Faster PussyCat/Poison tutored rock n’roll delight that invite us all to just rip open that bottle of Bud’ and ride with it.

As the vocals emanate in that all too familiar spitty rasp the gritty low-slung guitar attitude spells the message ‘ you try touching that stop switch and we‘re gonna kick your ass‘ all the way across. ‘Rock Out’, ‘Boys Town’, ‘Method To My Madness‘, ‘Night Like This’, ‘7 Year Itch’, ‘Its Not Love’ and ‘It Ain’t Easy’ are hardly going to win them any awards for depth and soul searching anger but when has this kind of material ever needed to in order to merit its laurels?

Classic stuff by these chaps, 20 years too late to get the full share attention it would have earned but nonetheless, compulsory for those who still care even the slightest midge about the genre.


By Dave Attrill

Faster Pussycat, LA Guns, Warrant, Cinderella, Every Mother's Nightmare

No Consequence - In The Shadow Of Gods
(Basick Records – 2009)

The first thing that came into my head was the confusing complex metal of early The Dillinger Escape Plan.

This debut CD is a little over the top with its complexity and technicality. An 11 track CD that has more twists and turns than a 60 lap grand prix race. No Consequence are brutal with their metal and when they are playing a fine tune it’s really good but the complexity of it all lets it down, you don’t know if you are coming or going.

A very fast and aggressive 11 track CD that also supplies 37 minutes of confusion. If No Consequence dropped the technical wizardry they would be very enjoyable to listen too. The blood curdling screams, the melodies and the hooks are great but I am trying to understand why they are doing what they are doing.

Listeners want to rock and thrash about not think what the hell is going on.


By Tony Watson

Nothing - The Torture of The Nameless
(S/R – 2009)

Nothing are a very dark force from Melbourne Australia, who have been compared to Celtic Frost, Voivod and Coroner. Unlike Mortal Sin, Nothing aren’t as thrashy, but do know how to beat the living crap out of you.

Nothing have released a source of pure energy with the darkest realms of death to engulf the ears with what is one of the most brutal things that have left the shores of Australia.

‘The Torture Of The Nameless’, is an 11 track riff driven collection of heavy tunes that are covered with guitar licks, jack hammer drums and a growl that is very close to Sabbat’s Dreamweaver.

Overall this 51 minute collection of metal pushes Australia into a different league, AC/DC and Inxs did their style, Mortal Sin hit our shores with something harder but Nothing have definitely rocked the coastline with a Tsunami of unforgiven power.


By Tony Watson

Name In Vain - S/T
(S/R – 2009)

A four track EP that shows how this quartet intend to hit the world with their metal music.

NIV arrange themselves around the energy and power of Pantera, Godsmack, Black Sabbath and Metallica, with an influence of Downset to supply the airwaves with a full on metal sound with aggressive vocals and pounding beats with violent guitar riffs that will get any thrasher slamming in the pits.

For an unsigned band, I don’t think guys will be left on the shelf for long. Good luck


By Tony Watson

New York Dolls – Cause I Sez So
(Atco/Warner Music UK Ltd – 2009)

Legends in Rock 'N' Roll as anyone who knows the scene will tell you. OK, not the best vocalist in the world, but David Johansen makes up for it in realism and passion for what he’s doing.

Some real god songs here that include ‘Making Rain’; the ruling big-brotherness of ‘Cause I Sez So’; ‘Better Than You’ – so don’t try and slag off David’s lady!; the rather excellent bass and harp funkiness ‘Nobody Got No Bizness’ and even a remake of one of their old songs ‘Trash’.

Cool album that was produced by Todd Rundgren.


By Glenn Milligan

Nightvision - As The Lights Go Down
(Rocksector Records – 2009)

A debut powerhouse of rock from a Lincolnshire four piece that know how to rock the house down. There are a couple of good solid, talented rock bands out at the moment, the first is Heavens Basement and the second is Nightvision.

‘As The Lights Go Down’ is a collection of power rock, metal, wide ranging vocals, energetic riffs, boom blasting drums and thunderous baselines, that jell together like bacon and egg sandwiches, absolutely gorgeous but can be a bit messy if rushed.

Nightvision have the influences of Iron Maiden, Metallica and Guns & Roses to name a few that is expressed clearly through their new style of hard rock.

The CD has 12 tracks that provide the listener 50 minutes of rock with a good solid base to stand on. This four piece have a long way to go and I don’t think they lack in talent to improve and produce a classic release.

A very enjoyable listen.


By Tony Watson

No Made Sense - The Epillanic Choragi
(Basick Records – 2009)

This is what I call modern prog rock with a twist. NMS are a talented three piece from Reading, who produce a wonderful array of sound that captures every twinkling star and pushes it through a black hole to hit the world with more force than the heat from the sun.

NMS wrap us up in a world of Tool, Neurosis and Mastodon, but hits the ears with the technicality of Voivod with a hint of modern Rush.

A ten track epic tail of Syr Azure’s fight to save his own planet Milachis that waves it way over 70 minutes of pure bliss and excitement as one minute we are hit with melodic rock, prog rock but then encapsulated in the realms of thrash and speed that lifts our soul from the depths of hell.

A very energetic band with a sound that will be applauded by all that hear.


By Tony Watson

Noxious - Revilutia/Timbre
(Destructist Music – 2009)

First of all Noxious are an American hard rock/metal band with more power than a years worth of tornados. Influenced by COC, Led Zeppelin, Tool and Clutch to name a few, Noxious released their first EP Revilutia that is hard a fuck with the attitude to go with it.

Revilutia I believe has not been released in the UK but if you can get a copy, it will put you in the same league as Drowning Pool, Alter Bridge and Creed but a bit harder.

Where as Timbre has come back a step and has landed in the middle of Alice in chains with new versions of Broken and Fish Bowl that were released on Revilutia.

Timbre is more melodic than Revilutia but at the same time it shows us two sides of this band, which is a perfect way to keep their fans interested and provide them with a different feel of enjoyment.

Noxious are a band that are serious and should be taken seriously as these guys are not here today gone tomorrow sort of band.

Both CDs are exceptional in their own right and both provide the listener with good solid rock.


By Tony Watson

Numero - Pygmalion
(Bcore – 2006)

Apart from 3 years to get to us here at Metalliville.com I do think this CD is also ten years out of date. This Spanish band have hit the UK scene with melodic rock, jazz that may have been going around the scene in Spain when they wrote it.

A strange collection of tunes that not only complicate your inner meaning but also bewilders the eardrums with complex riffs and tunes.

I thought at first the music may be heading down the road of indie of even grunge but after a while I thought not. Numero are very distinctive in what they do, but become too involved with there complexity, which drones on for a bit trying to make up its mind whether to be Quicksand or Pearl Jam but either way it fails miserably.

I must admit I got bored after a few listens, as it wasn’t going anywhere. Maybe if it turned up in 2006 I may have had a different opinion on it but today I don’t.


By Tony Watson

Nympho – V.I.P Very Indecent People
(Perris Records – 2009)

Immediately Nympho come across to me like a cross between Tuff, Shameless & Pretty Boy Floyd musically with typically styled vocals too. As I love them bands this is right up my street – streamline, well constructed sleazy glam.

Main man is a dude called Chris Sexx (is that really his surname – lol) on vocals, Dick on Guitars, Olavo Barroka on Bass and Pablo Pinheiro on Drums who sock it to ya nice ‘n’ easy baby – the way you like it.

12 tracks for roxxing peeps out there to get excited about – it’s very cheesey and the best of Red Leicester, Cheddar and Stilton on offer include include ‘Ignited’; ‘Reason To Rock’; ‘Get Down (Nyphomaniac)’; ‘Green Lights Go’ & ‘T*ts & A**’. If those numbers sound as tacky as cheapo Christmas decorations then what about trying their excellent ballads like ‘Without You Tonight’ & ‘I Ain’t Over You’.

Girls get ready if these boys hit your town!


By Glenn Milligan

March 2009
Nashville Pussy – From Hell To Texas
(SPV – 2009)

After seeing their recetly released ‘Live In Hollywood’ DVD I was really looking forward to spinning this and I weren’t disappointed either. This is pure sleazy, bluesy, southern sounding balls out rawking roll.

Pure autographical and maybe fictional brilliance but with band members like these I wouldn’t like to say is which – lol. Somewhere between early AC/DC and Ted Nugent – this ia totally real, unPC, f*ck it all and see who digs kinda stuff with great numbers being the harmonica filled bluesness of ‘Lazy Jesus’; the get you into trouble ‘Drunk, Drivin’ Man’; ‘Dead Men Can’t Get Drunk’ that comes complete with opening falling beer bottles.

Then there’s ‘Why, Why, Why’ that’s all about incestuous wrongness and lying with it’s fun-time 12 bar rockin country riff or the closing ‘Give Me A Hit Before I Go’ or the Stranglehold riffery of the title-track, ‘From Hell To Texas’. It’s one of those albums that can place you in a good mood no matter how bad your day has been.

An easy top-marks CD.


By Glenn Milligan

Neonfly – Clever Disguise
(S/R – 2009)

Power Metal meets Folk Metal from the UK and more – mmm – these guys have got something here.

A 5 track ep with the best numbers being ‘Reality Shift’; ‘Broken Wings; and ‘Ship With No Sails’ that have a kinda Blind Guardian & almost Helloween feeling to them.

Check ‘em out.


By Glenn Milligan

Nico’s Alchemy – Fundamental Darkness
(Dirty Dog Records – 2007)

A brilliant all round guitarist with a band to match. Blues, Jazz, Rock, Metal or whatever is your fancy – it’s to be found on here. Kinda reminds me of Vai and Satriani all at the same time with many other elements thrown in as well.

The many highlights include the opener ‘No Time For Sadness’; the heavy bluesy-fusioned ‘It’s Enough’; the excellent ‘Save Me Jesus’; the ambient with cockney-voice Jeff Beck like instrumental ‘A Leap In Space’; the rockin’ racing ‘Fading Away’ and the closing ballad ‘Miles Away’.

Great album.


By Glenn Milligan

NOFLAG - Spit English Or Die
(666 Production - 2008)

NOFLAG are five crazy muther f*ck*rs who love hardcore metal. These guys are influenced by Dead Kennedys, Biohazard and S.O.D.

With the list of bands mentioned you know exactly what to expect, we have a twelve track CD full of power, aggression, violence, anger and good hard metal. From the start of ‘Sexy 6’ to ‘I Found Your Brain Yesterday After The Party’ through ‘Spit English’ and ‘Deadbeat and Proud’ to finish with ‘Opportunism (S)kills’, gives an all out assault to the ears with pounding drums, power cords and screaming vocals that sometimes sound like Jello Biafra.

An absolute must to tame a violent mind, once listened to your violence is directed through the music, which generates your own personal slam pit.


By Tony Watson

Necrodemon - Allegiance To The End
(Short Notice Productions - 2008)

This is a re-release for the international market. Necrodemon are from Indiana and have entered the market as a death thrash metal band.

Allegiance to the end is your typical death/thrash metal that comes from Germany, with it’s grinding guitars, screaming vocals and pounding drums, but without the talent.

All the way through this 11 track CD I hadn’t realized the tracks had changed, usually you tend to feel a bit of a change throughout the tracks but I must admit it just droned on with the pounding and screaming. You would think bands would try to be different and not release what had happened in the mid 80’s early 90’s

Although the band will have a devoted fan base I do feel that the fan base will also wander what is it they are trying to achieve? It’s not as if we have Paradise Lost, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death or even Death here, we have a poor excuse for what thrash and death metal should be.

If you buy CDs for their covers than this is one for the wall


By Tony Watson

Necrodemon - Haunted Eons
(Short Notice Productions - 2008)

Like Allegiance to the end this is also a re-release for the international market. Necrodemon from Indiana and have tried to enter the market as a death thrash metal band but failing miserably.

Like Allegiance to the end Haunted Eons is your typical death/thrash metal that comes from Germany, with it’s grinding guitars, screaming vocals and pounding drums, but without the talent.

This 9 track CD is no different from Allegiance to the end, usually you tend to feel a bit of a change throughout the tracks or even the albums but I must admit it just droned on with the pounding and screaming.

It’s not as if we have Paradise Lost, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death or even Death here, we have a poor excuse for what thrash and death metal should be.

If you buy CDs for their covers than this is one for the wall


By Tony Watson

Nightshade - The Beginning Of Eradication
(Rising Records - 2008)

French thrash music is a bit like waiting for a bus, you don’t have one turn up for months then three turn up at once.

Nightshade are a brutal hardcore thrash band that will rattle the f*ck out of your speaker system with their deep hard heavy riffs and death chilling vocals.

From the first note of ‘The beginning of eradication’ to ‘Bury you in terror’ through ‘Tapeworms for breakfast’ and ‘Eden’ there is no rest to the brutality these guys produce through the 26 minutes of horrific torture these guys put themselves through.

Overall this is a collection of the most brutal metal around, which will put Napalm Death and Cradle of Filth to shame.


By Tony Watson


Naughty Boys - R U Naughty Enough
(N-Records -2007)

A Swedish Melodic Rock band who originally formed in 1989 with the final lineup complete in 1992 and sound very much like White Lion on this here platter.

The songs are put over really well both musically and vocally and highlights include the opening number 'Only God'; the classic fly your ciggy lighter in the air type anthem that is 'After the Rain'; the rockin' 'I Will', the positively reckoning 'Nothing Can Bring Me Down'; the strong riffing, diggin' lyric of 'Stay' and the closing 'Something To Believe In'.

A band worth checking out if you love well-played Rock that is fresh with plenty of quality clear vocals then you can't go wrong by spending a few quid, dollars or euros on this 'ere album.


By Glenn Milligan

No Quarter Given - The Embodiment Begins
(Rising Records - 2008)

The embodiment begins, which is probably true as a statement reflects the gory side of death.

This aggressive 5-piece band explode with more aggression and brutality than a nuclear bomb. With it’s full on hard-core thrash metal that bleeds the ears with every note played and screaming vocals wrenched from the depths of hell.

The embodiment begins starts as it means to go on, and for a thrash head this isn’t a bad thing, but it’s nothing new and there isn’t anything that reaches out to say this is who we are and this is what we are capable of.

Sorry guys you only get....


By Tony Watson


Nex – A Clockwork Heart

Every so often a band falls under the Metalliville radar that, from their albums first spin, leaves us jumping up and down with excitement like schoolchildren on Red Bull. Be it their attitude, their songs, or their sheer machismo; these bands possess that ever important x-factor required to force any and all before them to bow down at their feet in sheer adulation of their greatness.

Said band in question here are Huddersfield quintet Nex. Who, since forming in 2002, have been winning over crowds nationwide with their symphonically-tinged hard rock. Now, with a record deal firmly in hand, Nex look set to make 2008 the year they wave goodbye to murky venues and take their first steps towards becoming stadium flattening Demigods.

But “Why the praise” you ask? Well, from the opening ivory twinklings of ‘In Pieces’, through to the head-crushing ‘The Revenge’, it quickly becomes evident that Nex offer something far more intriguing than the talentless streaks of piss largely encompassing the British Rock scene.

Combining the melodic sensibilities of Avenged Sevenfold and the metallic power of Sweden’s Soilwork with cleverly intertwined orchestral dabblings; Nex have taken a tried and tested formula and remodel it to suit their own twisted ends, with astounding results.

With songs such as ‘Tinkerbell’ and ‘Phantoms’ wielding the finest anthemic choruses this side of Foo Fighters and stomping powerhouse ‘Dansylvania’ destined to batter even the sturdiest of listeners into submission with its bruising grooves and Ed Dickinson’s stunning vocal prowess. While sombre acoustic number ‘Ashes & Embers’ serves as a fine precursor to the moshtastic allure of ‘Before The Storm’, a vicious whirlwind of punishing Guitars and lightening-fast drumming, both caustic and brilliant.

Fact is; ‘A Clockwork Heart’ is easily one of the finest British rock records to be released in years. Ripe with bludgeoning riffs, strong melodies and masterful songwriting, Nex have quite possibly just given us our first contender for album of the year.


By Tom Brumpton

Nazareth – The Newz
(Edel Records – 2008)

A decent enough album from some old vintage geezers from Scotland.

The mix is horrible though – no bass at all in it – way too high ended for my liking even though some of the songs are pretty cool. Take the opener ‘Goin’ Loco’ for instance is a great song – ok, some of the lyrics are a bit corny but I’ll let them off for that.

Highlights on here include the relaxing ‘Day At The Beach’ that’s a definite radio hit with its nice vocal harmonies; the boppin acoustic like ‘See Me’; the funky rock of ‘Mean Streets’; the pure AC/DC and dare I say it Airborness of ‘Road Trip’; the poppy rockin’ ‘Loggin’ On’ about you guessed it – the world wide web or the epic closing ballad ‘Dying Breed’.

Be nice to see them play Sheffield this year at one venue or another.


By Glenn Milligan

January 2008
Nobody’s Business – S/T
(Angel Air – 2007)

A band who should have been real big but either came too late or too soon – who can tell? Featuring Jerry Franks (Drums/Percussion/Vocals), Tony Stevens (Bass/Vocals), Bobby Harrison (Lead Vocals) & Joe Jammer (Guitar/Vocals) who came from bands such as Foghat, Snafu, Freedom & Olympic Runners.

They had a snazzy collection of musical styles that included Southern Rock (‘Bleed Me Dry’ and ‘Tell Me You Love Me’); balladeering rock (Losing You); Slipper Stompin’ Funkin’ Rock ‘Cut in Two’; Disco Funk Pop (Living Up To Love); Blues Rock (Unsettled Dust; ‘Poor Little White Boy’) – you get the picture !!

There’s awesome bonus tracks as well with my faves being ‘Rainbow Bend’ &’Highway’ of the Foghat/Hatchet/Skynyrd style all combined into one. You even get a bonus DVD too, that features the guys live in action on a TV show – do bands as goods as this exist anymore?

If only they’d reform for a few gigs – I’m a No. 1 fan now for defo! Pity I was too young know about them when they were going.


By Glenn Milligan


NATION BEYOND - The Aftermath Odyssey
(Burning Star Records - 2007)

Sweden are at it again as another promising new vehicle drives out onto the metal highway. Amongst those at the wheel here are ex members of other familiar names on Scandinavia’s map, including one geezer from sadly defunct 90’s thrash faves Face Down.

Venturing a slightly less heavier road now, Nation Beyond are a dual vocal symphonic metal combo with one voice male, the other being that of a lay-dee, and hell do they work well in their role. Astonishingly more so, in spite of their heavily Dream Theater influenced produce, they lack a keyboard player in their ranks, opting instead for the twin guitar approach of Queensryche, to fans of whom this debut album will also appeal hugely.

Tate and co in the mentioning, this conceptual piece begins not unsimilarly to ‘....Mindcrime’, kicking of with two small numbers including an instrumental, afore the full length cuts commence, and what beautiful cuts they are at that. Sara and Niels (seems we’re only allowed first names this time) share the mike as well as alternate in accordance with the direction of every tune and the lush silky string-meistery of their two axemen in both electric and acoustic form leaves both eyes and ears watering.

‘In The Ashes’, ‘New Eden City’, ‘The Council’, ‘Soulmates’, ‘war of The Wastelands’ and ‘Point Zero’ are six of the best but none of the twelve even hint at bad. A stunning mix of melodic metal and strong poetic feel that holds me in all the way through without letting go, N.B.’s first time out sets the standard for their second and all beyond.



By Dave Attrill

(Nuclear Blast - 2007)

Following in principle what Jeff Waters did with his toasting new Annihilator disc ‘Metal’, the entire Nuclear Blast label’s roster now have a swipe at celebrating their 20 years in business, honouring the word of the genre by assembling an elite entourage of luminaries from across planet metal’s surface.

These ten cuts are penned by former Soilwork guitarist Pete Wechers and some may consider the style a little too contemporary at times, given the duration of the illustrious career being spanned. In Flame’s Andreas Friden, Death Angel’s Mark Osogueda and Anthrax/Armoured Saint legend John Bush are undoubtedly the three names people are most likely to latch on to as their initial basis for lending this album their attention.

All three sound great for their time, Bush and Osogueda in particular but placed on the same disc space as relative ‘recruits’ like the chaps from Wintersun, Kataklysm and not to mention Wicher’s Soilwork chum Bjorn “Speed” Strid, there is a notably even more meaningful air to it all. Sadly a one-off get together for these fellows, the racks turn out very well composed and surprisingly versatile, offering a blend of modern extreme and alternative metal that the old school men fail to ruin.

The lion’s share of latterday troupes in representation on this combo have been subjects of Metalliville press (mostly positive) over the year hereto and it is hoped these impressive treats on the side will tempt you to check out their day trades. A severe Blast from the past ... and the present .... , for the Nuclear people - here’s also to the future, just to complete the set.

Get this belter on and get the drinks in.


By Dave Attrill

Nine Inch Nails – Capital G
(Interscope Records – 2007)

This is more on the pop goth side than on the metal side – sort of more Beck meets Marilyn Manson which you wouldn’t usually expect from Trent Reznor – but then again – he can be rather unpredictable can’t he – catchy and funky sh*t goin’ down here.

See the live reviews of him in the Reading 2007 page and also on the N section of Live Reviews.


By Glenn Milligan

NOID - Sleepless Night

Haven’t missed ‘para...’ off the name there have you lads (I’m sure Ozzy wouldn’t mind). This Gallic outfit seem to have gelled together every credible elements of modern day metal and now proceed to sling the lot at us in eleven quite sharply aimed bucketfuls.

A more commercially palatable version of Killswitch Engage isn’t impossible to imagine in hearing their resultant amalgam of influences, and their trash-trained guitar sound, not only in the mould of Anthrax but also hardcore/ metal legends the Cro-Mags, align the eras with a contemporary vocal range that, strangely enough, ably tees off on both.

The more eagle eared may also be able to listen out for a progression precariously close to the lead riff from Filter’s ‘Hey Man Nice Shot’ on one number which I think I’ll kindly let you stumble across for yourself... and you’ll do this of course when you’ve bought this surprise belter of a European metal album.

No one would ever hint without looking at the sleeve notes that these guys are actually French but at the end of the day, being good doesn’t mean being American.

Get hold of this one if you can.


By Dave Attrill

Pre-August 2007

"Blast from the Past"

Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption
(Earache Records - 1991)

If your desire is to know what an ideal Death Metal album or more particularly Napalm's best work to date, this one is IT. Some accusations here I've heard is that Napalm copied the Floridian DM sound of the early 90's. While I say yes there are similarities, I still feel Harmony is original as is all the Napalm I've heard. Since I am a guitarist, let's look
at the sound and riff structure first off. If you have the metal zone pedal more power to ya cuz the distortion here is MAXED OUT.

If you haven't heard this album, the distortion is similar to Suffocations. Next, the riff writing was not overtly complicated and technical just heavy, fast and insanely intense. Their riffs are composed of bar chord usage, tremelo picked notes and single note grindage.

Though yes I am a guitarist, my favorite feature of the album is the DRUMS. Why though? A name that may be long forgotten: Mick Harris. This guy tore it up his next to last effort with the band entirely his energy is astounding but yet his drum lines are basic and well fitting. One thing that will pump you up is the blast beating..If you have Live Corruption you'll know what I mean because you get to see him in action.

One of the fastest and most intense experiences are viewed on Live Corruption. Mick kept the band intense, brutal and insane which is something they have lacked since his departure. Barney, his first effort with the band and best one to date. To compare, he's similar sounding to Frank Mullen - Suffocation but seems to have a sustain longer and more parts where he's bellowing: YAARGHHHHHH, THRASH, REIGNNNNNNNNNNNN, etc.

It therefore makes things atypical and exciting. Another note here, John Tardy-Obituary and Glen Benton-Deicide are guest vocals for the song Unfit Earth. The promise of Harmony Corruption 2000 has ended without fulfillment yet this album remains in the Death Metal archives forever for being one of the best records ever made. Old Napalm Death is dead, long live old Napalm!


By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

Erik Norlander – Hommage Symphonique
(Think Tank Media – 2007)

This ebony and ivory extraordinaire guides us through some of his favourite progressive rock pieces by some of his idols like Rick Wakeman (Sir Lancelot and the Black Night); ELP (Pirates); King Crimson (Starless) as well as a jazzman called Chuck Mangione (Children of Sanchez Overture).

Kelly Keeling provides the faultless vocals throughout with another well known notable being ex-David Lee Roth Drummer ‘Greg Bissonette’. If you love your old 70’s cosmic classics then this is the one for you for defo.


By Glenn Milligan

NOSTRODAMUS 0014 - System Oversize Crashed (3-track sampler)

(S/R - 2006)

Oh dear… I believe this band and I have had the misfortune to meet before. Nostrodamus 0014’s brand of sixth-division Strapping Young Lad –like screamcore didn’t quite do it for me last time round so I’m hoping things have pepped up a bit three years on. Well they have, thank f***, though just so.

The vocals have changed ….well they haven’t but the guitars have progressed, hence many subtler moments than previously. Just a pity then that the tracks from this other band Neck they are supposed to be sharing this disc with are missing.

A surprisingly welcome return for the first outfit, though.


By Dave Attrill

Naked Beggars – Spit It Out
(SMA Records – 2006)

A new band that’s got two members of Cinderella in the band – these being Jeff Labar and Eric Brittingham. Inga, Erics wife takes care of the vocals, who does a splendid job – a full ‘n’ warm bluesy rock voice comes from that larynx of hers.

I had a feeling this’d be a crackin’ album and I was completely right - with highlights strewn everywhere – this is party filled southern rock styled material meets the uptempo glamistry as well – imagine The Black Crowes with a female vocalist or something along those lines, but instead from the West Coast – highlights include the opening ‘Hole in the Wall’; ‘Spit it Out’; ‘Ain’t your mama’; ‘Nothin’ but trouble’ (with the violins – a la Charlie Daniels) and the a la Led Zep quiet number called ‘Lullaby’.

They’ve played around the USA, now its time for the UK and Europe.


By Glenn Milligan

Jan - April 2006
NFD – Light My Way (Single)
(Jungle Records – 2006)

New release from some of the ex-Fields of the Nephelim members – let me tell ya that this is as good as material on their last album.

Crucial Gothic Rock at its best – deep riffed and past paced. You get the radio edit amd another version that’s bracketed as ‘The Fog Descends’ plus another number called ‘Unearthed’ – a somber one at that.

Now if this is anything to go by, the ‘Dead Pool Rising’ album looks like it will be the Goth album of the year.


By Glenn Milligan

NASTY KIXX - Hometown Blues
(Shotgun Generation - 2005)

Don’t judge by the cover, is an expression that needs changing, to include….’or the title’. This group’s name and album title indicates everything LA and big haired imminent.

For such people about to play this, get ready to be heftily disappointed - it is in fact the very scene that most of your type revile, just another yawn-inducing one-dimensional drag through poppunksville that stops not once to offer anything exciting interesting or nessecarily altogether catchy in the case of forty percent of these numbers and after two or three tunes I’m already struggling to find anything worth keeping this one spinning, though I still have to try it once through at least.

Avoiding acting the killjoy as usual, fans are beckoned through wide open gates of course but for anyone who merely dislikes bands from this genre for the same reasons as I often do, I’d pass on this one if I were you.


By Dave Attrill

NEW PROJECT - 2-track sampler

Are you indeed? New project, eh? Not new IDEAS as well, by any chance? No, thought not, but a sturdy matching of industrial and thrash noise in both vocal and guitar context, stacked accurately on top of a sharp rhythm line, keeps me listening.

Picture a more subdued Devin Townsend fronting Rammstein and you should have rough clue. Oh, by the way, lads, that does still mean it’s good.


By Dave Attrill

NUCLEAR TRIBUNAL - Attack Of The Salami Smokers from Venus

What….. is this some project by a couple of ex-Lawnmower Deth fellas or somefink ….. well perhaps not but this is the sort of title you’d expect from the defunct Brit Ska metal act, as are most of the sixteen song titles I’m looking at on the back of this sleeve.

Anyone excited about content on that note needn’t be: the caption on the back stating ‘True Grindcore’ applies quite literally. Most of the tracks are relatively brief, , one or two lasting only about half a minute or so, and despite common genre associated growling, actually house very Metallica-drenched riffs all along that help evade tedium and allows the platter to pound its way by swiftly.

The long and short of it is that these lads are very straight laced, style-wise, in contrast to the cover suggests so if you can stop laughing at the titles for a second and actually take their real musical attitude into account you would be making a wise movement. We’ve heard enough of this stuff before but keep it short and it becomes sweet.

Typically angry music for typically angry people.


By Dave Attrill

A run in between Napalm Death, Earth Crisis, Madball, Pro Pain, and Strife but with ,as mentioned already, Metallica-style guitar work.

NATRON - Livid Corruption
(Holy Records - 2005)

Further average grumblings from the less-than-always-adventurous world of Death Metal come from another absolutely one-dimensional outfit who provide nothing I’ve not heard on at least several hundred previous occasions.

Natron are another lot fooled into thinking that picking up a couple of guitars, just playing them continuously at 300mph and going ‘grrrrrrrr’ along to it is the key to making good music. The usual rule applies of course to people who take this music seriously - go ahead - but I didn’t need to listen further than the first two tracks to know what the story is for me here.

No disrespect to the personnel of Holy Records, you didn’t write their songs, guys…. but it doesn’t sound too much like they did either.


By Dave Attrill


NFD - No Love Lost
(Jungle Records - 2004)

It's dark, it's gloomy, it's gothic and it's 100% attention capturing with enough guitar for the rockers out there and deepness to suit all you goths. NFD feature members of Fields of The Nephlim, Sensorium and Nefilim.

Throughout this album shines, well not shines - I guess it should be tarshishes in this case and stands out from beginning to end with its moody, encompassing music with highlights including 'Omen'; 'Turbine' and 'Enrapture'.

This is essential 'Gothic Rock' listening.


By Glenn Milligan


NOTHING - Nothing EP 1
(Marowak 2004)

About time someone made use of probably the most easily ridicule-able rock band moniker one could select. That doesn't mean there's nothing of interest on offer here. Though initially running normal service to Alternative Central, this train does not find itself on platform predictable for too long, before being switched to another part of the station.

Track 2, 'Rant' has a strongly notable eighties new wave vibe and stands out the easiest from the three accompanying selections and 'You All Ignore Us' sees a band actually trying to do the Beatles thing with feel. One to chase even for a few of the doubters. Don't ever say they give you….. nothing.


By Dave Attrill

March/April 2004

NOSTRODAMUS 0014 - S/T (4-Track Sampler)

(Self Produced - 2003)

Let's be fair. We know a lot of bands like to make a bit of a somewhat tuneless-sounding din but not literally to such degrees of tunelessness as this French five-piece.

Though Devin Townsend's puke-inducing shrieking of his earlier produce earned him legions of fans the world across, he didn't lean it overnight and this lot sound just like some half-baked attempt to cash in on Strapping Young Lad's laurels, despite some promising opening riffage at sporadic intervals.

One of the later tracks sounds like taking off to somewhere at last but they're going to have to come up with some tunes that sound more like. tunes to succeed on any commercial circuit, even within their genre.


By Dave Attrill

Nov. 2003

NFD - Break The Silence EP
(Jungle Records 2003)

By featuring a couple of lads from the legends Fields Of The Nephilim, it's a good start to the roll of appeal, but the opening title cut of this EP leaves more to desire. Nothing to-o-o-o naff, just a rather directionless plodder of a tune that had not even the remotest of extra attractions. Then 'No Love Lost' takes off with a bang and a very 'Two Tribes' -ey feel to it.

Goth rock sounds its greatest at this tempo and so it is sustained for 'Unleashed', also a worth selection for when/if we get any live work out of this promising new combo. First impressions are the most important as always and NFD have sailed merrily through the auditions.

7.5 /10

By Dave Attrill

Nexx - Colours
(Frontiers/Now & Then - 2003)

The name Nexx has been of knowledge to me from reading the line-up for the Gods 2001 - which I was forced to miss - and all I've known up to acquiring this, their first album is that they are a female-fronted five-piece melodic rock act from Spain. Z Records have recently become host to hot new lady-let Swedish outfit Shiva with their stunning 10/10-rated debut offering so competition is called for from Z's rival label.

Musically they bear passing resemblances for other reasons than just those obvious, to label-mates Dante Fox and Haven, the finger aimed almost straight at the latter. Silk- made melodies, woven by Patricia's stunning voice, and the band's tutored musicianship allows tunes like 'Arches of Faith', 'Get Fire', 'Indifference', 'After The Storm' and 'Good Time Comes' amongst numbers to sit in the front of the shop window with pride.

To put you in the picture, think of Honeymoon Suite, Danger Danger, Whitsnake, Street Talk, Naro or also fellow Spaniards 92 Suite, albeit with a woman behind the mike stand, and there's little doubt you'll understand what Nexx's business deals in. Smashing.


By Dave Attrill

Pre-July 2003

Narcoze - Genoma
(Cruz Del Sur Music - 2003)

A power metal band from Brazil that basically sound like all the other power metal bands. It gets tedious and the sound quality isn't remarkably good - there's far too much high end and it ain't the best vocally either - croakly and bawly.

Stand-out tracks are 'Promised Land' with its keyboard intro and bashiny drums; the Jazzy opening on 'grains of Sand' and the strong 'Signs of the Night' that races up when the vocals come in.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

(CENTRY MEDIA - CM77464-2)

Rome's Novembre are a band that have made a massive impression both on the death metal and atmospheric metal scenes since their first release back in 1995 with 'Wish I could Dream It again'.

As the above stated album sold out very quickly copies of the original CD are extremely hard to purchase and people are willing to pay in excessive prices for a second hand copy, Novembre decided to go back into the studio and re-record this wonderful original masterpiece and rename it 'Dreams d'azur'.

With a perfect mixture of heavy guitar tunes and progressive death metal and the melancholy of gothic rock, Novembre have re-released a 12-track CD that timeless and at the same time modern, which gives the new fan base a chance to purchase a piece of the past.


By Tony Watson

Phil Naro - Glass Mountain
(Z Records - 2002)

Canada. That country again. That vending machine for some of the biggest bl**din' talent on this earth. And dispensed from the hatch of said proud principality comes one Mr Phil Naro esquire. The man, jointly responsible with Von Groove guitar supremo Mladen for those two brilliant 24K albums, and also that fist solo offering from 1994 which Z recently gave a fresh lease of life on record store shelves. So, yes, it's taken eight years for Phil to paste another one together though I think this chap uses something even stronger than paste to piece together this…. masterpiece.

'Hot For You' warms things up on at least gas mark 7 and as expected, the 24K comparisons become almost immediately legitimate. Minor cracks in the armour aren't far behind though. 'Love Is A Game', despite quite a build up fails to deliver with its chorus - not a dreadful song but it does addle the momentum. 'Glass Mountain', 'Donna' and 'Heartbreak In The Night' are back to form and then some, with Naro doing his very best to sound like Mike Shotton at every turn.

'Bad Boys In The Hard Luck City' is where the plug is pushed about as far into the Von Groove socket as can go and either way is a track conducting very high voltage. 'Find My Way Back To You' does just that. The song of the twelve without contest, that chorus harmony will fry you even through fully earthed wires. 'You & Me', already previewed on Z's 'Rock The Nations 2' sampler, is a damn fine tune despite the chorus lyrics being ever so sli-i-i-ightly on the clichéd side of things.

The remaining tunes combine V.G. and 24K (again) with a blue grip as felt on the 'pure' album and are laced with some pleasantly old-style keyboard in the background alongside the guitars doing the job no other than how they should, courtesy of Steve Majors. Brighton Rock's Johnny Rodgers also sticks his strings round the door for a couple of tunes and Stan Miczek and Roger Banks, both known faces on the Toronto scene just had to be involved, didn't they, and why not? Surprisingly, Mladen's name doesn't appear anywhere in the credits (come on, you know he's probably using a false name in there, somewhere) but Phil Naro is man capable of walking it unaided in this industry.

A very nice record, by a very nice chap, from a very nice country.


By Dave Attrill

Ted Nugent - Craveman
(Spitfire Records - 2002)

So who's gonna end up getting speared by the Damn Yankee - well basically any Animal in hunting season or any human that gets up Teds back. Anyway, enough of taking the michael out of the simple cover - ye old strangleholdin' wango dango'd catscracher fires out a belter of an album that sees his greatness rub shoulders with drummer, Marco Mendoza and 21 year old Bassist, Tommy Clufetos.

The T.N.B. give ya a fine old helping of new numbers such as the bellowing 'Klstrphnky' that's classic Ted gone Black Label Society - think he's been listening to a bit of the Wylde man myself and good on him as well. Ted, you've hit the nail on the head - even the kids'll dig this track.

A lot of the album though is Nugent's classic style from the late 70's - good old rock - meat 'n' potatoe style with cracking guitar licks that the man is famous for. Good examples of which are 'Damned if you do', 'Roadogs and Warhogs'. There are also a few numbers though that are very Alice Cooper in his 'Constrictor' or 'Raise your fist and Yell' period like 'Change my Sex' or the in-your-face 'Pussywhipped' - what a video that'd be.

The album buzzes with testosterone and ready to explode at any given second, especially on 'My baby wants my butter on her gritz- yet another track that's make an exceptional video - destinned to give the Washington wives something to moan about.

All in All - a typical Ted Nugent album - just the way you'd want it to be.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Nasty Idols - Best Of
(Perris Records - 2002)

Skid Row's Swedish equivalent - that's 'Nasty Idols' with a dose of Shotgun Messiah plus a tad bit of Dangerous Toys creepin' in there - you get the musical picture, Dude? or is that Dudess?

They were formed by Andy Pirre and bassist Dick Quarfort. This is a collection from three albums and there's tons of highlights to lift yourself up on. Do you fancy a bit whore house ranting then unlock the door of 'House of Rock 'n' Roll' or the cock rocker complete with female moaning at the beginning titled 'The Way You Walk'. The essential crackin' of the cowbell is there in 'Dance of the Wicked' and then there's the gutsy, fast paced 'Alive 'n' Kickin' or the acoustic 'I can't get you off my mind' (well I presume it's called that as it's been left of the title sheet) with cool harmonica playin' goin' down. The bass led 'Do ya want another?' is a corka of a sex squarka with an warm welocome back return of the cowbell - it can't be beaten.

The album only goes negative once and that's during 'Trashed 'n' Dirty' which concerns bad drug addiction. Overall, this album is a must from Glam fans the world over.


By GlennMilligan, BA Hons CS

Nebula - Dos E.P's
(Meteor City - 2002)

This CD features the 2 E.P's that got Nebula noticed in the first place - the self-titled 'Nebula' and 'Sun Creature'. The songs have been jumbled around a wee bit and another 3 new tracks added that open up the album - 'Rocket', 'Long Day' and 'Bardo Airways' - recorded December 2001 at Donner and Blitzen, L.A. California, USA.

If you've never been graced by the offerings of Nebula before then enjoy your first tastings of their slightly psychedelic blues-tinged Stoner Rock. Dos E.P's is a collective carnival of killer cuts including some real cool stuff like 'The Flight of Icarus' with nifty left to right panning effects, reminding me of Hawkwind's 'Silver Machine'.

Looking forward to hearing the new studio album.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Ted Nugent - Klstrphnky (from new album 'Craveman')
(Spitfire Records - 2002)

Ted's gone totally different for this - coming across more like the Sabbathesque soundings of Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society with hard shouting vocals. Who'd have thought the Nuge would have come up with something like this - funky, dirty but very heavy with a few false starts.

The kids will love it but I don't know what his fanbase will think of it - there's a fine line between love and hate - it's a case of sitting on the fence and seeing what happens. I reckon it'll get quite a bit of airplay (well apart from Britain - but they play hardly anything anyway) - because it's so cross-over.

This number has you thinking - so what's the new album, 'Craveman' gonna be like - add it to the wait and see pile. I think it's preety awesome myself.



By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Ted Nugent - Full Bluntal Nugity
(Spitfire Records - 2001)

Bisons beware, mere mortals beware because Ted's back in town delivering the dirty hard red-neck rock all the way from the swamps of Redford. Captured live on New Years Eve on 31st December 2000 at the Palace of Aubern Hills, Detroit MI, Nug-head provides the answer to why the electric guitar was unleashed on this planet in the first place - quite frankly to provide us with the great sounds of Rock - nothing more, nothing less. We are told that it's '100% live with no overdubs' - the way it should be.

'Snakeskin Cowboys' is earth killing - well to be honest the whole damn gig is - if only he wouldn't keep reminding us how good he is - "Ted there's no need to continually brag - you're the King of the Riffs' on your side of the pond and have been for many years - the US equivalent of Angus Young, so shut up and get on with it".

Anyway, back to the point, reviewing the CD or Gig should I say - many of the hits are here, the dirty power blues-rock of 'Free for all' the sleaze lyrical salute of 'Yank me, crank me', the legendary 'Cat Scratch Fever' or the screamin' 'Stranglehold' where Ted says to the audience "watch how simple it is - as long as you got the f*ckin' attitude" and he's got that alright.

I best give the old f*cker a good mark or he'll be over the large pond, trackin' me down with his huntin' bag of tricks in hand ready to stick an arrow in my ass !! - well that'd be one way to get him across and while he's here - how about some gigs ? - what do mean we can't afford you ?? Stop press, he's playing London Astoria in June.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

February 2002
91 SUITE - 91 Suite
(Vinny Records)

Obscurity is a fascinating thing, one knows. You dig deep, you come across a disc by a new act, hardly anyone, let alone yourself has heard of, and when you dung it into the deck, their music more often than not, kicks your arse good and proper. That's very much the case with Spain's 91 Suite, and not just because they share part of their name with that of a certain Canadian act. I had a sampler CD from the Fireworks magazine last year which contained a track by this very promising young band and from then, haven't looked back so much as once.

Granted, they don't quite push any parameters in rock, apart from the somewhat over-pop second track 'Down To You', and maybe one or two later cuts in the thirteen-strong listing. Within their own circle, 91 Suite are quite free to roam as their likely inspirations look down on them. Melodica, Danger Danger, Winger and Tyketto are but just a few. Stand-outer and aforementioned sampler track 'Time To Say Goodbye' vaguely nods at Hardline fave 'Everything' and 'The Day She Left' is to say the least picked from the 'Poley's Finest' handbook. 'All Is Gone', 'Give Me The Night' and 'Chance Of A Lifetime' rate amongst the golden nuggets but give me the night, and several more afterwards, I'll still be listening to an album like this practically non-stop.


By Dave Attrill


I must admit I have never purchased a CD at a gig until seeing Number One Son, I would say they come across between Korn, One Minute Silence, the heavy side of Incubus and Drowning Pool because of the distinguishing base lines the rhythmic vocals as well as the tight, but at the same time loose rhythms and pounding drum beats. 'Majority Of One' is probably one of the better CD's that are available from an underground band.

Number One Son have released a CD that is full of excitement, energy and anger through hard heavy metal rapping vocals and simple beats which pounds through your speakers harder than a nuclear bomb. From the first track 'Contrasts' to 'Hourglass' through to 'Insert' and the mellow track of 'A Moment' Number One Son express themselves as a band with the talent, attitude and professionalism to make it big.

I know very little about the band and or what they stand for but I can't wait to hear their next CD, If it is as exciting as 'Majority Of One' then we will have a band that will be around for along time, releasing music that will be enjoyed by millions.


By Tony Watson

Pre - 2002

Naughty Naughty - Secret Hiding Place

(Naughty Naughty - 1999)


Ernie Carletti and the boys are here – 4 Metal Maniacs, originally from the
Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Tri-state area. They bring with them
some cheesy songs (some of which aren’t to be taken too seriously) as well
as many serious instrumental elements– this album is pure rock and metal
entertainment as you like it!! Starter, ‘Intro to Hell (a new beginning)’
is horror humour at its best who rants on with ‘The night beckons back, and
our demons attack, crippled with fear, naughty naughty is here – so that’s
what the long-haired monster sounds like on the front CD cover. There’s a
selection of sleazy party rock here for e.g. ‘Cocked and Loaded’ and ‘Get
Away’ and ‘By your love’ which likens the Double N’s to the LA Guns but
slightly heavier with regards to guitar output and even reminds me of Skid
Row in their finer moments.

‘Get Away’ is about an unwanted women and I especially like the line, ‘Off
my dick bitch, this ain’t no show’ that turns up in the middle of the song –
how can you be more straight forward and to the point? Going from sleaze to
full on metal is a skill that Naughty Naughty can pull off very easily –
there’s obviously a varied amount of influences judging by what’s on offer
on this album. ‘Only a Dream’, (where in the liner notes it’s claimed to be
a song inspired by Evil Ernie and Lady Death from Chaos Comics) is
top-notch, especially during the instrumental section that shifts swiftly
from acoustic guitar to full-on electric Megadeth’ish soloing. It’s pure
metal that makes the hair stand on end needless to say, a number that Dave
Mustaine would’ve been proud to have been the creator of. There’s even
three instrumentals included on ‘Secret Hiding Place’ a notable example
being ‘Signed with Love…(For Lori)’which is both electric and acoustic and
is a beautifully crafted technical number at ballad tempo – this piece
gracefully melts you into a happy relaxed mood and gets you ready for the
beginning heavy but soon to mellow out love ballad ‘Here Forever’.

I’m quite astounded that Naughty Naughty aren’t on a well-known label like Music For Nations, Metal Blade or Eagle/Spitfire Records because they deserve to be – a band that have it all to give – and could be extremely successful with large label backing and full-on promotion. For more details check out the bands web site – www.naughtyevil.com


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS



It's like I'm listening to the same death metal album for the third time today (after checking out the bands 'Coronach' and 'Epoch of Unlight'), but this album has an increase in length and melody. These Russian metallers Nokturnal Mortum can't be faulted for a single iota. Songs are back to being more epic in duration but retain the complexity in riffage. We also have another ingredient this time round - keyboards - which account for a far more interesting if not soothing listen to the cheese-grater-lodged-down-gob vocals that come as standard on black/death metal records.

Some tracks herein contain hooks so musically brooding that you'd think they could have only written by Type O Negative only to be robbed by this lot in a dark alley one midnight. Paradise Lost wouldn't have minded one or two of these riffs either lads, but they just got there a bit too late to steal 'em. 'Tears Of Paganism', 'Perun's Celestial Silver' and 'Return Of The Vampire Lord' (predictable title or wha-a-at?) are top of the ten and the cover of Celtic Frost's 'Sorrows Of The Moon' is also worth your ears but the CD as a whole is a corker even if not exactly a million miles away from other stuff of its ilk.


By Dave Attrill

NOFX ? Pump Up The Valium.




This album has the affect any (good) punk band should have, it near on made me wet my pants. Main man, Fat mikes out of tune childhood brat singing wail is enough to do this alone, but when this is combined with some of the lyrical masterpieces only Nofx could produce its stunning... mom and dad 1 think you ought to quit smoking so much pot, Pure Genius!

If you've ever heard Nofx you'll feel you already know this album. Nofx has good all round stupidly amusing songs, that take the pi** out of the music industry, the general public and most importantly themselves. They know they suck and they make the most of this, in their own words they 'aint no musicians', but to be honest this is where Nofx shine ? being so bad their good. In short if you don't like laughing, men that can't sing or accordions avoid Nofx you've been warned!

As far as lesbian obsessed fat men go - Nofx rule 9/10
By Caroline Landrygan

The Nomads - Uptight
(White Jazz Records - 2001)

No they're not a bunch of strange travelling, camel riding weirdo's or whatever else their name might suggest - but are a Swedish 4 piece that could be the European equivalent of MC-5 or Iggy Pop with splashes of The Jam and Hanoi Rocks.

With 13 up-tempo rockers to weave around your ears, The Nomads entertain without the need for a hard-faced, angry attitude that pollutes with content of too many bands to mention in these nu-metal days. The only problem with these guys is that you can't simply tell one song from the next and the previous number can be easily forgotten. The songs are played really well (so that's a plus) - but it's like listenin' to the same one over and over again. Pick out your fancy from these babies (which are excellent examples) - 'Can't keep a bad man down', 'In a house of gods', 'The Cold Hard Facts' (which is very Bo Diddly), 'Wish I was dumb' and 'I can't wait forever'.

Vocally, Nick Vahlberg sounds like a cross between Kiss's Ace Frehley in a Michael Monroe (ex-Hanoi Rocks) phase. The other members are extremely tight and totally focussed on their punky style. The overall production mix is extremely professional - (this ain't no demo slapped together in someone's bedroom, like many albums of this type often sound like). It's most definitely all hats off to Stefan Boman and Chips K (of Decibel and Polar Studios in Stockholm), as well as the exceptional mastering of Robert Well (from Polar Studios too).

This is an album for the up and coming 16-23 year olds who are getting bored with the current breed of nu-metal and U.S. college brat rock. As well as the more authentic of those of you out there still - who like their music a bit more true to its roots. I'm talkin' pure Punk style of course.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

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