January 2017

Leslie West - Mountain
(Sony - 1969 / Repetoire UK – 2016)

Yep, this is the debut album folks that started it all off and become the embryo for what was to come.. ‘Nan…’ what???

A real organic raw mix is in store with plenty of bass in there – cut while the trio were hot in he studio there are some fine songs on this remastered 11 tracker that include the amazing cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘This Wheel’s On Fire’ and Cream like originals such as ‘Baby, I’m Down’ not to mention the beautiful lead-out track ‘Because You Are My Friend’.

One of the most fantastic rock trios from the late 60’s and through the 70’s onwards.


By Glenn Milligan


WILDFLOWER - At The Station
(Esmeralda Records - 2016)

Wildflower are a young six-piece from San Jose, who formed just last year, yet have evidently not messed about in what they want to do.

With a noise that nicely echoes the age of flower power itself, this eleven-tracker takes on a totally fluttery summertime sound with swish early-seventies acoustic guitar bases and big choruses on top. Pit-pat drum sounds are never a primary turn on with me but they meld duly in behind the dainty melodies of vocalist Tiffany Petrossi.

As songs such as 'Buttercup', 'Spawn', 'Rainbow Ground', 'Future', 'Oliver's Garden', 'Caravan' and 'Daffodil' dupe you into the tall grassy fields for the afternoon, you will know that  Wildflower have  no intention of letting you wonder  out again...and if you do, they will be waiting at the station for you.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Sonic Youth, Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull & Texas.

NET: www.facebook.com/wildflowertheband

WILD RIVER - Burn Your Chains
(S/R - 2015)

Some bands will still think about the sound they're putting a name to, before nominating one.

Wild River rightfully comply, via their wavy, driving blues-based rock that barges its way through the door on you with 'Another Day' and makes a truthful promise to stop around a further eleven tracks. Slick, middle of the road rock with a mix of seventies, eighties and nineties ...and just occasional niggly bits between nullify all beliefs that this band are actually Italian - although the quality is just a slight giveaway.

'Under The Bad Signs', 'On The Road', Darkness', 'Dancing In The Night', 'Stoner' and 'The Last Train' brake, burn and grab you with more grips and grooves than your Gran's old chopping board. Tasty old fashioned solos and slides, set along Spagnoli Roberto's sassy blues throat don't have a time limit with me, and even the similarities between selected tunes stops short of even trying to bore.

With wistful summer balladry such as 'Darkness' and the bend-friendly 'Here You' as well as a cover of Alice In Chains' 'Nutshell' there is way too much on offer but I would reach out and grab the lot down, defying whatever others think. Kicking classic rock noise with no concession made.

Let's hear another helping soon, lads.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE:  Nickelback, Free, Deep Purple, Coheed and Cambria & Deep Pink Floyd.

NET: wildriverofficial.com

WISHING WELL - Chasing Rainbows
(Inverse Records - 2016) 

Sharing names with a classic Free number couldn't be much more appropriate for this Finnish trio's firmly seventies/early eighties-etched rock sound.

Driven from above by singer Peter James Goodman's soaring vocals, which have more than a slight touch of the Bruce Dickinsons to them, these nine tunes sound like they'd been buried in a chest for forty years, then found still shining like new beneath the brushed-away dust. 'Chasing Rainbows', and the high speed trad metal outburst of 'Science Fiction' set the clocks back and shove a wedge in to stop them shifting forward. With the classic metal ethos seemingly not established enough already, 'Hippie Heart Gypsy Soul' welcomes Rainbow legend Graham Bonnet to the mic for a like-styled old time groover (there had to be a reason for that's album title).

'Sacrifice' has a Black Sabbath-meets-Soundgarden driving edge while the solo and keyboard friendly 'Luck Is Blind' is another old fashioned heavy rocker cleaned up for 21st century speakers with the album's catchiest chorus so far. 'I'll Never Let You Go', a bluesy three-step ballad number sees them finally simmer down a pace in a good old Sunday-afternoon-in- the-garage sort of way, only for 'Sands of Time' to simply pick up the speed again with sharp  strumming work by guitarist Anssi KorkiaKoski. 'Holy Mountain' is pure early metal gold in a giveaway Dio style way, and is equipped with a swaying beat that brings tears to all NWOBHM eyes.

'Fire In My Soul' closes the album acoustically with a flowing chorus and a western-like 'ohhhh, oh-oh-oh-ohhh' ride-out into the final fade - a little bit of an anti climatic end but every bit as great a tune as the rest. Draggy only in the very slightest of places, 'Wishing Well' works like the best album that forgot to be made back in the day when it would have mattered...yet to us dyed in the wool old school rockers out there it should still do in 2016.

An undeniable gem.


By Dave Attrill 

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE:  UFO, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin... and there's that other band (they start with 'R' I think) 

NET: www.inverse.fi 


(S/R - 2016)

Noisy Nottingham trio, Witchtripper have wound up a pretty sizeable engine in their two and a half years to date, notably including back to back Bloodstock spots across 2025-16.

This debut album serves to testify what all the fuss is about as eleven deadly heavy hulks of old fashioned heavy metal are dropped from a vertical angle. 'Attitude Adjustment', 'Chills To The Bone', ' Shout', 'Served My Time', 'Turbo Bitch' and 'Don't Make Me Choose' are frightening, and infectious both as they roar, stamp, bludgeon and bounce off you.

Wavy seventies solos and snarling Hetfield- edged vocals from mainmain Richie Barlow weld together into a hefty gigantic steel bar ready to bludgeon you. With pounding triple-step beats, brutal high speed ragers and grinding progressive arrangements all landing at you, with nowhere to escape, I advise it best to let Witch Tripper to imprison you with their power.

A true British metal winner in the making.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Trouble, Cathedral, Metallica, Orange Goblin & Pantera.

WONDERWORLD - Wonderworld II
(Key Music - 2016)

You wonder what happens when two countries collide. The result in this case is Wonderworld, a part Norwegian part Italian melodic rock trio who began rubbing shoulders while working with Uriah Heep legend, Ken Hensley three years ago.

With the impressively received debut having passed us disappointed Metalliville personnel by, we have to make to with leaping on the second ride instead. Wonderworld II amalgamates an entire classic rock fan's wet dream of influences into each of ten songs across three quarters of an hour.

The instant name to strike a chord is of course guitarist Ken Ingerwersen, formerly known for Norwegian melodic rock faves Street Legal, some years before and for a musical dynamo of his calibre, this current vehicle are just like picking up where he left off before. AOR tunes like 'Forever Is A Lie', 'Remember My Words', 'It's Not Over Yet' and 'Return To Life' lift the roof off with vocalist/bassist Rob Tiranti's sonorous powers whilst 'Elements' is worth the price of the album itself with a massive Mr Big meets Winger monster of a chorus.

The sticking moment of the album is the Dio like 'Evil In Disguise' with it staggering prog arrangement which  in itself isn't a stinker but will be only likely to impact as a live number. Mr Ingerwersen handles the solos majestically as in the past with a prowess for all things speed, seventies and blues peeping out from their corners while vocal discovery Tiranti's smooth delivery adds to the music's strongly timeless glaze.

Solid evidence that Sweden and Italy not only both uphold the upper hand in melodic rock but also manage to pull forces with pristine aplomb once in a while...or twice in their case.

Simply Wonder-ful.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Survivor, Journey & Rainbow

January/February 2016

Noah Wotherspoon Band – Mystic Mud
(S/R – 2015)

A blues trio from Cincinnati, Ohio who crank up this cooking album with 12 tracks in total. Noah himself has been playing since he was 11 and noticed originally by Jimm D. Lane, Son of Jimmy Rodgers who got him a one album deal with APO Records.

Anyways, if you want to know his full info consult www.noahwotherspoon.com This album with such a fantastic title has some great sounds on it such as the opening raw ‘What’s Gonna Become Of Me’; the waling slide of ‘Highway Song’ (not the Blackfoot number by the way) or the mindblowing 45 second closer ‘Oahu Train Rag’.



By Glenn Milligan


Charlie Wheeler Trio – Rewind
(Graphite Sound – 2015)

Bluesy ‘n’ funky dudes which I kind of expected from the name of the band – simple and to the point.

Some distant Allman and Crowes sounds but they are more clinical and by numbers than earthy and authentic like their mentors at times but they are damn good at what they do all the same. Highlights include the ‘River’s Gonna Rise’ about losing the pet dog in a flood; ‘Back To Frisco Bay’; ‘Big City Blues’ and ‘I Like To Wander’ that has a killer riff – best number album on the album by far.

Decent enough.


By Glenn Milligan

(MS Metal Records - 2015)

Don’t even begin to expect something sounding like Motley Crue, Britny Fox or the like, if you’re buying into this one by the title.

Listening to some  Metallica, Soundgarden and Stone temple Pilots no the other hand sets you  up, to say the least, adequately. This Brazilian four-piece know what a beautiful thing, crossover is in the metal religion these days. Spreading the grunge-friendly vocal s   of frontman Erik Fillies across seven slices of fierce metal toast without the need for butter leaves you a nourishing musical breakfast. Taste the progressive crunch of ‘Never Let Yourself Down’, ‘all I want All I Need’ or the hard-rock-meets-stoner coated ‘Find Your Way’ and  you’ll see there’s  more than one  side to Wild Child’s menu.

The three-part power ‘Church Bells’ soaks  in better after a second play but  its  a  strong showcase for  all four  players, with bassist  Thiago Forbeci  delivering some fine Dream Theater and Megadeth dynamics into every gap.  Pick this one up if you can and support another impressive South American metal machine in sending out its vibrations -  it’s already surprising enough to find out  that this is actually their SECOND album.

I’d like to hope there will be a third helping of this in the line someday.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Soundgarden, Alice in Chains & Black Sabbath.

NET:  www.wildchild.com.br


The Lauren Wolf Band – Rise Up
(Caudog Records – 2014)

Excellent female fronted band from Chicago who delve into good ole Rock and Blues territory but are commercial enough in sound to appeal to a wider audience that simply hardcore anoraks of the genres.

Slick powerful vocals come from Lauren with a big retro sound going down that culls in styles from the late 60’s and early 70’s at times – think Gracce Slick, Janis Joplic influences and top dollar musical backing to match complete with backing vocals. Strong numbers flow out of the speakers like the opening ‘Run Daddy Run’ with some pacey solos on both bass and guitar.

You’d be forgiven that you were going to hear a cover of Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) when ‘Bounce Back’ kicks in since that’s what I thought of straight away and then there’s the poppiness of ‘Straight Until Tomorrow’ that reminds me of Scottish band, Texas and then there’s the gustiness of It is What It Is’ with some superb organ cutting through too.
It all comes to a close as it’s finished off with an excellent cover of The Bee Gees ‘To Love Somebody’.

Good stuff.


By Glenn Milligan


DEAN WALLACE - Metal Family
(Tinphlo Records - 2014)

Starting off on a note of confusion - sprightly young musical hotshot Dean Wallace is credited on the cover sheet as the composer of this corking little disc, yet on the cover sleeve someone by the name of Remy Boyer appears to be accounting for the laurels.

Same person or not, this album is a huge surprise. Set beneath the roof of Wallace's White Zombie- meets- Hetfield roar for a vocal effort, his straight ahead heavy metal, with thrash tilt, takes all ten of these menacing tracks and mashes them into a fantastically melodic yet sharp-sided lump.

Put together by his powerful guitar and precise soloing (he plays all instruments by the way) Wallace's first solo art is a sure-fire work of it, including the ‘Nothing Else Matters'-like ‘My Eternal Why'. Young and incredibly durable adept, Dean Wallace seems set to do the old school metal scene some necessary justice.

Sweet stuff mate.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www. Dean-wallace.com

DARRYL WAY - Children Of The Cosmos
(Right Honourable Records - 2014)

Veteran prog rock violinist Darryl Way came to the world's attention as founder of Brit scene legends Curved Air.

Across their forty-five year life, Darryl has also done some solo bits and bobs, 'Children Of The Cosmos' being his return to the fold after two decades. Set conceptually - as you might have somehow deciphered - the deep ambient mix of instruments, notably synth and his own four strings, as well as acoustic guitar and even sitars sets a huge scene to explore in yourself.

The seventies 'space' vibe is defiantly thrust at you in numbers such as 'Spooks' yet his own silky husk holds it and the mainstream ends of the wires together and the result is certainly a shockwave of sizeable parts. With slow to middle paced rhythm bounce, '...Cosmos' concludes against the necessity to be from a different planet to dabble in such experimental rock deviances.

Somehow I think we will be welcoming another visit from Mr Way's spaceship before ling.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.darrylway.com

(S/R - 2014)

One of the least likely items for a metal rock site to receive, it is probably my love of a lot of things eighties-y that justifies my time to covet this disc.

Fronted by a bloke and two women - a bit like another act who were rather big in their day, Philadelphia's Weird Hot take off into it the right way with 'I Was At A Party', a Human League meets Pet Shop Boys type pump-fest of a number. After running into a more guitar-oriented tunnel from the following two tracks, 'Baby Lucky' and 'Don't Go To The Rodeo' fuse all the elements and deliver delicious slices of solo-topped electro rock.

'Lunatics By The Sea' is a strictly synth based new-wave number that will bear no appeal to metallers but the bounce back with the Roxette-like chorus of 'Ghosts' gives me the best number of the ten and some tasty but brief solo widdling. Going to have to place Weird in the box marked 'Understatement' but they have the potential to become a hot property rather fast.

Intriguing stuff, no matter how relevant people reading it through a site like Metalliville see it.


By Dave Attrill

THE WHOCARES - Now In Full Stereo
(Give Me Gold Records - 2014)

After a decade together, Belgian rockers TheWhoCares finally commit a full slab of their crunchy rock n'roll swagger to disc.

I have caught on-off tastes of their tesosterone-totalling retro noise over the recent years so know what to expect and, well not exactly disappointed. Diversity, I would still have to be frank, isn't exactly in their job description but in its stead is a sharop, seventies punch to the senses, with studded fingers luke '69r', 'The Dark Side', 'Take It All', 'The Devil's Hand', 'Do You Wanna', 'Burning Up The Night' and 'Hard Driven Power' poised to hurt.

Twin guitars make for an unstoppable layer of nose with slick American style solo bends and the typical twelve-bar bang-down. Not one for the wussies amongst you, this is a big box of musical Belgian chocolate, brought to you with more than a light transatlantic taste.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Hellacopters, Kiss, Backyard Babies, Buckcherry & Wildhearts.

NET: www.thewhocares.com

WINTER IN EDEN - Court of Conscience
(Firestreak Media - 2014)

Brit Symphonic metallers Winter In Eden won't rest easy, and latest long player ‘Court Of Conscience' sees them up up and jogging just as actively.

I'd say more sprinting as opening number ‘Knife Edge' shoots in along an old-school thrash beat as everything onto is suitably melodic in supporting songstress Vicky Johnson's sonorous octaves. Selectively applied keyboards and solos keep the picture to its usual deep and atmospheric scheme with the meaty hook lines smoothly applied by brush after.

Rich melodic metal tracks, seldom expected from one of our homegrown hordes, seem to grow in fields as if to make up for it in the case of ‘Toxicate', ‘With Intent', ‘Order Of Your Faith', ‘Before It Began' and ‘The Script'. I advise, unless having already done so, you try a trip into this particular Eden while the current winter is still just with us.



By Dave Attrill

NET: www.WinterInEden.com

(S/R - 2014)

Swedish oddbods Workshop Of The Wolf sound almost as unorthodox as their tag, but don't translate that as ‘do not buy'.

Bumpy, grindy and gravelly as it gets,their music gives into some gusty progressive mega-ludes,in the sweet old seventies taste. Taking an alternative rock sheet and spreading it over the top plays largely to their credit given how the two genres are crossed of late, and mainman Henrik Von Harten's sharp staccato like range with available rasp plays well for both.

They may seem to switch across the styles as if a button is suddenly pressed but the fact cannot outweigh how well executed WOTW's sound comes across. Sadly with only five cuts counting for our lot today,I hope that their reception on the grounds of it, is enough to get a full length one out there soon.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Porcupine Tree, Jadis & Coheed and Cambria.

NET: www. wotw.se


(Sonic Revolution - 2013)

Sweden still do dark heavy stuff - you only have to hear the promo interview with Wasted Shells frontman Ola Svensson should you require convincing.

Not trying to paint a picture of a perfect world, smiles and happy faces, they certainly sound less than a million pounds with their metal meets hardcore rage. Juttering along like an accelerated equivalent of legendary countrymen Entombed, these five ferocious young Scandinavian gents stick plenty enough in to not nail it into a single line.

Noticeable layers of Motorhead and Metallica add to an angry platter that pleases most fans of all fast and destructive. Varied between growling and grunge-oriented crooning in the contemporary metal protocol, large changes in rhythm and mellow stop-go wavelines in the solos steer this one wonderfully away from the slot marked tedious 'Student metal by numbers'.

Seriously speaking, if old school, new school, or somewhere up the middle school is where your metal years lie, you'd be wise to give Wasted Shells a go. Wasted money...I don't think.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Lamb Of God, Fear Factory, Slayer & Machine Head.

NET: www. facebook.com/Wasted.Shells

WAY JOSE - Stay In The Light
(S/R - 2014)

Way Jose are San Fran single-man act Daniel DeMento who started off with a single track experimentation named 'The Humble Hum' a couple of years ago and the collaboration with fellow scene musicians seems to have paid off - this fascinating five track ep being the result.

Touching almost every instrument you could see in a shop, (he does actually introduce each track with a different one) Mr DM dabbles with delicate piano, keyboard and saxophone along with amorous acoustic lines to stir up a soul-driven sensation that also includes a near Beatles-like turn on 'Humbling Hum' itself. The additional four tunes are hard to take favourites from, but 'Broken' and 'Stay...' are probably the most instant, whilst 'The Wind Came Up' pretty much slows from the pace but starts to gel back in with the jazz interlude at halfway along.

Gripping stuff in the most of parts, Way Jose is worth a listen for its luscious depth more than other superficial details.


By Dave Attrill

NET: bandcamp/wayjose.com

John Wetton & Richard Palmer-James – Jack-Knife/Monkey Business 1972 – 1997
(Primary Purpose – 2014)

The two former members of King Crimson on a 2-CD set – the first of which, ‘Jack-Knife’ is a studio album that has a decent share of covers (Too Much Monkey Businees/Eyesight To The Blind/Dimples) and originals like the awesome opener ‘wish You Would’.

‘Monkey Business’ is a hotch-potch of unreleased demo recordings and live cuts too and comes across more like a thrown together bootleg than a proper album of sort with some select good songs on offer like ‘Cologne 1977’; The Glory Of Winning’; The Good Ship Enterprise’ and the epic closer ‘Starless 1997’.

For hardcore fans especially.


By Glenn Milligan

(S/R – 2014)

What a name - maybe we'll hopefully be saying what a band too when we've listened.

Portland's White Bear Polar Tundra indeed advertise themselves punishingly precise, sticking their fingers into math rock, funk, alt-rock and prog's pillarboxes to post their wares across. Sliding open the mail we get a loose feeling, groove based ten-song selection that sometimes surprises and sometimes doesn't but still entertains thoroughly for its thirty six minutes.

Staccato friendly rhythm lines that lend themselves to, or is that lent by, many Britpop acts I can bring up and a rich guttural vocal that wouldn’t come out of place in a cabaret soul act, tether WBPT's style to some posts slightly bigger than others. Silky sounding stuff indeed, 'Strikes Back' should come classified as suitable for people whose musical tastes are not polar.

Bear that in mind. (Dave, that was shocking - Ed)


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.whitebearpolartundramusic.com

Winnter – Wings
(WM Records – 2014)

A Brazilian Metal three-piece who formed in the mid 90’s by Thiago Winnter who sound very much like the Scorpions.

It’s a solid album overall with highlights in the heavy starting Judas Priest like pummelling at ya ‘Crazy Flying Guys’; the cracking ballad ‘Take Your Wings’; the speedy number going by the name of The Sky Warriors’ that features a fair share of Zakk Wylde like urps.

Closing this flying obsessed album is a beautiful orchestra meets acoustic balled that is ‘Wings Of Hope’. Wonder if their next album will be of an aeronautical element too.


By Glenn Milligan


The Wicked Mercy - S/T
(S/R – 2013)

Canadian artist who seems to have an interest in playing rock and blues while at times mixing in some quirk from other parts.

It’s a grower of a CD on your taste-buds and will get you after a couple of listens with songs like the opening ‘God Knows’ with its funky blues and gutsy whisky soaked vocals. Then there’s the romanyness of ‘Gypsy Jazz’ which is just that; the slower almost blues of ‘Lost Boy’ or the closing ballad entitled ‘Into Your Hands’.

Pretty damn decent actually.


By Glenn Milligan

March/April 2014

W.A.N.T.E.D. - Meat ‘n’ Greed
(Perris Records - 2013)

Greek rockers WANTED know what we want without question, nasty dirty gritty hard rock with more punch than a p*ss*d-up encounter between Ricky Hatton and Mike Tyson.

No disappointment from the moment you push the play button for 'No Space Town' or the ten fellow rockers that roll along behind. Despite alternative feelings from hearing the vocals and driving drag rhythm of a couple or so tunes, suss pumps up that fast you have to run to stop being pumelled by their brand of 2010's traditional rock tour de force.

'Unbelievable Mess', 'Mr Wise Guy', 'Last Calling', 'Misery Loves Company', 'Myself Again' and 'Mama Miss Hell' are devesating GNR/ Buckcherry / Van Halen-schooled songloads of suss, swagger and shine that frighten if you fail to respect the scene but if you are the faithfull you are made to sing along.

Greece has taught the rest of the world so much in its time, making hard rock that matters is another lauded addition to their line. Buy this album soon as you can and enjoy an education thrown in.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Buckcherry, Aerosmith, Quiet Riot, Dokken & Talisman.

Wicked Faith – Under No Illusion
(S/R – 2013)

Female fronted rock band from Norwich , UK who are pretty damn decent I must say on their debut album.

Highlights include the opening blaster ‘What You Call A Heart’; the nasty riffed ‘Venomous Smile’; the crunchy almost BLS like ‘You Know Best’ and the throbbing grooved closer ‘Tomorrow’.

Check ‘em out at a UK venue if you get chance.


By Glenn Milligan

Wille And The Bandits – Grow
(S/R – 2013)

Cool and dirty blues from Cornwall, UK with plenty of dobro sliding , lap steel and acoustic and electricness throughout.

Imagine Seasick Steve meets British sounds in a rootsy vein while adding a bit of scuzzyness and modern twists too. Highlights on this excellent album include the opening funky sounding ‘Got To Do Better; the hot ‘n’ sassy ‘Gypsy Woman’ and the quiet atomospheric ‘n’ acoustic ‘Under The Groove’.

Then there’s the killer bluesy ‘Still Go Marching On’; the socially political ‘Son Of The Gun’ about being at war and the closing instrumental ‘Angel’ that is like Santana gone voodoo crossed with some dark ferocious Pink Floyd.



By Glenn Milligan

WINTER DAWN - By Embers Embraced
(S/R - 2013)

One word in the name or title is all it takes to indicate some things.

Winter gives away the sound of a symphonic metal scene straight in front of your armchair for example. Initially generic as they get in places, Sweden's Winter's Dawn do it with reasonable parameters and for their atmospheric melodic metal sound you do get a few surprisingly AOR sways such as the solo guitar melody of 'Rising Star'.

Hitting in with a few unexpected heavy crunchers such as the semi industrial stop-go of 'My Desolation' or slowing mood again for the massively Magnum-esque 'A New Dawn', nothing is what you really expect and if you hate heard-one-heard-them all albums, this one starts to become safer to approach by the minute.

Top rate playing as always, with keyboardsman Anders Dahlen putting in a driving display, 'By Embers Embraced' is simply another reason why Sweden simply isn't a large enough country to hold all its hibernating metal talent.

Thanks again lads!


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Stratovarius, Dream Theater, Kamelot, Nightwish & Helloween.

NET: www. winterdawn.com

Wishbone Ash – Blue Horizon
(Solid Rock House Records – 2014)

A slick and at times laid back new release from the 70’s legends and there’s a wide array of tranquil prog, straight-ahead rock and a good lacing of blues as well throughout the album.

Highlights included the ZZ Top like ‘Deep Blues’; ‘Way Down South’ which is a scary reality check; the cooking and tongue in cheek humour of ‘Mary Jane’ and the beautiful title track ‘Blue Horizon’.

Decent album.


By Glenn Milligan

Coen Wolters Band – Illumination
(Crying Tone Records – 2014)

This is an excellent blues-rock guitarist from Holland who started out building guitars, discovered Jimi Hendrix and decided to learn how to play as well too and this is his own solo band after being in another called The Parish for a good while.

Standouts on here include the funk blues of ‘Time Of Day’ & ‘You, Me And Your Monkey’; the coolness of ‘Complicated’ that comes in an alternate version too; the wailing of ‘Yellow Eyes’ or the SRV likeness of ‘Brand New Day’.

Worth giving a spin.


By Glenn Milligan


Leslie West / Mountain – The Man And The Mountain
(Retro-World / Floating World – 2013)

A cracking 2 cd complition of the legend and his band from New York - Leslie needs no introduction and one of the most incredible artists I have ever seen and that was at The Boardwalk, Sheffield.

CD 1 is mostly an incredible collection of Bootleg live performances desk with major highlights including absolutely phenomenal takes of ‘Never In My Life’; ‘Mississippi Queen’ & ‘Nantucket Sleighride’ from New Years Concert, 1971.

Then there’s the impressive ‘Whiskey Train’ (Karlshamn, Sweden 1994) and ‘Get Out Of My Life Woman’ (Capital Theatre, 28th December, 1973) with the humourous insert of Rudolf The red Nosed Reindeer’. How can I not mention the inclusion of the last two numbers ‘Crossroads’ & ‘You Really Got Me’ with John Entwistle on Buzzard bass both from Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 17th September 1997.

CD 2 is studio material culled from a variety of different albums in Leslie’s career where you seem him nailing some really good covers in his own unique style at times which can especially said for his arrangement of The Beatles ‘Dear Prudence’ that has a vibe of Flying by The Faces to it.

Other crackers here are his balls-out take of Jeff Beck’s ‘Going Down’; The Animals ‘We Gotta Get Outta This Place’ as well as killer takes of The Stealer’ by Free and a unique bluesier rendition of George Harrison’s penned Beatle number, ‘Old Brown Shoe’. Hey there’s even ‘Honky Tonk Women’ on there too that’s a bit like the Humble Pie version.

Impossible not to give this set top marks to a man and his band who are vastly underrate and don’t get the credit deserved on the big scale. Vibrant screeching high-ended but sweet guitar work with loud bawly buzz saw powerful vocals with an overall style and power that is like mixing Humble Pie with The Who.


By Glenn Milligan

This review is dedicated to my late buddy, Martin Bellamy from Sheffield who loved Leslie West & Mountain.


Whiskey Six – American Grit
(S/R – 2013)

A Quartet of hellraisers from Phoenix, AZ who combine metal and rock blues together producing a sound and style that is very Southern indeed.

It hits white hot from the opening Hetfield soundalike in the vocals dept ‘Watch It All Burn’ that also has a Pantera feel about it not to mention hitting humour smuttyness with the delta meets rock-out ‘Long Necks (And Open Legs)’.

Elsewhere there’s the cookin’ stomping ‘You Disease’ that has some vibrant backing vocals and guitar-work; a beautiful ballad in ‘Heartache’; the slidin’ riffed ‘Ommission’ before finishing off with a bang-on cover of ZZ Top’s ‘Heard It On The X’. This is what would happen if members of Black Stone Cherry, Pantera, Scattered Hamlet and Metallica had a few beers and jammed out at a local party.

These guys are pure heavy Dixie brilliance.


By Glenn Milligan


The Western Sizzlers - For Ol' Times Sake
(S/R - 2013)

An excellent honky tonkin' release from some boot scootin' who country it up in Atlanta, Georgia who are actually fronted by an English dude called Kevin Jennings - here's me thinking he was a born and raised southern boy too.

The main man is alongside peeps renowned in the biz like Charlie Star of 'Blackberry Smoke' doing some vocals and even Rick Richards of 'The Georgia Satellites' on guitar as well. You'll Plenty of tongue-in-cheek humour filled stuff on this album with opener 'One More Beer' setting the standard about having glass after glass and telling a woman how you really wouldn't if you were sober - ha! They've even done an excellent rendition of Status Quo's 'Break The Rules' - 1st time I heard another band cover them actually.

Love the cooking track that is 'One Day Closer To Crazy' and many of us are for sure or what about the excellent instrumental closer 'Unfinished Business' that is short 'n' sweet as an ender. Man I could rant about how good each song is on this 'ere platter but I'll you guys check out the other splendid sounds on here.



By Glenn Milligan

January 2013

Joe Louis Walker - Live At Slims Volumes 1 & 2
(Floating World/Retroworld - 2012)

Recorded live at Slims, San Francisco on 9th & 10 November 1990 and comes in 2 parts as you can imagine from the title.

Volume 1 has an immensely awesome number that puts me in mind of 'Little Red Rooster' that is 'Don't Play Games' and a kick *ss duet with female vocalist, Angela Strehli in 'Don't Mess Up A Good Thing'; the moderately fast tempo coolness of 'One Time Around' and 'Bit By Bit (Little By Little)' that features some riveting harmonica licks from the one and only Huey Lewis.

Volume 2 has some great tunes as well in the funky blues of 'Thin Line' and 'Shade Tree Mechanic' that has some knock-out brass in it & the fastish blues of '747' with Huey Lewis on harp again.

Decent enough.


By Glenn Milligan

WARSEID - Where Fates Lie Unbound
(S/R - 2012)

'Blackened Folk metal' ... don't take me for a fool lads. Except that they do and these six Winsconsin boys succeed in surprising me with more than just a gimmick to get me suffering another speed-growl-and-sod-all-else extreme metal apology.

Yet a long runner for only a four track disc, this quartet of epic length black metal workouts serve up plenty to see them by with wide open ears. Selections of rhythms and solos culled from the best subgenres have their place in this pleasingly progressive mixture which includes moments of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Anthrax plus some plush keyboards from Jon Meland.

Delectable surprise violins and acoustic work on the partly melodic-vocalled 'Farewell' leave you wondering if you've got the right sleeve in front of you. Dont be put off by this detail - pleasing people all round is ruthlessly difficult within both the Black and Death metal genres -don't even mention folk - but one or two acts do suddenly widen their niche sometimes.

Strangely recommended.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.warseid.com

(Wormholedeath - 2012)

‘Blackened deathcore’, the promo calls out to us – still that’s one way of staying pure I suppose, although the content of ‘T.W.O.P’ doesn’t always do so.

While the vocals are.. well, do I really need to describe that part to you…the alternative-bred guitar lines suck it against another wall. Loose and driving melodic grunge-metal style rhythms sling themselves around these songs, setting a delectable deviation from the deathly route usually intended for travelling.

On top of which, the graceful female throat of guest vocalist Giulia Stefani who takes lead for two tracks is a treat you don’t see coming. Grinding, modern metalcore power with promising new pretence and angle.

Look into it.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED F YOU LIKE: Hatebreed, Napalm Death & Evansecence.

NET: www.myspace.com/thewayofpurity

WHISPERING TALES - Echoes of Perversion
(S/R - 2012)

Italian sextet Whispering Tales may be competing with Lacuna coil as their lands favourite female-led act if this majestic album has anything to contribute.

All down largely to frontwoman Lucie Vetele’s sorcerous range, songs like ‘Collapsed’, ‘last Dilemma’, ‘Tools of My Redemption’, ‘Anesdora’, ‘Scent of Darkness’ and ‘Until the Dusk’ carry tendencies to sell operatic metal straight to the adoring masses. Exquisitely performed guitar and piano parts still catch their cut of the attention. Jeremie and Remi run off a luscious selection of Fates Warning/Mostly Autumn moulded sounds with subtle thrash diversions, whilst Stephy’s sleek ivory acoustics steal most of the focus on the deeper tracks and the short instrumentals amidst.

An atmospheric tour de force of European melodic metal lasting in the air longer than its 57-and-a-half minutes could ever attempt. ‘Echoes Of Perversion’ is the echo of an incredible musical sound, sonorously reflecting off the walls from way off to find you and infinitely enchant. Do yourself a favour and make this album a priority amongst your purchases to come.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Mostly Autumn, Epica, Evanescence & Helloween.

NET: www.whisperingtales.com

Winter Storm – Serenity In Darkness
(S/R- 2010)

Winter Storm are a five piece dark melodic female fronted metal band hailing from the West Midlands, they comprise of Hannah Fieldhouse (Vocals & Guitar), Wayne Taylor (7 String Guitars), Jamie Downes (Bass), Doomsday (Keyboards) and Will Stokes (Drums).

Winter Storm were formed in 2008 and collectively had a vision to create a band and sound that would be heavy and atmospheric but still remaining in the Gothic Metal genre with a melodic metal edge to it. Since 2009, Winter Storm have toured and have supported the likes of The Eden House, Alestorm, Mortad, Delain, Sirenia, Theatres Des Vampires, Evil Scarecrow, Sarah Jezebel Deva, ReVamp, To-Mera, Lahannya and Die So Fluid to name a few.

Even though this album was released two years ago the music on this album is very much relevant today. Track One 'Firedancer' kicks of the album in true Gothic Metal style with a slow haunting guitar and bass duo then it kicks in with fast bass lines, powerful drumming, brooding and haunting vocals and guitar riffs to match and ends much in the same way it started. This sets the tone for the rest of the album. The second track 'The Embrace' is one of the highlights of the album and starts with an almost ghost like intro then kicks in with fast paced guitar riffs, bass lines and drums. Hannah Fieldhouse's vocals (who in parts can be compared to Tarja Turunen in her Nightwish days) are atmospheric and soaring to provide the ultimate atmosphere of the song. In the background the keyboards provide a haunting melody to compliment the other members of the band. Track 3 'Sinner's Saint' is a slightly slower track but nonetheless just as good as the previous two tracks, it contains some great guitar work from both guitarists, very powerful bass and drums complimented by melodic soaring vocals and very atmospheric keyboard parts.

Track 4 'Internal Storm' starts off with a traditional metal guitar riff and keyboard intro before the vocals take over, this song has all the hallmarks and grandiose of a traditional symphonic metal track, soaring vocals, powerful guitar riffs, thundering bass lines and fast drumming with keyboards that compliment it all. The fifth track 'Inner Demon' starts off with an acoustic style intro with haunting keyboards and very classical vocals, as with track 3 is slightly slower and brooding to help provide the atmospheric feel of the track, but this does not take the focus off the guitar work, bass lines, keyboards and drumming. Halfway through the song it kicks in full throttle and speeds up. The use of the keyboards to provide an eerie cast on the proceedings and slow the track down is pure genius. This is another highlight of the album. Track 6 'Prison Cell' starts off with a duel between guitar and drums then the vocals come in strong, soaring to provide the pure Gothic atmosphere to the track, again the guitars compliment each other, with nice tight bass lines, eerie keyboards and powerful fast paced drums with a spoken word part halfway through in true Gothic style (along the same lines as the spoken word section by Charles Manson on Paradise Lost's track 'Forever Failure').

The seventh track 'Spirit' is just another one of those tracks, eerie keyboard intro with dark brooding guitars, pounding bass lines, powerful drumming with soaring, brooding, atmospheric vocals, and a very dark guitar solo in the middle, just what you would expect from this very talented band. The eighth track 'Dark Wings' starts with a classical keyboard intro that's last for thirty second before the vocals kick in (again very Tarja Turunen-ish) with slow paced guitars, bass and drum before taking the it a step up to a faster paced section of the track before slowing down again as before then ups the tempo again, this is pretty much what happens all the way through the track, giving the listener a break from the faster parts of the song.

Track 9 'Drowned In Tears' opens up with classic metal guitar riffs and very classical vocals, with some great keyboards (the most you hear the keyboards on this album), dark bass lines and very power metal style drumming. The final and closing track 'Retribution' ends proceeding with exactly the way the album started, pure Gothic Metal, soaring, brooding vocals, two great guitarist who complement each other, tight powerful bass lines and awesome drumming.

All in all I think that Winter Storm have got their musical formula down perfectly, from the brooding, soaring, classical and melodic vocals, the twin guitar set up that compliments each other, the very powerful and tight bass and drums and the addition of the keyboards to provide the eeriness and Gothic atmosphere. They combine the sounds of so many genres into their music from classical, gothic metal, doom metal, symphonic metal and power metal to create their unique sound. You can see why this band has supported so many famous names in this genre of the music industry. This CD is a must for any fans of this genre to add to their collection.


By Andy Turner

Net: http://www.winter-storm.com/ http://www.myspace.com/winterstormuk
https://www.facebook.com/winterstormuk http://www.reverbnation.com/winterstorm

Woods Of Ypres - Woods 5: Grey Skies And Electric Light
(Earache Records - 2012)

On December 22, 2011, David Gold, vocalist and founder member of Woods Of Ypres died at age 31, in an automobile collision near Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Up until that point Woods Of Ypres were a little known Canadian Doom Metal Band. Woods 5: Grey Skies And Electric Light is the fifth offering from the Canadian Doom merchants and was released in the memory of their vocalist and founder member on February 27th 2012.

As in all the Woods Of Ypres back catalog, this CD deals with all the typical doom issues of death and dying and everything morbid. All the way through this album, the vocals go from very Nick Cave-esque vocals to very deep Peter Steele-esque vocals, showing just what a good vocalist David Gold was. Woods 5: Grey Skies And light was a very hard album for me to listen to as they Woods Of Ypres was booked to play at a charity event I had organised in Nottingham in early 2012.

The whole album is a tribute to David Gold with every song dealing with death and dying, from the first track 'Lightning & Snow' through to the final track 'Alternate Ending'. The tracks that stick out on the album for me are 'Death Is Not An Exit', Career Suicide (Is Not A real Suicide)' and 'Kiss My Ashes Goodbye'. The album was produced by John Fryer, of Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie and HIM fame, and this production has the rich sounds expected of this producer. With the use of an orchestra sets the emotions on tracks such as 'Traveling Alone' and 'Death Is Not An Exit'.

Woods Of Ypres manage to make their music sound catchy and upbeat whilst still keeping with their traditional morbid sound at the same time. The album is very dark and deep and manages to feel very ominous, eerie and haunting. Death, whether metaphorical or literal, makes its cold presence felt on this album as with the previous four albums. All in all this album is a fitting memorial to David Gold, and this as a legacy will live on in the hearts of their fans as being their final album and also their best album of their short career.


By Andy Turner

Net: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Woods-of-Ypres/104068819628349


WARDRUM - Desolation
(Steel Gallery Records - 2012)

Greek power metal maestros Wardrum have had a hyperactive tenure thanks to two albums across the space of a year.

Their second one sees them speed it up to a more old-school Maiden with-balls approach, and do the guitars show it or what? Kosta Vreto can hardly wait till the middle eight of opener ‘Unforgiving’ to unleash his shredding fury in the manner than would have Adrian Smith and Dave Murray dialling straight to their lawyer.

Not that I want to put a talented musician down though, for ‘Sign Of Treason’, ‘Parental’, ‘Common Ground’, ‘Higher Sky’, ‘Faith’, ‘Urban Storm’ and ‘Abound In Nothing’ steal from most of the main continental favourites though still proceeding to make this it their own machine at the end through the element of new vocalist Yannis Papadopoulos to the mix. Frothing over with fine melodies and ultra-fast shredding that drowns out the fact they only have one guitarist, the wardrum pot is set to explode into 2013 with glorious metal gusto.

Greece may have fared less well in the recession of late but there are some things that that can just not stop, and this scorcher of an album is certainly one for the book.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Gamma Ray, Helloween, Rhapsody & Primal Fear.
NET: www.wardrum.gr

(S/R - 2012)

Serbian foursome Wicked Coffee Shoppers have a sound about as wacky as their name.

Moving the style pointer so fast back and forth between alternative, ambient, industrial and retro to name the most prominent four, brothers Zoltan and Robert Budia don’t seem to want any people listening to place labels. Each and every tune of the thirteen, notably ‘Shooting Around’, ‘End Of Story’, ‘Ambitious & Scary’, ‘One Good Moment’, ‘Damaged Sunrise’, ‘Superfreak Maniac’ and ‘Ordinary Cemetery’ change colour after the other and adapting to such frequent change becomes a challenge for even the most open-minded.

Sharp, dainty guitar notes, slamming into aggressive alt rock chordlines carry the great vocal bounce Zoltan adds on top every time. Punchy, instant music at the best of occasions, some tunes seem a little less consistent than they could have turned out, but even with another impressively hot European combo, you can’t always expect everything straight away.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Mars Volta, Nirvana, The Police & Blur.

NET: www.wickedcoffeeshoppers.com


WallnerVein - S/T
(S/R - 2012)

Good ole Hard Rock & Heavy Metal of the 80's nature with a helping hand from some rather big muso names of the industry.

Made up of Vocalist, Vivien Vain and Guitarist, Will Wallner they seriously kick ass on this 9 tracker with the likes of Jimmy Bain, Brian Tichy, Carmine & Vinny Appice, Rudy Sarzo, Tony Franklin, Tony Carey, Derek Sherinian on the various numbers found here.

Highlights include the opening Rainbow like 'Dreamstealer' with Vinny Appice, Tony Carey and Jimmy Bain; 'All That I Want' with Tony Franklin & Carmine Appice; the Dio meets Doro & Ozzy like 'Miles Ahead' with Rudy Sarzo and Vinnie Appice or the closing 'Indestructable' with it's Evanescence like male and female vocal styles that features Tony Carey, Tony Franklin and Carmine Appice.

Great array of musicianship incorporated well to produce an excellent album indeed.


By Glenn Milligan

Wild Machine - II
(Perris Records - 2012)

Full-on ear scraping glam from Athens, Greece with a singer in Johnny Mercedess Hott that sounds like the love child mix of Dizzy Dean Davidson, Brian Johnson & Tom Keifer.

These glammers come across like a cross between early Tigertailz; Britny Fox, Odin and other toxic filled Sleazers of guyliner dayze goneby. This is ace and just what the filth wanter ordered with pulling at your hair metal opener 'Straight To Hell'; the Ted Nugent meets ZZ Top like 'Nasty, Oiled 'N' Spoild'.

Or what about the bring it on Hollywoodness of 'Dirty Hotel Room'; the hit single for defo 'Viciouz Luv' and closing cover 'Star Attraction' by Tigertailz. It's little wonder that these guys have opened for te likes of Gilby Clarke, Ryan Roxie, Skid Row and Faster Pussycat. Bring the f*ck on!

F*ck Yeah!


By Glenn Milligan


(Audiomagnet/Guitar Nine - 2011)

German based, American born, er Teutonically surnamed - call him what you will, Adrian Weiss is one mega talented son–of-a-female dog.

Nearly fooling you into believing you are getting an album with vocals, he has given his guitar a voice of its own to sing with. AOR flavoured opener ‘Summer Drive’ shoots from Survivor-esque smoothness, up through soul strutter and into speed metal panache without pressing any buttons, except repeat play (inevitably). ‘Easy On The Ice’ funks up to a momentarily bas-friendly mid-section then shakes back out in true Schenker fashion down the fretboard. Guest starring Rage man Victor Smolski in a smouldering duet, ‘Tough Luck’ explores both men’s metal roots deeper with notable Blackmore twiddles for an interval then leaves the blues fluids to burn right down to the end.

‘Egyptian Inscription’ kicks off with a suitably Eastern strum then sustains the melody direction through the more free-flowing body of the song. Steering the sound back west with ‘Desert Sanctuary’, Adrian attacks every technique tried by Jack Blades and Jim Peterik, gone before then makes his own hasty acoustic retreat into the Californian sunset. Only once he feels it is safe to shred again, ‘estimated time Of arrival’ is another of those you swear blind was written for a vocalist – just you try not to hum to that titillating lead line. While that still lingers round you, ‘Liquid Pension Embellishment’ switches Weiss’s sound to the mode labelled ‘Megadeth’ on the meter, raking your expectations of a single style instrumental record deep away into the earth.

Titanium eighties metal soling is what we are discussing here, the only thing trying to ruin being the ultra-abrupt ending. ’A Bright awakening’ brings Weiss’s triplet skill’s to the fore, fast and fantastically tight with a sweet prog metal multitude in tow, descending cunningly to that other familiar Californian style once more to end. Merging mainstream rock and commercial early nineties metal, ‘Morning Run’ is too heavily chequered to catch up with until it stops for a peppery little prog break then sets off again as it sees you coming. Sprinting rapidly away from this unexpectedly short number, Adrian flicks on the acoustic switch again, slightly Spanish style for ‘disappear’, a slumber ballad that tells few where it goes until his accompanying lead repeatedly lashes out shred complexities before crashing back down onto the hammock.

‘The Progressive Society’ is a title intended for a laugh but less so in Adrian Weiss’s case. Shredding like an absolute maestro to meaty hooks these would have had Theater’s John Petrucci pounding at the door – and rightly so for he may have encountered a deadly undiscovered rival. If guitars could sing, as I said at the start of the review – then Adrian Weiss’s seven string implement is Geoff Tate, James laBrie and Bruce Dickinson combined as one and placed behind one mighty mother of a mike. An astounding slab of instrumental technicality that overshadows all but the most infallible of high-calibre counterparts, Mr W is a man set to hit not only the ‘Big Time’ but whatever might also lay unsuspectingly behind it.

Excellent doesn’t come close.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, Yngwie Malmsteen & Threshold.


Worlds Apart - Separate Ways
(A.F.O. Records - 2012)

Cool ass flashy big hair metal of the Firehouse & Mr. Big variety - right up my street dears from a band who came out of San Jose, California and made up of Jeff (JAS) Silva (Bass); Rich Cedillo (Guitar); Jay Davids (Vocals) and Gary Silva (Drums).

This ticks all the boxes - great image, belting songs with hooks, prime vocals and exceptional musicianship throughout. After reading the accompnaying bio I find out that this ain't your usual sofomore album but is in fact a collection of unreleased recordings from 1992 that never saw the light of day.
They've been assembled as a thankyou to the fans as a final album from a 16-track tape recording by the band who have toured with the likes of Dokken and Firehouse to name but a few and Produced by Johnny Lima and Mastered by Anthony Focx.

Each song is a gem indeed with numerous highlights throughout the album that include 'That's Why They Sent Me'; 'Desperation'; 'All Or Nothing'; 'Can't Let Go' 'Crutch'; 'Last Time'; 'Riding On A Whisper' and much more. This is reminiscent big sounding 80's decadence that has good ole retro arena rock written all over it with swell harmonies and gorgious prime musicianship.

Quite a swan-song indeed.


By Glenn Milligan


Winchester Rebels - 3 Sheets To The Wind
(S/R - 2011)

Decent band from up in Santa Barbara, CA who sound like another one of those bands who are trying to catch onto the crunchy zesty generic bandwagon - kinda Nickelback that are more believable.

They have their drums real high in the mix with a bass drum that sounds like it's got a coin taped to it for that extra slap. Highlights include 'Down' that has an infectious chorus and the opening 'Private Angel' that reminds me a bit of Soundgarden as its got a heavy laden cool riff. They just come across so negative and p*ssed off though - surely that can't be the case when they come from such a gorgious part of the world. Not exactly partyville.



By Glenn Milligan

January 2012

WOLF CRUSHER - Virgin Tapestry
(S/R - 2011)

Wolfcrusher produce a sound rather like…well growly, wolvey - type things themselves - not that scream core sounds too akin to a basket of cute little kittens.

Unlike the usual type of gargle-your -innards-out excuse for metal, these Brits give some clear above-compensatory substance with their instrumentation in this seven -track disc. Reverting continuously from blues, southern and stoner to brutal old school thrash and back, you can actually dance to some of these numbers, especially ’Lost at Sea’ and stick some air guitar feel into it as well with the classy seventies-oriented solos. Still getting a bit of actual singing into places, notably the Nickleback/Alice in Chains sounding ‘All Shall Pass’, promise is indeed in some abundance with these boys.

Pretty crushing stuff.


By Dave Attrill

NET: myspace.com/wolfcrusher


Wrathchild - Stakkattakktwo
(Perris records - 2011)

Wow - Wrathchild are back with a vengeance and it's been such a long time coming and with a new vocalist in Gaz Psycowrath who is just as good as the orginal singer, Rocky Shades.

11 tracks of pure glam, sleaze and cock rock excellence is what you'll find on this excellent return platter with some outstanding songs of stakk heeled and big haired brilliance that include opener 'Goin' Down'; 'Trikk Or Treat'; 'Nice 'N' Eazy'; 'I'll be Your Rokk 'N' Roll' with the cool screamy accapella intro; 'I Luv Night' and the unexpected closing ciggy lighter in the air for defo ballad 'Psychophantic Suicide'.

If you miss bands that are the true real deal with powerful numbers, cowbell slammin' and partydom then you'll not go wrong with this album - welcome back Guyz! Absolute Quality Album.

It's 1987 all over again!!


By Glenn Milligan


WE DIE TONIGHT - Stem The Tide (EP)
(S/R - 2011)

Hardcore and prog seems to have become something of a fashionable mix overnight or I’m missing on something frighteningly innovative til recent.

With DeadlyCircusFire and Skiller having took an impressive warning shot at us from their respective ships, it doesn’t seem to excuse these Londoners from playing their music fast and brutally angry any more than the next band along the line. Attacking it with the ferocity of a stray bear inside a tent of students, WDT craftily maintain their depth amidst epic metal core onslaughts, enticing the casual ear to stay peeled for the trip.

Riffs and progressions stagger and shuffle at all paces with almost decipherable lyrics and while one or two of these four tracks could benefit from a neater arrangement, the style is once again wisely explored.

If we are to die tonight, ‘Stem The Tide’ is worth a blast before departing.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.facebook.com/wedietonight

Whalesong – Filth
(S/R - 2011)

The opening song to the Filth album is, quite literally, a musical version of a whale’s song, including actual whale noises.

This makes the album seem bizarre straight away. The second track, “Dead Planet”, starts off with what sounds like a French cafe, adding to the already strange first track. It then opens up with what can only be described as a mess of instruments. Everything sounds mixed in together and doesn’t work well with the extremely quiet vocals.

“Fallout” also starts with a random quote of some description, before some basic guitar kicks in. The backing drums for every track are extremely similar, adding no real variety to the album. It’s almost as though the band are trying to add a techno element to their songs, but the music sounds poor with everything that they are trying to fit in. The first six tracks are just a jumble of music and inaudible vocals. “Baptism In Post Nuclear Acid Lake” sounds like it could have some potential at the start, but then gets the random techno beat and repetitive drums added in and is ruined.

Overall, the album is very poor, with extremely similar sounding songs, that don’t really sound like anything good at all.


By Sam Hutchinson


Who Cares – Out Of My Mind/Holy Water
(EDEL/ear Music – 2011)

A collaboration of a kind of supergroup that sees Ian Gillan work alongside Tony Iommi– 1st time since Black Sabbath’s ‘Born Again’.

This is a charity single with all proceeds going to the re-building of a music school in Armenia. The opener ‘Out Of My Mind’ is like going back to where they left off all those many years ago and the second song ‘Holy Water’ is more like what you’d expect from Ian Gillan in solo mode with some authentic Armenian sounds of the duduk on here.

Also included is the promo for ‘Out Of My Mind’ and a documentary about the project with footage of Tony & Ian in Armenia and snippets of concert action there too of Ian Gillan from the school itself in both 1990 and as it is now.


By Glenn Milligan


Warhorse - S/T
(Repetoire Records - 2011)

Their debut release that came out in 1970 and now on CD with added bunus numbers. So if you like a band that sounds like a cross between Deep Purple, Iron Butterfly and Uriah Heep then you are sure to love Warhorse.

It's packed with plenty of hammond organ, some feisty wailing and singing and a mass of killer guitar riffing and drum with some memorable blasting at you numbers like the opening 'Vulture Blood'; the excelling 'Burning' that has some momentous vocal harmonie and cowbell slamming in their; a cover of The Easybeats 'St. Louis' - hoy sh*t how hot is the screaming off Ashley Holt on here is like John Fogerty melted into the voice of Steve Marriott or the spooky evil sounding intro'd 'Woman Of The Devil' that turns into an epic piece indeed.

There's some cracking bunua numbers that include live versions of the bluesy 'Ritual' and the deep and incredibly rich 'Solitude' as well as a demo for a number called 'Miss Jane' that sounds like it came into fruition in the days of flower-power.

A band that should have been a lot bigger than they were.


By Glenn Milligan

Warhorse - Red Sea
(Repetoire Records - 2011)

Originally it came out in 1972 and was their 2nd album (featuring former Deep Puple man, Nick Simper on Bass).

Damn good stuff indeed especially the killer pre-Brian May-like guitarwork (think 'Brighton Rock') that is 'Back In Time', the ballsy vocalled raw 'n' rocked up well-hard 'Confident But Wrong' and 'Mouthpiece' with awesome hammond and drum solos (cos everyone tried to their own version of Toad and Moby Dick back then as it was still to do such a thing!).

There's some cool old bonus numbers - best of which are the demos 'Bad Time' with the running hammond and guitar solo bluesy solos on there; the sinister 'House Of Dolls' with its short theramin blast abd the clsong 'Standing Right Behind You' that has a closing riff that reminds me of a famous Elton John song - but this was about 4 years before it even came out!!

Imagine Early Deep Purple meets Uriah Heep then you are the way to what you get with Warhouse - alongside some quality rootsy bluesiness and rock in general.


By Glenn Milligan

The Web Of Spider - S/T (E.P.)
(Christ Inc. - 2005)

Excellent band that never made it to the big time due to bad organisation etc. They featured Whitey Kirst, who was the guitarist for Iggy Pop who is on Guitar and Lead Vocal duties alongside Philthy Phil Taylor who was the original drummer for Motorhead and Max 'The Knife' Noce on Bass.

This 3 track E.P. is pretty damn with the opener 'The Web Of The Spider' having one hell of a nice throbbing riff and build up top a ballsy chorus. 'Here We Go' is like a bit like White Stripes meets Motorhead on a quieter more relaxed day with a quality dirty solo in the middle. The final number, 'Dreamin' is one hell of a ballsy cut and comes across like a mix of Leslie West's 'Mountain' and mid 70's ZZ Top - Love It! Overall the songs are still playing in your head once the CD is over - that's the mark of well-hooked and crafted songs for defo.

I would have liked to have heard a full album by this trio as they had one hell of a groovin' mojo goin' down.


By Glenn Milligan

Snowy White - Highway To The Sun
(Repetoire Records - 2010)

An ex-member of Thin Lizzy whose album was originally released in 1994 and reissued last year on this awesome label. Throughout the album you hear some great wailing echoey guitar sounding a bit like Eric Clapton, Mark Knopler and Chris Rea.

Highlights on here include the opening titel track 'Highway To The Sun' that's very 'Road To Hell' and even features Chris Rea on slide guitar; the exellently grooving builder 'Burning Love' that was co-wriiten with Paul Carrack; Heartful Of Love' that's got laidback commercial Clapton written all over it; the Hammond Organ Intro'd 'Hot saturday Night' that is another Rea/Knopfler riff-like ditty; the Sax starting from Steve Gregory slow blueser 'Keep On working' about survival that even features the late, great, Gary Moore and lastly the closing fun-time number 'I Can't Get Enough Of The Blues'



By Glenn Milligan

Snowy White - White Flames
(Repetoire Records - 2011)

An album that came out in 1983 that doesn't always see Snowy at his best to be honest with you as it has got a very bad 'Top of the Pops' flimsy like sound to it with electronica and synthesizer feels running throughout a lot of the album that's damn annoying and just don't work.

Highlights though include 'The Jounrney (Part 1)' which is very Pink Floyd; 'Lucky Star' with its poppyness and moderate tempo; the Dire Straits like 'Don't Turn Back'; 'Lucky I Got You that features Peter Green on guitar and about loving his guitar funnily enough and the closer 'For The Rest Of My Life' which is a moderlately stomping blueser best number by far and it's actually the bonus track on the album!!

Some of the album is good, some is not so good.


By Glenn Milligan

(Mortal Music - 2011)

Well here we go another load of European extreme metal wa…… (No, come on Dave, let's be nice now) Indeed, the typical black metal noise battering its hatch down following a swish instrumental initially tries to put me to sleep but fails to get that far in time.

WS are a Scandinavian outfit with some capacity for making actually tunes to take home with you. Splendidly arranged patterns of prog, goth and luscious speed metal moments of the old school tone back up Mykl’s common-or-garden garglings to perfection. Technically strong string versus ivory duels fought hard and swiftly across all nine tunes and some pleasantly fast bouncy solos though a little too dissolved into the rhythm lines, complete a set rarely well executed by both musical and genre standards. Performed with occasional but large ounces of soul which is sadly too rare in this style, withering is far from the question for this promising act.



By Dave Attrill

Emperor, Arch Enemy & Anathema.

February 2011

The Welsh T Band - Rocking The Roundhouse (2 Track CD)
(Complexication - 2009)

This a 2 tracker from a Welsh Blues band that was released so the fans can decide what song the band ought to release as a single.

The 1st number 'Place In My Heart' is probably the best bet that has a real dirtyness and southerness to it at the same time and wouldn't be out of place on Doors album. The second song 'April-fool Blues' is just way too laid back and jazzy with piano with a dog tired overdone riff to it.

Hope they went for the 1st song.

1/2 or is that 5/10

By Glenn Milligan

WhyOut - Uprising
(S/R - 2010)

Italian sleazy glam stuff that reminds me of Beautiful Creatures and bands of that ilk from LA. Who would guessed that vocalist, Tomrocker he used to be a classical pianist..

5 tracks packed into just over 18 minutes and sounding rather good too. Highlights include the opening reckless 'Jesus 2.0' with its intro of gregorian choral voicings; the metalled up 'Liar' proving they aren't a one trick pony or the AC/DC Bon Scott tribute that is 'Shakin' Bones'. This band grow on you for certain as they did me.

More yes please!


By Glenn Milligan


Wanted - Too Hot To Handle
(Eonian Records - 2010)

An awesome re-release of a brilliant bunch of hard rock hair rockers from Indianapolis who simply sound like Skid Row all the way through the album - especially with the vocals of Bobby Sisk and even got offered a contract with none other than Geffen Records after opening for bands like Bad English and Enuff Z Nuff.

Half of it is in the studio and the other half has been recorded live at The Ritz Music Hall in Indianapolis, IN for a Capital Records Showcase. It's a great album from start to finish full of hard-hitting rock n roll energy from 21 years ago and sounds like it was yesterday. Highlights include the opening 'Whiskey & Woman'; the gorgious ciggy lighter in the air for defo ballad 'Lost In Me Forever' and live tracks like 'Don't Play With My Head' & closer 'Life In The City'.

Wanted are very much needed in your CD collection.


By Glenn Milligan

WIDOW SUNDAY - In These Rusted Veins
(Ratpak Records - 2010)

Massasuchets is often an exciting name to hear mentioned when reading where a band are from as only Aerosmith and Extreme of profile have emanated from said state to note.

I was hoping that the promo warbling of Widow Sunday’s apparent originality being the factor of excitement surrounding them would also amount to reality, but sadly not to be so. W.S. proceed to dump a bog standard thrash about/screamcore dirge on me and leave me swimming around for much to scream about myself, though I’ve heard countless less listenable offerings in my time.

Plenty of typically honest rhythm guitar grinding takes the growls along in its normal fast-stumbling stride and every time we look in for a surprise, its taken away from us yet again by a further plunge back down the murky steps of averageness. The playing becomes steadily progressive and above palatable getting on into the back half but overall the disc weights up much less than expected and is just another day out on the job for its general style.



By Dave Attrill

WITCHCURSE - Heavy Metal Poison
(Inferno -2010)

Whilst Greek arrivals Witchcurse need to be reminded a little bit about the somewhat less than noble art of cliché, (just look at some of these titles) they might more importantly need to know more about the line drawn on how much like Iron Maiden they should let their sound get.

Atop the precariously identical guitar sound, their frontman sounds like Blaze Bayley at the majority of this otherwise lovely album’s duration also switching to Rob Halford and Tom Araya mode at most untimely intervals. Flaws out of the way, ’HMP’ is fantastically contrived classic metal of the highest order and delivers top notch trad anthems, ’Witchcurse’,’ Pay the Price’, ’Red Light’, ’Heavy Metal Kamikaze’, ’Demolition Derby’ ’Overcome The Distance’ and ‘Rock Unite‘‘ amongst them.

Culling their inspirations largely from the Irons earlier days, ’Drinkers From Hell’ borrowing heavily from ’Phantom Of The Opera’ at the start, there are more down to earth echoes of other Brit acts of the day to detect, especially Angelwitch, Raven and Samson through the galloping rhythm line assaults. If you like your metal true and to the point, even if not totally innovative, there’s little further to look than these four loud young men for salvation.

Just a word of advice guys- al; little more originality might not go amiss next time.


By Dave Attrill


(Apart from Iron Maiden) Helloween, Judas Priest, Saxon, Gamma Ray & Wolfsbane.

NET: www.myspace.com/witchcurse6669


(S/R - 2010)

Australian quartet Weapon Head are one to get my own head around.

Their music is catchy but very confusing as what to brand them, but what does count at least is that they kick backside. A powerful hybrid of punk, alternative, hardcore, blues and straight ahead guitar rock, they are not chaps you’d want to bump into the wrong way in a low-lit back bar room one evening.

WH craft strong anthems and ’ frighten you with their attitude that even makes countrymen Rose Tattoo cower behind the pool table. Whether you’re playing ‘Bullshit Has No Sound’, ‘Gimme Gimme’, ‘Surgical Smile’, ‘Charade’, ‘Swangsta Gangsta’, ‘Rescue Me’ and ‘Lucifers Lunch’ to find out for yourself whether we’re lying or just as keen to check out this awesome young outfit as I was, these tunes are going to swing you in the face and spit their dirt in your eye all in one.

A fresh and modernised take on hard rock n’ roll that comes recommended to all - Weapon Head are loaded, and ready to fire…. and I warn you , their barrels are slightly big.


By Dave Attrill

Clash, Sex Pistols, The Almighty, Rage Against The Machine & The Exploited.

NET: www.weaponhead.com.au myspace.com/weaponhead

WORLDS APART - Clean Slate
(Perris Records - 2010)

With an opening track ‘Heaven Saint’ named after an old Dokken classic, I don’t know , Worlds Apart also from California, coincidentally enough, are also coincidentally good at serving up decent slabs of eighties melodic rock as Don and chums … well kinda still do, to some extent. With Jay Davids tones notably alike those of the Double D himself, the ball is sent fastt rolling and these guys can probably get away with doing what they like within the hard rock boundary which they indeed appear to do.

Combining classic hair and AOR directinos with the more contemporary twsit of latterday Scandinavian acts, and maintaining meaty guitar performance on all, WA look poised to rake in a great audience although appear to have done pretty well with the previous three albums they’ve previously unleashed to date. Without even so much as sleeve info to go on, I am unable to take you through the standout titles but at least eight of the nine are worth instantly replaying.

Mighty, muscular melodic har rock of the best crafted kind we come to expect in 2010, ‘Clean Slate’ makes things look very healthy for the scene.


By Dave Attrill

Shotgun Symphony, Tyketto, Little Angels & Guns n’ Roses

NET: myspace.com/worldsapart


White Lightning - …As midnight approaches/Paradise…at a price
(Angel Air – 2010)

Formed in 1984 with ex members of Iron Pig. White Lightning headed down the route of classic melodic rock as NWOBHM turned.

Poison Fountain was the first single release on there own label towards the end of the year. A spot in the final of battle of the bands with Vow Wow didn’t get them the winning ticket but did open the ears of some journalists and radio presenters such as Tommy Vance, who played the full album on one of his shows.

This double CD ventures into the world of the mixed up 80’s with rock, metal, thrash and glam battling it out for supremacy and unfortunately White Lightning I feel missed the boat. Should they have appeared in the late 70’s early 80’s the genre would have been a perfect fit to the classic rock around at that time.

As a double CD pack goes, this is value for money as Paradise… at a price was never released and both CD’s contain demos and live performances.

Good solid rock music at its best.


By Tony Watson

With Chaos In Her Wake - Treason
(Rising Records – 2010)

With Chaos In Her Wake are a death metal band from Yorkshire with a Yorkshire attitude. Yes, being tight (within their music).

Treason is a jack hammer, earth grinding bulldozer of a sound. The dark heavy riffs rattle the walls with no problem as the screaming and growling curdle the blood.

Treason is ten tracks of pure aggression as they rattle their way through ‘Genocide: Oppressive Violence’, ‘Cryptic Assembly’ and ‘War for Salvation’. Unfortunately it’s nothing new but all considering it’s a loud, aggressive, violent and solid which will give them a good following.


By Tony Watson

Wheelrunner – Bloodpaint
(Emotion Art – 2008)

A band out of Greece that sound like a cross between Skid Row, Love/Hate & Ratt with Pearcy-like vocals to match from Mick Madness who I reviewed a few years ago on a solo outing.

Some of it is rather cheesey and reminds me of bad Zodiac Mindwarp lyrics with ‘Natural Born Rocker’ being a perfect example. The mix of the album is rather basic and sadly sounds way too compressed for its own good.

There are some cool songs here though like the rockers such as the opener ‘Proof Of Love’; ‘Rock Star’; ‘Made Of Sin And Pleasure’ and the awesome acoustic ballad ‘A Walk Through The Rain’ that is the best thing on the album.

OK but not essential.


By Glenn Milligan

January 2010

Watch Me Bleed - Soul Drinker
(Silverwolf Productions – 2009)

Raw metal, thrash and hardcore mixed into one with an attitude to go with it. Soul drinker is the first CD from Watch Me Bleed and what a collection of metal this CD captures.

We have a five piece line up with two vocal styles that range from whispers and screams to full on grunts and growls that just miss the mark of being chilling. The musical tunes of the CD has a very deep, hard and furious side to it that goes very well with the vocal content as the dark pounding drums hammer their way through your body as the guitars make your ears bleed.

Soul Drinker is an 11 track CD that is nothing new but you can see the potential of the band as their confidence grows with their song writing and live performances. As a metal CD it will grasp you and give you a shake that will wake the dead as it pounds and rages through the tracks, but there isn't a track that stands out so when played in the back ground, i found it difficult to distinguish between the tracks.

Overall a very good first attempt and I must admit I can't wait for the next episode.


By Tony Watson

(MMC – 2009)

Wyldsky are just the sort of band California’s been aching to produce again, for the last 20 years. Coming to many people’s attention from out of nowhere, outside the band’s native land, one will be amazed at the defiantly raw style these lads specialise in.

Their debut album attacks with unmistakable suss from the offset and brings instant hits, telling one a tale of things coming and still to as the scene begins to enjoy almost fully renewed popularity and the gravelly vocals make for doses of added raunch.

A listen to some of the juicy old fashioned rhythm lines and you know that a sturdy Les Paul was more than likely used to roll off these GNR-meets-Skid Row inspired beauts, That said, the rough and ready suss of numbers like ‘Dog Daze’, ‘Next World’, ‘Holding On’, ‘Rendezvous’, ‘Where You Belong’ and ‘Goodbye and Good Riddance’ are not without their occasional deviations.

The notable Seattle moments and even a few almost thrash interludes are clear and present but no danger, being instead casually welcomed as the ‘Sky guys never once try too hard to venture outside their means on the pretence of furthering their commercial gain.

A strong and honest effort, first time out, WS have scored their goals with serious rock n’ roll balls. With the attention already merited on their side of the pond, this lot are going to have to check their 2010 calendars for serious gigging space - come the end of the year there is a slight chance they could be HUGE.



By Dave Attrill

W.A.S.P. – Babylon
(Demolition Records – 2009)

This is one hell of a great album by Blackie and the boys that starts off with ‘Crazy’ that’s pure WASP in true fashion.

It’s a love at 1st listen for defo and ‘Live to Die Another Day’ is easily as good as something from ‘The Headless Children’ or ‘The Crimson Idol’ with it’s epic bright chorus and whip it up guitar slinging solo – what a killer melody and ‘Seas of Fire’ with its galloping drums and in ya face vocals that are unmistakable Blackie brilliance ain’t too far behind either. If you want a good ole hard-edged ballad then you can’t go wrong with ‘Godless Run’.

Can’t get enough of the covers of ‘Burn’ by Deep Purple and closer ‘Promised Land’ by Chuck Berry. Blackie sounds so on form throughout the entire album and I’ll let him off for it only having 9 tracks as it’s so damn good.

‘K*n Awesome Album!


By Glenn Milligan

Zakk Wylde – Book Of Shadows
(Eagle Rock/Armoury Records – 2009)

Zakk’s first ever album that sees him in more acoustic southern form with the style very similar to that on Black Label Society’s Hangover Music Vol. 6. Songs that are extremely strong in lyrical substance and beatiful melodies to accompany and compliment them with.

It’s acoustic brilliance a la Neil Young meets Southern Rock at its best with highlights including ‘Between Heaven & Hell’ with the addictive choral line and harmonica; the beautiful ‘Road Back Home’ & ‘Way Beyond Empty’; the countryness and CSN & Skynyrd like ‘Throwin’ It All Away’ with the incredible bright southern melody and multiple vocals – not to mention the brilliant musicianship.

Then there’s ‘The Things You Do’ and the gorgious closer ‘I Thank You Child’. On this re-release you get the 2nd CD of 3 songs that are of a similar style to those on the main cd that that are ‘Evil Ways’ with it’s singalong chorus; ‘The Colour Green’ with it’s effective use of orchestral sounds and a jaw harp and ‘Peddlars OF Death’ that’s got both an eastern and country charm to it at the same time.

An album that’s so good that it’s inexcusable and criminal not to own – Zakk at his finest.


By Glenn Milligan

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings – The Best Of..
(Repetoir/Ripple Records – 2009)

A man who needs no introduction – a total legend. This album gives you a nice indication to the many releases of the band and what Bill did after leaving The Rolling Stones.

It’s good ole retro blues with happy, positive country influnces and features a wide array of big names including Procal Harum’s Gary Booker, Georgie Fame, Albert Lee, Mark Knopfler and Graham Bond for a start.

Tons of highlights that include ‘Disappearing Nightly’ with some awesome soloing from Lee and Knopfler; ‘Anyway the Wind Blows’ that’s got Peter Frampton on lead guitar and Geogie Fame on vocals; a killer cover of Willie Dixon’s ‘Too Late’ with the likes of Paul Carrack on vocals and Andy Fairweather Low on rhythm guitar.

Then there’s the bluesy ‘Tell you a secret’ that’s very Howlin Wolf like; ‘Green River’ by John Fogerty with Mr. Wyman himself on vocals; a positive ‘Tobacco Road’ with Paul Carrack on vocals and last but by no minds least, ‘Gambler’s Lament’ that has Chris Rea on slide guitar.

Great album.


By Glenn Milligan

Ricky Warwick - Belfast Confetti
(DR2 Records – 2009)

Ricky Warwick the founder of ‘The Almighty’ has gone back to his roots of Ireland and produced an old style rock of Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash with a very acoustic style to it.

If a very interesting and very listenable CD is what your after, this is the one. There are a lot of acoustic tracks, the odd Irish Jig and a few very soft melodic rock topped off with blues.

Belfast Confetti has a very balanced selection of 11 tracks that whisk through the airwaves in the 46 minutes that are collectively and gently finding their way to our delicate eardrums. Ricky has demonstrated his abilities as a guitarist very well by showing the world how talented he is throughout this marvellous collection of music.

If this can be shown in a live performance than I believe Ricky will get the appreciation as a solo artist he is looking for.


By Tony Watson

Wednesday 13 – Bloodwork (E.P.)
(DR2 Records/Global Music – 2009)

Old Wednesday’s up to his old tricks again with some good old sinister blasting horror metal us.

This is a crackin’ 6-track collection that’s got 4 new electric numbers – best of which are the cover of Tom Petty’s ‘Runnin’ Down A Dream’ and ‘I Love To Say F*ck’ that were aired on the last Tour and even original acoustic demo versions of ‘My Demise’ and ‘Skeletons’.



By Glenn Milligan

February 2009
Where Angels Fall - Marionettes
(Two Side Moon – 2008)

This is a band that have been around since 2004 in the darkest depths of Norway producing their style of Goth, Rock, Metal.

Where Angels Fall delve into a groovy style of metal with elements of Goth combined with orchestral and electronic elements, which produce an eerie dark content to the music.

The angelic lead vocals of Eirin Bendigtsen merges into the spectrum of sound like an angel landing on snow.

Although the style of vocals is not for me and not as powerful as Amy Lee of Evanescence, the whole CD has been put together very well.


By Tony Watson

Winter Parade - Two
(Perris Records – 2009)

Wait a minute have I just been transported back into the eighties? This Norwegian rock band have released a second album that reminds me of Van Halen, Journey, Dave Lee Roth and early Bon Jovi. What a surprise the Cd was mastered by Beau Hill who has worked with Ratt, Warrant and Winger.

As you can see this is for the old style rocker who likes the vocal content, the catchy choruses, the guitar licks and intricate guitar work.

This ten track 40 minute CD will be a must for all you eighties rockers.


By Tony Watson


Edgar Winter - Rebel Road
(Evangeline Records - 2008)

The man who is world famous for the his instrumental 'Frankinstein' unleashes his new album on us. Now this CD is a Southern Rockin' Dream for the whole duration. I mean, let's you can't argue when you've also got Slash, his Bro' Johnny Winter and Clint Black featured on here too.

It's jam packed solid with gems and jewels like the stomping, beauty of a title track 'Rebel Road'; 'The Power Of Positive Drinkin' with the killer banjo and harmonica playing, the lovingly sung 'Freedom' & 'The Closer I Get'; the bluesin' brilliance of 'On The Horns Of A Dilemma' and the out-of-this world riffing arrangement of a number that is 'I'd Do It Again'.

Some artists make it so easy to be awarded full points and Edgar is one of them.


By Glenn Milligan

WASP – Dominator
(Demolition Records – 2007)

Good to see this bunch back in one form or another – this is the 1st studio album of this line-up with Doug Blair now on guitar and Mike Dupke (ex-Hair Of The Dog) on drums. I have to say I am impressed with the overall production and the songs are well over average standard as well.

It seems that Blackie Lawless is back on form with this release, so why he only toured it for a short while and instead reverted to a celebration of ‘The Crimson Idol’ being 15 years old is completely beyond me.

This is a really solid album from ‘Mercy’ onwards. ‘Long, Long Way to Go’ is classic WASP that fans will love – full on fistin’ rock of the highest order. ‘Heaven’s Hung In Black’ and the reprisal of the song wouldn’t be out of place on ‘The Crimson Idol’ – Blackie at his atmospheric best – a real hauting ballad. You even get a reinvention of a song like ‘Blind In Texas’ or ‘Sunset & Babylon’ that comes in the form of the closer ‘Deal With The Devil’.

Classic WASP – best studio album I heard of theirs since ‘The Unholy Terror’.

Keep it up!


By Glenn Milligan

Wednesday 13 – Skeletons
(DR2 Records – 2008)

A man who has set the standards in ghoulish gargantuan metal for the millennium – he takes in the sickness of Alice Cooper, the industrial zaniness of Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie & Ministry and creates his own thing that he can be truly proud of – believe me, this guy’s a master of his craft.

Every single song on here is so incredibly well structured with arrangements, boundless energy & cleverly penned lyrics throughout. There’s so much to keep you enthralled, surprised and totally entertained from a to k as he likes to number his songs.

Highlights include the opener ‘Scream Baby Scream’; ‘Not Another Teenage Anthem’; the cleverly morbidly titled ‘From Here To The Hearse’ (worth an award for the name alone); the outstanding ‘Skeletons’ that puts me in mind of The Sisters Of Mercy’s ‘Lucretia (My Reflection)’ the gross but great ‘My Demise’ or the slide guitar-startin bluesiness of ‘All American Massacre’ down the closing last breaths of ‘Dead Carolina’.

You can’t improve on perfection can you? – just bring on more of the same.


By Glenn Milligan

Whitesnake – Bad To Be Good
(SPV – 2008)

Well it’s been quite a while since the British Statesman of Rock has graced us with a brand-new studio album – think it’s a good 18 or years since the last one, maybe more. Well it’s been worth the wait as David has stored up his created juices and done us proud with a new Whitesnake album.

In the band now with Mr. C are Guitarists Reb Beach & Doug Aldrich, Bassist Uriah Duffy, Drummer Chris Frazier & Keyboardist Timothy Drury who completely complement Coverdale’s vocal gymnastics throughout.

Memorable moments on the album include the powerful rockin’ ‘Can you hear the wind blow’; the ballad ‘All I Want All I Need’; the retro-snakey title track ‘Good To Be Bad’ that has elements of songs-past – think ‘Ready ‘n’ Willing or ‘Love Ain’t No Stranger’.

Then there’s grandiose ballad that is ‘Summer Rain’; ‘Lay Down Your Love’ with its opening multi-tracked vocal section that leads in to dirty ‘In Still of the Night’ territory – a live anthem for the future I reckon; ‘Got what you need’ with its pure Yorkshire ‘Ayup’ greeting at the beginning – proving that he ain’t forgot his roots. Love the closer too – a momentous acoustic number entitled ‘Til the end of Time.

Keep it coming Cov. & Co.


By Glenn Milligan

January 2008
Whore – Ride Out On The Blue
(S/R – 2007)

A brilliant project by a local Sheffield set-up that’s legendary in all parts of the city for musicianship and personality. 5-piece Whore are One hell of a line up of an act to follow as this ‘ere 4 track e.p. shows.

Vocalist and Guiarist, Ralph Peterson leads the way here with the opener ‘Hard Life’ being reminiscent of Bon Jovi’s ‘Runaway’ but doesn’t totally rip the song off. Then there’s the tongue in cheekness of ‘Man call whore’ or the offensive, explicit but humorous ‘Scream 4 me you f*ck*ng bitch’ and the epic ‘CU Next Tuesday’ with it’s in your face screamin’ voice and backward vocal sound-effects etc – love the melody and riffage.

Hear this material and more on www.myspace.com/whorerock.


By Glenn Milligan

Whitesnake – Live In The Shadow Of The Blues
(SPV – 2006)

A 2 disk set culled from a mass of gigs that includes many of those firm faves including ‘Bad Boys’, ‘Here I go again’; ‘Ain’t no love in the heart of the city’; ‘Love Ain’t no Stranger’; ‘Ready an’ Willing’ and many, many more. Yes David Coverdale is back with his latest version of Whitesnake with Tommy Aldridge still in toll at the drumkit with the rest of the line-up made up of Doug Aldrich & Reb Beach (Guitars); Uriah Duffy (Bass) and Timothy Drury (Keyboards).

‘In the Still of The Night’ sounds f*ck*n’ incredible as does the arrangement of Burn with Stormbringer (the old Purple classics) and ballads like ‘The Deeper the love’ and ‘Is this Love’. What makes this set even more special than it already is, is the inclusion of four brand new songs – the menacing racing ‘Ready to Rock’ that’s pure D and P; ‘If you want me (I’ll come running) that sees Whitesnake grab some stoner like groove that’s empowered into their well-established hard rock trademark big sound.

‘All I want is you’ is a future classic love ballad that the ladies are gonna endear that reminds me of one of their songs from yesteryear – I’ll leave it up to you to work out which. ‘Dog’ falls back into the banshee wailing Plantiness that Mr. Coverdale is so famous for – he wants to be your dog and he wants to make love to you – some things never change and thank the lord they don’t – we can’t have the debonaire of rock growing old gracefully can we!!

Live albums don’t get better than this.


By Glenn Milligan

Robert Steven Williams – I Am Not My Job
(Against the Grain Productions – 2005)

Nice sounding, laid back music, more contemporary leading towards kinda folk ‘n’ country. Well crafted songs is what you will find on this here album such as ‘Fallen Far’ that comes with a lyric and as a reprisal instrumental version at the end.

In between relax to the tranquil ditties like ‘Peace on Earth’; ‘Jersey Cowboy’; ‘The Money’ and ‘Heaven’s Drum’.

One to put on when you’ve enough of all the heavy sounding stuff.


By Glenn Milligan

JOHN WEST - Long Time… No Sing
(Frontiers Records - 2006)

John West rarely fails to impress us with his performances, whether they be through Artension, Royal Hunt or his solo outings and this latest offering is by no means an exception, seemingly an eternity since his last lone venture.

Adding a big further layer of icing to the cake, ‘L.T.N.S.’ finds West capable of churning out a few solos too, having also taken on lead guitar duties while ex-Savatage man Chris Caffery provides the rhythms and one or two of the tunes sound a lot crunchier than you’d expect.

This is very much an album of two halves however, the first few numbers being typical of his power metal produce but the rest may be set to surprise many as he takes to a more AOR flavour. Ol’ Westie can get away with this, having the range to suit both styles with his searing warblings that have a clearly emotive edge to them, and everyone who listens are likely to stay listening throughout, regardless of the change of musical direction going on behind him.

An interesting if not some may just say, riskily structured record, ‘L.T.N.S’ is another proud inclusion to this chap’s CV. Just be warned, an album of two halves, as I said earlier, but don’t try breaking it in two to hear the half you prefer - they don’t quite play as easily in the machine then!


By Dave Attrill

Warrant – Born Again
(MTM/SPV – 2006)

Well I suppose they are ‘Born Again’ – gone is Jani Lane on the mike and in his place is Black Blue’s ‘Jaimie St. James’ who can deliver the vocal goods with the same sleazy presence as his predecessor.

They delve into classic dirty bitch cock rock with ‘Roller Coaster’ & ‘Roxy’; strive to thr deep south with ‘Dirty Jack’; give us a rather rockingly great tribute to California in ‘Hell, CA’ (that chorus is so addictive a bit like the place itself); tell us about loving American female beauties in the cock-rock-funk riffery of ‘Love Strikes Like Lightning’ and persude us to get those lighters in the air for defo for the epical - ‘Glimmer’ – think Extreme meets Kiss in unplugged meets electric glory.

Provin’ that they’ve still got more to offer with another blonde in the spotlight. This album rocks with a capital ‘R’.


By Glenn Milligan

WETTON/DOWNES – ICON ~ Acoustic TV Broadcast
(Frontiers - 2006)

For any Asia fans yearning in vain for the return of the original formation, this recent collaboration should tide you over a bit. Legendary ex-frontman John Wetton, re-united with surviving mainstay Geoff Downes belts out a collection of classic anthems by the Brit prog veterans.

Although acoustic albums normally tend to appeal to little other than a band’s most dedicated completists, these two gentlemen have done the … gentlemanly thing of keeping these off-the-cuff unplugged renditions impressively true to their originals, done all those 20 odd years ago. You can actually tell which chords are struck without checking the sleeve, so if anyone out there fancies a quiz on Asia tunes, this should be fun for dad one night when the kids are tucked up in bed.

A pleasant, and surprisingly accessible for its form, trip down memory lane for fans of classic UK rock.


By Dave Attrill


When Gravity Fails are the brainchild of Nick emery, formerly with short-lived Brit metal hopefuls Cortizone who I remember seeing supporting Paradise lost at Nottingham Rock City a few years back, and thinking OK but nothing to blow said Halifax heavyweights offstage.

This debut seven-tracker from bassist Emery’s new venture give us chance to explore his erstwhile band’s style in a bigger and beefier manner. Tool and Soundgarden are listed as the chief comparisons and there are a few odes to Filter to be found too, not least the riff during ‘Light Of Day’ which has more than a passing resemblance to ‘Hey Man Nice Shot’ about it. Already fixed up with airplay plus an interview on Bruce Dickinson’s rock show, gravity will have to make a speedy recovery to stop Mr Emery taking off this time, as he has the right fuel on board with this effort.

Success looks likely in 2006, I hope for him that it lasts more than one album this time.


By Dave Attrill

WINNEBAGO DEAL – Did It, Done It, Doing It Again (1-Track Promo)
(Double Dragon 2005)

A band with a healthy following on the contemporary metal scene, Winnebago Deal took a few songs to do anything to excite me musically but gradually they are beginning to gel. This tune helps things in the point in the right direction, with a hook that brings Kentucky metalcore bruisers My Own victim to mind.

I hope then that most of the other material on their CDs, that I haven’t yet heard, is as good.


By Dave Attrill

May and Early 2005
Warrior – The Wars of Gods and Men
(Reality Entertainment – 2004)

“God, are they still at it ?”, you’ll no doubt be say, “Yes, actually they are” I answer. As metallish as ever, even in this day and age – why not as well, since Metal and Rock are back on top – thank f*ck !!

Brusing, Crushing lead and rhythm guitar playing, whining sharp vocals (a la Biff Byford) plus throaty ones too and of course gutsy drumming and deep underlying bass – that’s the sound of Warrior for ya in one mean sentence. Very much Judas Priest meshed in the crunchiness of Black Sabbath.

It’s an interesting the album with highlights being the opening fresh heavy Saxon meets Ozzy’ness title-track ‘The Wars of Gods and Men’, not to mention the atmospheric American Indian space-like ballad ‘Mars’; the dark ‘Hypocrite’ and racing, punchy ‘3AM Eternal’ with it’s spiralling lead guitar solo.

Pure proof there’s still plenty of life in this band and no doubt more to come.


By Glenn Milligan

Where Angels Fall – Dies Irae
(Edgerunner Music – 2004)

Brilliant arranged choral, angelic orientated doom – a five piece and a choir. Soaring vocals from Eirin Bendigtsen (female in case you are wondering) but the band is like Megadeth meets Type O Negative.

Stunning 4 tracks with plenty of echoe, harmonies from Dis Irae to Requiem.

Crank it up in a crazy dark spot.


By Glenn Milligan

Wine Spirit – Fire in the Hole
(Sacred Metal – 2004)

Those Italian Rockers are back with album number 2, ‘Fire in the hole’ that appears hot on the heels after their debut, ‘Bombs Away’ that came out a good year ago on the Texan label, Perris. It appears that the band have matured a wee bit, becoming less party orientated on some of the songs and more lyrically concerned with real-life content.

There are high strenuous vocals throughout and heavy rock in a variety of styles that encapsulates the electricity and harmonics of Van Halen and the power of artists like Scorpions at their finest hour with ‘Hide and Kill’ and ‘Burnout’ being prime examples. There’s a quality piece of instrumental guitarwork called ‘Midnight Touch’ and even a cover of the often ignored brilliant Whitesnake ballad ‘Sailing Ships’ that I’m sure Mr. Coverdale would approve of.

Overall a pleasurable album that will keep you warm for a good while to come.


By Glenn Milligan

W.A.S.P. - The Neon God Part 2 - The Demise
(Sanctuary - 2004)

An album that for me is better than part 1 and it begins with the burnin' 'Never say die' and it's not the old Sabbath cover from '78 although no doubt Blackie could do a killer version of that for definite. This album in my opinion is more like 'Crimson Idol' quality.

There's heavy moments like 'The Demise' as well as dramatic happenings like 'Clock work Man' or 'The Last Redemption' that pull you right in before kicking you into hellfire with revved up music with a pounding overdrive and Blackies blastin' voice. It's a serious side of WASP - dark 'n' heavy, meaningful 'n' bombastic unlike the PMRC pricking up their ears to sexist shock that they have become famous for or should that be infamous!?

WASP have again been placed on the artistic meritful mantle as opposed to coming across like a corny LA band singing about fast cars and titty bars - not that there's anything wrong with that of course.


By Glenn Milligan

THE WILDHEARTS - The Wildhearts Strike Back
(Gut Records - 2004)

Britrock's most troublesome hard rock act during the nineties, The Wildhearts have managed to keep their loyal legions of fans locked in the room through times good, bad and too terrible to mention. This 90-odd minute set from London on their UK tour earlier this year covers their entire history from the day Ginger got booted out of fellow Geordie legends The Quireboys, up to the latest studio release which accounts fro quite a fraction of this 20-song collection.

That's not to degrade the amount of time allocated to the band's better known tunes, and yes, we have 'Greetings From Sh*tsville', 'I Wanna Go Where The People Go', 'Caffeine Bomb', 'Sucker Punch', 'Nothing Ever Changes' and 'Vanilla Radio' to chose from. One shocking omission is 'TV Tan', one of the finest four minutes of music these alds have ever made though double compensation comes in the shape of 'Turning American', reinstated into their set after almost a decade. 'Top Of The World' heads the newest batch of numbers getting their first airings on this tour and proves that some bands can still liberally blend material from all eras into their sets without affecting the applause.

A raw, uncensored, stripped down taste of one of the best nights out in rock n' roll and all without leaving the bedroom.


By Dave Attrill


WASP - The Neon God: Part 1 - The Rise
(SPV - 2004)

It rears it's ugly head - a new WASP album - the band that the PMRC love to hate where Blackie Lawless hurls out a fast 'n' furious concept album concerning the rise of a rock god.

It's an OK album but don't go looking for the equivalent of 'Animal' or 'Blind in Texas'. Take this album for itself alone - a deep 'n' dark ride that's come from the grey matter that is Lawless's brain. It's very 'crimson idol' and the highlights include The Who'ish 'Why am I here'; 'The Red Room of the rising; that appears to be a reworking of The Beatle's 'Tomorrow never knows' and then theres 'Someone to love me'.

We await 'The Neon God - Part 2'


By Glenn Milligan

(Frontiers - 2004)

The Heaviest Band on Frontiers, Italy's White Skull's description on the sleevenote of their label's 'Rock The Bones' sampler says, but does that say a lot about them, I wonder? Well perhaps a bit.

They are a couple tads more crunchier with their guitar work than a lot if not all of the other symph' metal acts on the Frontiers roster, but to be honest, this is too alike and frankly quite a smidgen inferior to most other mainland acts on the trot at the moment. It may be that a few of the numbers have slightly overloaded on the cheese factor but it is still more approachable than Rough Silk's recent offering.

I have heard worse then so do at least give it a try.


By Dave Attrill


WASP - Still Not Black Enough
(Raw Power - 1995)

Released at their rather under-heralded comeback in 1995, WASP's sixth studio album went criminally unnoticed by many in the UK who didn't release they'd reformed, and it was probably only thanks to the interview with Blackie Lawless on late night TV metal show 'Noisy Mothers' that we learned the fella was giving it another go.

When B.L. announced the band's split in August 1993, not long after releasing the incredible 'Crimson Idol' LP, they hit the headlines in Kerrang automatically. Two years later, few noticed anything and when it did appear, un-advertised on shop shelves, a considerable amount of their remaining fans binned it after one listen, most branding it as 'recorded one afternoon for a laugh'. So it may be only 37 minutes long, compared to its predecessor's 60-odd and they returned to a scene by then dominated by Reef, Ash, Manic Street Preachers and Offspring amongst others but that to me is no excuse.

Obviously not convinced that it could be that bad, I went and bought the bugger and it turned out to be a pretty decent record actually. The opening title track, plus 'Black Forever', 'Scared To Death' and 'Goodbye America' are amongst some of Blackie's finest tunes, his lash against political correctness providing particular entertainment on the latter. The only accountable fillers are the cover of 'Somebody To Love' and 'Rock n' Roll' to death, a burst of uptempo fifties testosterone, sadly stealing well over-used progressions.

Elsewhere, we have 'Keep Holding On' and 'Breathe' which will more than please anyone who enjoyed 'Hold On To My Heart', the moving ballad from previous album 'Crimson Idol', both unbelievably alike in both harmony and style. Closing things up for the day are firstly 'I Can't' which initially continues the style of the two aforementioned but with a very catchy verse arrangement and climaxes with Blackie channeling out his aggressions against a full instrumental onslaught.

'No Way Out Of Here' is the only way of closing the album, one of the greatest compositions the band have ever put their name to with a chorus to commit crimes for, and it's a shame even this didn't represent the album in its appeal to the newly disbelieving. Blackie, try to include some material from this album in your live sets in future, if only to remind people what a f***ing good album it actually is, and to you people yourselves, if you've yet to pick this part of their career up, don't let anyone else's quibblings dissuade you.


By Dave Attrill

Leslie West - Blues to die for
(Blues Bureau Int./Shrapnel Records - 2003)

The big man of Mountain in solo mode saluting his fave bad blues (as he himself calls it) accompanied by Aynsley Dunbar (Drums); Gunter Nezhodo (Bass) and Kevin Curry (Rhythm Guitar).

Like you'd expect, it's gutsy, ballsy and the rest with Leslie charging through standards like 'Crawling Kingsnake'; 'Born under a bad sign'; 'I'm Ready' and 'talk to your daughter' as well as expaining what turned him onto the blues in the fist place in the spoken word number 'Why I sing the blues'.

If you love the blues then this album is a must. Make sure to witness it live on tour this year.


By Glenn Milligan

WORST CASE SCENARIO -1-track Sampler

These virtually anonymous 1-track promo discs really do annoy me - especially when it's from an act I've heard zilch by beforehand, and they expect us to be able to sum up their merits and mediocrities in the space of a single track.

Worst Case Scenario's little chunk of chug-driven metal-core with one or two nu-metal elements is fun but too brief at only two-minutes-fifteen. However, their material sounds like they've earned their attention on the scene so far, and their album should be worth a listen. Just try to send us a little bit more than this on your next sampler, lads.


By Dave Attrill

WARLORD - Book 1
(Metal Blade)

Get yer fill right here, of one of the more mysterious and talented of the early power metal pioneers. But there's nothing new added to the circuitous tale. Book 1 offers a re-release of the live concert, shot quite badly and darkly, acceptable sound, in front of no audience (these never work - it's palpably lonely). But there you go, Damien King II metalizing committedly in bare chest, gold head band and bullet belt while his Queensryche-alikes play some of the better prog metal songs never properly recognized as legendary.

And speaking of legendary, the set comes with a bonus CD of the monumental Deliver Us From Evil EP remastered, each detail coming alive, Warlord methodically and confidently demonstrating why they should have been huge, sounding like Fates Warning crossed with Rhoads-era Ozzy.

The Metal Massacre III track Mrs. Victoria is also included. This should have been a jewel-cased CD with bonus DVD, rather than the other way around: the video works to erode, or at least mortalize a reputation vaulted by the seminal and immortal EP.


By Martin Popoff

WUTHERING HEIGHTS - Far From The Madding Crowd
(Locomotive - 2004)

I think it's time we had another look at one of those bands that you just can't get your head round. Come forward, Wuthering Heights, you have been chosen for this one. Mixing the classic folk rock melodies of Jethro Tull, with the symphonic metal intensities of Artension, Rhapsody, Royal Hunt and practically anything involving Mark Boals, has my interest latched from the start anyway, and second track 'The Road Ever On' confirmed my optimism.

'Tree', 'Longing For The Woods Pts 1 & 2', 'Bad Hobbits Die Hard' and 'Land Of Olden Glory' join the top end of the ladder here, by aid of power Malmsteen -esque soloing and lyrics that Bob Catley should enjoy looking at and wishing he'd written.

With a complete lack of info available at this time concerning this act other than they're signed to Spain's vibrant new Locomotive label, I'm quite, expectedly stumped as to where to go from here but if this crossover of all-approved styles also means anything at all to you, check it out as I did, it's another winning combination.


By Dave Attrill

Wycked Synn - The Vision
(Chavis Records - 2003)

80's styled metal band who fit very well between Dio and Manowar. They bestow all those clichés that don't need explaining and they have that 'we will fight on' attitude all the way through the album.

The tempos are similar in each song and will be best liked by fans of NWOBHM - for other listeners it may get a bit tedious as it doesn't stray much out of this boundary. They are fantastic musicians though and best numbers are 'The Saviour' with its high tenor scream and pumping power drumming; title track 'The Vision' that's got a kinda Motley Crue 'Looks that kill' riff.


By Glenn Milligan

Dec. 2003
WEHRWULF - Godless We Stand
(Magick Records - 2003)

I've not had the greatest of times getting to grips with the latest fruits off the thrash/death/black metal tree - quite a few tasting dull or unripe when I picked them. Many grow properly before falling though and Wehrwulf seem to have come at the right season. To start with, the first signs are less damning than their likely lyrical subject. For example, you can actually make out what Nathan Ellis is singing through his adequately angry tones.

Running parallel to guitars that know their business at more speeds than one, octane and substance stay paired throughout and the overall outcome has little going against it. In fact, I'm starting to feel a little gutted that it lasts only 33 minutes - I WAS enjoying this album if you don't mind me saying.

A band potentially as lethal if not more, than their animal namesake.


By Dave Attrill


(Megaforce Records - 2003)

Pidgeonholing becomes an increasingly dirtier word by the minute with new bands, these days. This outfit couldn't hammer the point home harder if they thought about it. There must be about two dozen different styles attempted here but I can only care to name the commonly understood ones right now. Think prog, grunge, indie, retro 70's/60's, industrial and even electro synth on one occasion and you're as close to home as I can drive you.

One song is instantly recognisable, though. 'Something In The Air' is a lot better than what Fish managed with it, not that the Scots legend's attempt was that bad. Other than that, Wellwater Conspiracy remain completely uncategorisable but at the same time have a very solid collection of material on show - even their name sounds of dealings strange to me.

A worthy example of the product of musical integrity today.


By Dave Attrill

(Gut Recordings - 2003)

The most unpredictable, chaotic, wayward and seemingly indestructible British hard rock band of the last decade, Newcastle's Wildhearts have maintained the interest of their gathered masses through thick and thin through the last twelve years, to the present . With (most of) their original line-up and style back in the running, this three-tracker finds Ginger and pals still an unbeaten competitor in the rock n' roll industry.

'T.O.T.W' and '6:30 Onwards' are pure pop class packed with all the essentials, including big choruses, and you know what exactly to expect from there-on in, so I needn't add further detail. 'Eager To Leave Her' on the other hand tries recreating the memories of 1997's 'stinker' album 'Endless Nameless', with suspicious electro-vocal dealings but does less than serious damage thanks to another decent hook.

Hard as ever to get rid of, the Wildhearts may be even harder to now, so accept them…. You've little choice really.


By Dave Attrill

WILD HORSES - Dead Ahead
(Z Records)

What's old is new again, Wild Horses being a shameless one record hair band, back now with more of the same, even if said sound actually sounds fresh now, so out it's in, so gone it's welcome.

Dead Again features the original line-up that made '91's Bareback, Boston non-namer John Levesque joining Jeff Pilson and Kingdom Come's Rick Steier and James Kottak for a record of shiny drums (Kottak's's the card behind the kits for Scorpions now), shinier guitars and spirited arena rock vocal work.

Treble is at a max here, guitars swaggering, bluesy and electric like Thunder, that band that is the space between hair-era Bad Company and Slide It In-era Whitesnake. Not awful, and so grand and boisterous and star-struck, it coulda competed robustly in the day with the likes of Crue, Bon Jovi and GN'R.


By Martin Popoff

WILD HORSES - Dead Ahead
(Z Records - 2003)

There's a familiar name or two amongst the four men making up this rather convincing supergroup. Jeff Pilson's latest vehicle however could not be any further removed from Dokken if he made any modest attempt at it (shows things between him and his ol' mucker Don ain't been too peachy of late). Just to correct a small mistake, the band did previously exist, during the Doks' six-year sabbatical, and a debut album 'Bareback' saw the light of day.

This long coming second offering sees Pilson - flanked by John Levesque, and former Kingdom Come man Rick Steier on vocals and guitar respectively, and Scorpions (also ex-K.C) sticksman James Kotttak, - hit the highway with the sort of rock n' roll you'd have burnin' out that ol' blaster were you negotiating the roads of America at the wheel of a 30-ton juggernaut. Then again, even trundlin' through the industrial back roads of Sheffield in a clapped-out van, this makes for pleasant listening. 'Can't Get By', 'Ride On', 'Live it And Give It', 'Vancouver Mover', 'Rebel Road', 'Never Goin' Home' and 'Cradle To The Grave' are true examples of what to expect when you crank up the radio to this lot's material -well some of those titles do give away a few secrets. Levesque's quite Hagar-like throat gives it a few extra spoonfuls of overall sass and more grit than you'll see the council throw over a road in snowy conditions.

Good bit of work here, Jeff and boys and I'm glad you see you've been busy since leaving D****n but fans of said band had better be warned - this ain't no half-assed Under Lock n' Key or Back For The Attack gizmos here, boy!


By Dave Attrill

(SPV/Inside Out - 2003)

What's going on 'ere? That geezer's gone into music now, has h…. oh, Ray WILSON, I thought you said Ray Winstone there, for a sec. Much as I would like to have seen what the cockney acting legend has in the way of instrumental abilities,
it's the Scottish gentleman we are discussing right now.

With quite a diverse little background over past years including 'Levi' ad theme stars Stiltskin and rock legends Genesis, Wilson can ride further into the winds of change again without danger of being blown back. 'Change' is pretty much an acquired taste in its content, some of the material teetering precariously towards the pop end but most of the twelve-song selection bodes well for the chap's foreseeable musical future.

'Goodbye baby Blue', 'Change', 'Cry If You Want To' and 'Believe' are a few of the quite several showcasing Wilson's talents as not just a singer/composer but a skilled acoustic guitarist too - have Scotland now got their own Danny Vaughn in their midst here, I wonder? "If you think that I am losin' my way…." …I wouldn't say you are, Ray.


By Dave Attrill

WYZARD - Knights of Metal
(Perris R
ecords - 2003)

This has to be the cheesiest, most cliched collection of metal tunes I've ever had the FORTUNE to clap my ears on. Then again we are Metalliville, not Kerrang and are thus capable of seeing past these obstacles. A band who came out of Texas, this beast was released originally in 1984 and has been known to sell on E-bay for up to $500.

The five track demo rages its way merrily through a few clear tastes of this outfit's brand of Holocaust-esque almost totally early-80's moulded material,(that's moul-DED, not mould-DY) and making substantial use of all vital ingredients. Though as predictable as a match result between Man United and Arsenal, it still against all odds, manages to find its fans around the planet.

Just be warned, lads, don't expect a great deal of interest from anyone below 40 on these isles, except for the young man writing this review at the moment.


By Dave Attrill

Andy West with Rama - Rama 1
(Magna Carta - 2002)

To say that this project features drummers Rod Morgenstein and Mike Portnoy and ex-Malmsteen keyboardist 'Jens Johanssen' this album is nothing more than a Jazz-Rock fusion piece of sh*te that's more use as a frisby or ashtray.

It's completely irritating with crap cuts like 'Mad March' with its senseless keyboard soloing or the completely ridiculous 'Bloomsday' with its screwed up deep horn and string sounds.

Need I say anymore - this album should be called Rammle 1 - I pray Rama 2 won't be out any time soon.

3/10 (for the artwork)

By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

White Diamond - The Lost Demos 1988-1990
(Self-Released - 2002)

I like the bands name and the music I like too - expressive, vibrant melodic rock if the late 80's. Their history is the classic story of the band who got screwed by the record company when they were on their way up the music career ladder - they even got played on MTV and were gonna support Poison - man, the biz sucks sometimes.

The main CD features 9 songs that sound like a heavy Journey with more balls - a good example being 'It's just another day'. I was surprised to see a cover of the Tamla Motown staple 'My Girl' and a version of 'Heaven' by Warrant. The closer on the Cd is one of the best songs - a mighty rocker called 'Man of God' which is pure 80's stilton - awesome.

An extra demo Cd has been thrown in as well that's around 70 minutes long - just wish it had a track listing alongside it.

White Diamond are a band that should have made it - hopefully 2003 could be the year for them.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Pre - 2003


WE open up with an unforgettable array of rock and metal that explodes across the room and expands into your eardrums with vibrant original texture of sound, this 11 track CD hits every barrier of rock, which everyone will appreciate with or without the use of drugs.

A 55-minute self-produced album that is full of structure, talent and originality, which you don't get a lot of when you loose that extra voice of the producer. It is hard to explain who 'WE' actually sound like, I can not put my finger in one specific area or direction as the tracks differ so much, there is mixture rock, metal, funk, phsycadellia, Jazz and Hard Core to name but a few.

With the opener of 'Galactic Racetrack' to 'Carefree' through 'Organic Room' and 'Cosmic Bound' to the epic of '1971', WE, have opened the mind with excitement, interest and originality to produce one of the most influential CD's this year.


By Tony Watson

Wine Spirit - Bombs Away
(Perris Records - 2001)

An Italian Rock trio with a vast array of musical styles to offer us mere mortals. When you are greeted with a drum practice into and a voice shouting 'Shut the f*ck up' you don't know what the hell you are letting yourself in for - a musical theme that carries on throughout the album.

Musical menu starter 'Off my head' is Southern Rock down the AC/DC state highway and 'Tail Gunner' (not to be confused with the Iron Maiden song of the same name) stems into George Lynch 'n' Dokken territory that goes as far as having the dark ambience and musical presence found in a classic slice of Alice Cooper or Dio. Number by number, you are literally transported from one Rock Galaxy to the next without the need of calling 'Bill 'n' Ted' or Doc from 'Back to the Future' for further assistance.

Wine Spirit even have the brash cockiness to name a song after themselves - or did they name themselves after 'Wine Spirit', that's the question - anyway it's a ballsy bit a rock all the same. This bunch even sound well when they go into a classical mode, letting the electric guitar have a short breather in the graceful Spanish Flamenco tipped 'Short Hair Rock' that's suddenly killed of by an EddieVan Halen soundalike guitar riff - even microphone assaulter, ? would come top 3 in the David Lee Roth Impression contest.

Keep the CD playing after track 13 for some fabulous slide blues guitar-work - F*ckin' A. It's little wonder why I'm awarding this album full marks. Probably one of most varied rock albums I've heard since Faith No More's '89 classic, 'The Real Thing'.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

February 2002

Without Face - Deep Inside
(Dark Symphonies - 2001)

To sum it all up in one sentence this sounds like Fear Factory with a female choir singer who also happen to be into melodic power metal gone gothic. It's weird to say the least and the guitar chuggin' is a bit too much for comfort.

There's 7 songs here that are dark, sorrowful and moody with string arrangement effects that the Without Face have put to good use. It could be real nice but it is spoilt by the male shouty vocal - it's like listening to a cross between Burton C. Bell and Justin Broadrick - which sounds out of place to the music.

There are highlights on this CD though, like 'Hymns of the night', which appears to be about a female ghost. The song has got an Egyptian gone Type O Negative. Or what about the moderately charging 'Depression'.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

January 2002


A quite eerie harmonic introduction of 'S.H.R.' that disappears as 'Saga' rips into your ear drums as though it's the end of the world. Will Haven have landed with another masterpiece.

If you are not familiar with the sound of 'Will Haven', I would say if you crossed the heaviness of early 'Bathory' with deep tones of 'Godflesh' and threw in the original inventiveness of 'Voivod' you may then be close. Will Haven are one of the hardest, heaviest original and influential bands you will probably hear this year, from the track one 'S.H.R.' to track ten 'Moving to Montana', they will have you screaming your lungs out with so much emotion and attitude even Sid Vicious would be scared.

'Carpe Diem' is the second CD from this fine bunch of musicians, with over forty-six minutes of attitude and aggression you wont want to take it out of the CD player, your mother would probably ban you from the house because of the screaming vocals of Gredy Avenell and the grinding hard hitting rhythms of Jeff Irwin's guitar, Mike Martin's bass and Wayne Morse horrendous drum beats.

Will Haven have progressed for the better from their first release in 1999 with 'WHVN', but have kept their unique style that will be very hard to copy. Tracks like 'Saga', 'Bats', 'Dressed in Night Clothes', 'Dolph Lundgren', 'Finest Hour' and 'Miguel' will leave you mentally disturbed for a long time to come. Enjoy the pleasure it will bring.


By Tony Watson

Winterlong - Valley of the Lost
(Lion Music - 2001)

Winterlong are a Power Metal band from Sweden whose average is around 20. These guys can quite easily rub musical shoulders with Rock/Metal icons like Iron Maiden, Helloween and Yngwie Malmsteen. The power throater, 'Hussni Morsare' has a pretty evil gruffish voice (and a good example of this is the opener, 'From Heaven and Hell'.

So the style of Winterlong is nothing new (it's like listening to a classic Helloween album). There's plenty of full-on go for the jugular in true Heavy Metal mode (80's style) and is produced by exceptional guitarist Lars Eric Mattsson.

Give your speakers a real good service with drum-heavy fast 'n' furious guitar-laden tracks like 'Stay Travellers' (which is pure finesse), 'The Water Spirit' (which is very elves and goblins orientated), the vampire ditty, 'Nosferatu', 'Written in Blood' (about Viking descendence) and 'Driven by Insanity'.

A top-notch album for lovers of Power Metal.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

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